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Melbourne moves home fixture for cash

27 February 2015 - 08:20 PM



So it would seem if you make a big enough financial bid - you too can watch a match from the world top Rugby League competition in your home town


Proof that an NRL game in London would be viable with the right stadia and sponsors. Provided of course the rFL would sanction it ;)


Here though it would not be the local council putting up the money but an entrepreneur, a lot has been typed, incorrectly, about the NFL's success in London but the first ever NFL pre-season game between the Minnesota Vikings and St Louis Cardinals - and i was there - in 1983 was organised not by the NFL but a private promoter for the Global cup. from little acorns big ideas grow...


The globalisation of sports is proceeding apace in a number of sports, will League be a leader or follower ?