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  1. Yes Eth has huge potential if the things they want to deliver in eth 2.0! Otherwise one of their competitors, like Cardano or Polkadot could take over. Eth’s biggest problem at the moment are the ridiculously high gas fees. I do love the concept!
  2. Ok to sum up quick XRP is a crypto that aims to replace swift as the way international banks transfer money between different currencies. The product which works on the xrp ledger (which is essentially the database that stores the transactions) is called ODL or On Demand Liquidity and allows the transfer of money across the world is seconds with tiny fees. hope that helps a bit!
  3. I am heavily in to crypto. Ripple (or XRP as the coin is actually called) won’t get pumped for long, it’s got a lot of downward pressure on from Ripple labs constantly selling their supply and McCaleb constantly offloading selling his purse too... lump that in with the Sec during ripple and it’s difficult to see a sustained pump! That said it’sa good project with a solid use case.
  4. The only way this would hurt the institutions is of all the buyers were to try and redeem their physical silver. This is why I suspect this is the institutions trying to jump on the bandwagon! They’d never risk out with gold, but silver isn’t going to upset too many applecarts!
  5. Looking at the Reddit group they haven’t recommended silver and think it’s the institutions doing this to try and cover their losses. Silver is an interesting case though as it’s believed many of the silver ownership bonds have been sold to multiple owners. Meaning that if people went to retrieve the silver they theoretically own there wouldn’t be enough silver to pay it out.
  6. Actress Mira Furlan, from Babylon 5 and Lost. I met her albeit briefly at the Babylon 5 convention in Blackpool and she was utterly charming and lovely!
  7. I’m missing camping too much.... I want a wood gasification stove or a new 3D printer
  8. What a great career he’s had and I wish him all the best for the future!
  9. Tbf we’ll have Bateman do that should add a bit of steel even if we lose O’loughlin, who has now sadly reached the “talismanic” section of his career (Not that he can’t still tackle run or pass better than I ever did in my brief time playing at uni)
  10. Just had an email off the club saying they’ve re-signed French for another year! Very good for the club that.
  11. Tbf I’ve never been able to see past Morticia Adams... though like Wilma would never leave Fred she’d never leave Gomez! that said... she does speak french....
  12. Not to show how much of a Greek I am but... many years ago I was at a Babylon 5 convention in Blackpool. All the stars were there, but a highlight was Gareth Thomas dressed as Blake from the last episode presenting an award to JMS. The other two highlights were Walter Koenig walking past me dressed as Bester and talking-all be it very briefly- to the absolutely lovely Mira Furlan.
  13. I’m still traumatised over the ending of Blakes 7!
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