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  1. Sadly I think Zak fits in a similar category to Hock (although he’s more talented). Everytime he’s on to something good he’ll press the self destruct button. in a post Terry Newton world clubs do have a duty of care to their players to help them right theirselves, because let’s face it they knew who they were signing from the get go. while I know from incidents in the company I work for, had it been me, I’d have been let go from my job. With Leigh, though I don’t know their squad, they probably don’t have the depth to get rid of him. Talent doesn’t excuse crimes and we’ve seen it time and time again where a player gets sacked for off the field incidents then get picked up by a lower profile club. In this instance that’s clearly not happening, but I think at the very least I’d like to see him being given some community works in his role as a punishment.
  2. The Wigan Facebook page has put the following message on “ 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝 𝘼𝙗𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙙 Due to an injury to a Leeds player, the referees and captains have agreed to abandon this evening's Reserves fixture. We wish the player well. #WWRL” i know it’s the reserves but wish for a speedy recovery whatever has happened.
  3. Ok I’m way behind on this one… I’ve just started watching the series Hannibal. If you aren’t bothered by -really- disturbing images and sequences, it’s brilliant! i never thought Mikkeson would live up to Hopkins’ portrayal in Silence of the Lambs, and while I wouldn’t say he’s better… I don’t think I’d say he’s worse either.
  4. Actress Mira Furlan, from Babylon 5 and Lost. I met her albeit briefly at the Babylon 5 convention in Blackpool and she was utterly charming and lovely!
  5. Ok we’re a bit odd in our house and watch Bake Off. Can’t believe people have complained about the opening. Anyway if you missed it Matt Lucas does a fantastic Boris Johnson.
  6. Just seen that Sam McBratney has died. Parents in recent years will know him as the author of Guess How Much I Love You! To the moon and back!
  7. We've started watched Misfits on Netflix (though originally on channel 4). Its exactly what you'd expect with the words "channel 4 decide to do a series about people getting super powers, but they've all got asbo's as well" Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton in GoT) plays a good role and frankly, if they ever reboot Blakes 7 he gets my vote to play Avon. The first few episodes, are a bit full on and I'm glad they calmed down some of the characters a bit otherwise I doubt I'd have stayed with it, but when it hits its stride its a lot of fun.
  8. I’ve got to be honest i wouldn’t have been bothered if I’d stopped watching. I needed a break from Dark though
  9. Hrm... I'm watching Away on Netflix... I'm currently on ep 8, it's OK but its quite dull as well.
  10. So many good roles, I did love her in Game of Thrones!
  11. Event Horizon... now there's a forgotten sci-fi/horror gem!
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