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  1. I've started watching Carnival Row on Prime and its fairly good. I think the makers must have really liked Black Sails (if they aren't the same people) as, though the theme and the tone are a bit darker (touching dare I say on Lovecraftian influences) it probably has the same ratio of action to gratuitous sex scenes and the intro is very similar.
  2. Just finished you vs wild on Netflix with Bear Grills. It’s kind of a choose you fate thing with you selecting what Bear does next. The kids have loved it and learned quite a bit about survival although I suspect from the amount of times we’ve nearly killed him I might not be allowed to be a scout leader. That said if anyone had told me one of the options would end up with Bear sleeping with a sheep I’d never have believed you.
  3. Tragic news and my thoughts are with his family and friends.
  4. Just finished the Boys. It’s the best super hero show on tv. Ok that’s not the highest bar in the world, but it’s probably the best by some way.
  5. I certainly wasn’t. I may disagree with leave voters and think it’s a bad decision personally but I know plenty of intelligent leave voters. The sad bit is there are plenty of leave voters that would think he’d probably have voted remain. Why hijack another thread that is in and of itself an interesting aspect of modern society with yet another brexit argument?
  6. Back when I used Facebook a friend of mine was debating with a flat earther and frankly losing. He linked me in to the post to get my take on it. I just posted a link to a live webcam of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s really difficult to argue against that one (although they still try)
  7. Still 99.5 although thats an improvement in that its the first time I haven't gain since I quit vaping... so I'm looking at the silver lining here, and I guess quiting vaping definitely belongs on a thread about health and fitness. Anyway -gulp- from here I'm on 2 weeks holiday so I won't be checking in next week and probably the week after because I'll be away from the sad step. Lets hope I don't put too much on!
  8. It's been about a month on that one so I'm determined to get that particular monkey off my back. Thanks for the boost though always nice to hear someone say (or type) it.
  9. 99.5 today Thought I might be going the right way this week, turns out I wasn't. Still not vaping or smoking though and still not wanting to. Barring yesterday's little rant at Saintlass (which she did deserve) I haven't been too grumpy about anything either. Swimming is still good and I'm getting more veggies in my diet. I'm quite surprised I went up.
  10. Is it time for Wigan to finally beat one of the sides above them in the league? No sadly!
  11. Looking at the current score it’s also fair to say I was wrong. Ft 52-10
  12. That a fair point if I'm honest! Though we're 5th I honestly don't think we deserve to be that high!
  13. 99.2 today... I had a feeling stopping vaping would have a not great effect but I think long term I'll obviously benefit. Also buy a pizza oven didn't help!!! On a more proactive note, I've gone back to having home made smoothies for breakfast in my nutri bullet, made from spinach, blackcurrants, strawberries, a handful of oats, protein powder and almond milk (and a tiny drop of vanilla essence). Usually this is one of things that puts me on the right track for the day.
  14. Think this might be a banana skin for us as we’ve been on an ok run
  15. We might make the playoffs. We’re so far off the pace of the top two it’s a joke to think we could make the final. Just looked at the table. I honestly can’t believe that we’re 4. We don’t deserve to be there.
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