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Today, 12:47 PM

That may be so but the lenders - and that includes you if you contribute to a pension scheme - took a huge hit in 2011, details of which I posted earlire


as I said I don't disagree with any of that. Whilst my money may have been lent to them (actually thats unlikely because most of my pension fund is in property), I don't think I can be considered a lender as it wasn't up to me who that money was lent to. If you're giving what amounts to unsecured loans you'd better be very sure of who you're giving your money too!


This should be seen as a lesson on all sides.

In Topic: Greece

Today, 12:11 PM

I'll add that, while I definitely believe people should pay their debts back (and I've always managed it thus far), there has to be a level of responsibility on both sides. If I go in to a bank and ask for a personal unsecured load of £35 million then I'd be laughed out of the bank pretty quickly. The lenders have to put their hands up for taking a ridiculously bad risk.

In Topic: Married life...

Today, 11:30 AM

Hi Dave


when I got married (10 years in October) my Dad who notoriously doesn't give advise said "never stop talking, never stop listening" and that seems to have been good advise.


My Aunty Doreen, said something like, you're not the same person at 20, as you are at 25, and then 30, and to a lesser extent 40 as well, make sure you chose someone you can grow with.


Whatever happens good luck.



In Topic: And Saints Latest Full Back is...

02 July 2015 - 02:10 PM

Young Bailey is nowhere near ready for 1st team rugby.

KC gave him a try earlier in the season against Leeds and he had an absolute nighmare and was taken off at half time. If they threw him back into 1st team rugby now and he had another bad game his confidence would be completely shot and it could set back his development for years to come.

Some young players can handle the pressure of playing 1st team at 17/18 and some cant, sadly Bailey is in the  latter.


And very sensible KC was to take him off too! One of the things so many of the "throw the juniors in" brigade forgets is that sometimes the kids aren't ready and too much pressure too soon can set them back a long way. It took Kev Brown a long time to recover from Millward's mishandling at Wigan, and I guess we'll never know if he fully recovered or not.

In Topic: And Saints Latest Full Back is...

02 July 2015 - 10:07 AM

could Saints ever look to sign Eastmond back, or did he burn his bridges.


I only ask because he doesn't seem to have been a huge success in the Sith ranks.