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In Topic: England squad named today

Yesterday, 06:11 AM

There are only 2 Warriors players in the NZ squad so it's not a big selling point. (although there are other reasons to justify Tomkins inclusion) On that point, there are 5 Roosters in the squad so McNamara should know them better than anyone.

Yes but we're not packed with nrl players (though we have more than we used to). So any experience playing against them is surely a plus.

In Topic: England squad named today

Yesterday, 05:30 AM

Leroy Cudjoe WTF?? Has McGuire told McNamara he doesn't want to play for him? Surprised Westwood has been included. Surely down to the missing forward picks.

Tomkins cannot be picked ahead of Hardaker at full back. Hardaker far better under high ball and one on one tackles.

I suggested earlier that Tomkins will be worth it even if he doesn't play because he knows most of the kiwi players very well, and is worth a squad place on that knowledge alone.

Also I was reading a NZ newspaper reviewing his time there, and I was quite surprised as it said he was solid under the high ball (I'll believe it when I see it myself) just no threat with a solid line of defence. It also gave him 7 out of 10 which seemed quite high to me but maybe was looking on injuries this year in a not too harsh light.

In Topic: England squad named today

11 October 2015 - 12:46 PM

Even if Tomkins doesn't play he's worth having in the squad for his knowledge of the players.

I've always said, even as a Wigan fan there's no way Smith should be an international. If he's the best we can do we're in trouble. Usually solid at club level (before last night I wouldn't have had the usually in there) but not international class.

In Topic: 10 Oct: SLGF - Leeds Rhinos v Wigan Warriors (merged threads)

09 October 2015 - 12:47 PM

Oh no, Millward's tipped us on sporting life!


Game over, Leeds to win! Millward never got anything right with regards Wigan.

In Topic: Wigan omit Josh Charnley from Grand Final squad

09 October 2015 - 09:09 AM

don't think so. With Burgess moving on next year Josh gets to start again