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In Topic: gloucs/bath

20 December 2014 - 09:11 PM

Was dipping in to the BBC update service for this one, out of curiosity.

Saw this bit......

74 Mins. Well, how about this, a contested scrum which doesn't end in a penalty - remarkably, the VERY FIRST of the evening ! Gloucester knock on in the tackle immediately after though, so here we go again........

74 minutes before a scrum was completed, don't know how many there were........but, my God......scrum, scrum reset, penalty!! They say that the RL 'scrum' is a joke........

In Topic: Union World Cup Preview in Telegraph

11 December 2014 - 11:57 PM

In my opinion these people took their stance from above. I was involved in Police Rugby League in London. When the Met Police formed a Rugby League section in the MPAA ( Met Police Athletic Association ), it was well supported by a very senior officer originally from the Wakefield area. There was a number of police sports grounds around London, the main 'rugby' ground was Imbercourt in the south west. As the majority of interested players were based in this area it was decided that Imbercourt would be our home. At the time the Met Police Rugby Union side was still there or thereabouts at the top level of union. When the RFU got wind of the intention to play RL at Imbercourt a letter was sent to the RU club ( which was forwarded to us ), stating that playing the game of Rugby League at Imbercourt would jeopardise the RU clubs position in the Union and that the playing of representative fixtures ( Surrey RFU ) at Imbercourt could be withdrawn.
We paid our subscriptions, deducted from pay to the MPAA, and here was a outside organisation telling us what sport we could and couldn't play at our own sports ground.
We decided that to avoid any complications for the Union side we would move our switch our home base to the Bushey Sports Ground in the north of the Met Police District.
i've been on both sides of the League, Union divide and I know which the most honest and accommodating code.
I expect that I will be accused of 'gilding the lily' by some posters on here. Some of our guests think that the discrimination was carried out by individuals that had a particular axe to grind. The discrimination came from the top and it affected the very grass roots.

In Topic: The old Chestnut for Christmas

03 December 2014 - 09:11 AM

Saints never let it go!

I could be wrong, but didn't Saints alter their club badge/logo fairly recently to include RFC without any reference to League? That's what I meant by reclaiming the word Rugby.

In Topic: The old Chestnut for Christmas

02 December 2014 - 11:11 PM

With the probable exception of Gloucester if they were formed before 1995 (or 1922 at a pinch). HTH.

It annoys the fek out of me when I hear people being described on TV or radio or in the press as a Rugby Correspondent or Rugby International etc, when they clearly mean Rugby Union. Like you say, if a club was formed before the split, then fair enough, Rugby Football Club is fine. I think more Rugby clubs, like St Helens, should reclaim the title of 'Rugby'. In my opinion, of course.

In Topic: Sir Clive Loves Rugby League

28 November 2014 - 10:31 PM

We know how hard he can tackle but how quickly can he get over the ball and how effectively he can hold up his man in a choke tackle?

I was under the impression that the 'choke tackle', holding the man up in the tackle was a League technique copied by union. I could be wrong, did Sir Clive invent it ???