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In Topic: Update on Magic?

Yesterday, 08:56 AM

Thats fair enough and i take your point. But if the reports ive heard are true and 10-15% of all ticket sales are from the North East for this weekend then i think we should be able to fill the Thunder stadium for a test match if promoted correctly, which i presume has a capacity similar to the LSV. It just bothers me that, like the World Cup, we will make big gains in new areas but then not follow it up until it is too late.


If that's the case and the reported figure of 60,000 is accurate, they tend to give the total figure for the weekend so it's prudent to halve that figure to 30,000 15% is 45000. I'm not sure I'm happy that's enough native support for a test match. Although I agree with the need to build momentum and keep things going. I just don't want to devalue an England match by having an attendance of less that 5k (really I think England should always be aiming for at least 15k and preferably 20K but I'm aware I'm probably too high on that)

In Topic: Update on Magic?

Yesterday, 07:54 AM

The problem is though that we want our England internationals to be packed to the rafters. I'm sure the RFL will have the stats on this but I suspect most of the tickets sold will be to people outside the North East. A real sign of building momentum would be Newcastle getting more sponsorship and fans through the gate. At that point then yes lets move a test match there but be prepared to ship fans up if sales are flagging.

In Topic: The Human Rights Act

27 May 2015 - 01:05 PM

The Queen didn't seem too impressed reading that bit out!

In Topic: Ghosts etc

21 May 2015 - 07:36 PM

A similar thing that plays on a similar side of the psyche is UFO's. Now I also don't believe in UFO's (well OK there ARE UFO's I just don't believe they're aliens who've traveled light years to give us an anal probe), however I worked with a lad who claimed to have seen one. Now the slightly odd thing about his story was that he was in a group of about 5 who all witnessed the same thing, which he described as weird lights shining down on them (they were camping in the woods) and a nearby 'presence' and strange sounds of movement in the woods. He certainly believed his story.


Now the reason I don't believe in UFO's of an alien origin is this one very simple fact. No amateur astronomer has ever reported a UFO sighting. This is the group of people who know most visually about the sky, and spend the most time studying it. If things were about they would be the most likely to see them. But as I he had clearly been involved in something odd that had scared the living daylights out of him.

In Topic: Ghosts etc

21 May 2015 - 08:29 AM

A true story here. My mum and dad had an incident about 25 years ago. It was a couple of months after my nana (maternal grandmother) had died, Her dad had died years before. Apparently she had a very odd vivid dream where her dad came to her and told her that he mum had been very ill and he was taking her away, and she wouldn't see them for a long time but that they'd always love her! My mum woke up and was obviously a bit shocked by the dream so when to the bathroom for a glass of water (and a cry), but as she closed the door to the room she woke my dad up he swears that as he rolled over and looked round he saw her mum stood next to the bed looking over them.


whilst obviously my mum's dream can easily be interpreted as coming to the acceptance stage of grieving, my dad is as straight laced as they come and doesn't (usually) believe in ghosts.