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#2957677 Dr K rips into Mcmanus

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 11 July 2014 - 06:13 PM

This is just Dr morecash spitting his dummy again and having a tantrum because he didn't get the vote to go his way.


McManus (and several of the other chairman) have said that they're not opposed to having a marquee player in the future, now isn't the right time for it as there's too many other more pressing issues in the game to sort out. All a marquee player rule will do is see large amounts of money disappear into the pocket of a few individual players (and their agents) instead of it being invested in other parts of the game.


McManus has said he wants to see all clubs spending the full cap, all clubs at least breaking even each year, all clubs investing heavily in their youth teams and having them be top rated by the RFL, He also wants to see the reintroduction of an U21's / U23's competition and greater exemptions from the cap for 'home grown' players.

When some of these things have been achieved then he says he will consider voting for the marquee player suggestion.


Morecash just wants a quick fix instead of working hard to achieve results

This is the same chairman who bailed saints out for years in the old ground when they spent big on marquee players from all over to gain success, yet now he gets these morals from the position of having a new stadium that will help the club self finance.

He can give the good doctor tips on how to breach the cap as well?

#2940343 Tony Smith to St George and Richard Agar to Warrington?

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 06 June 2014 - 06:30 PM

I think Smith has taken Wire as far as he can go and they would need a new coach to take them the last step. I think last Year's GF defeat broke them in a way that would take Smith longer to mend than a new coach. Wigan's players now fundamentally know that following Wane's methods will lead them to be champions, as do Leeds under McD. In an era without the giants of the epic Saints and Bradford line ups, organisation, tactical acumen, motivation and great youth development are the keys to success. Smith's approach was a sensible one and nearly paid off - trust great players wherever they came from. He cannot now switch to growing his own team and improve on what he has already achieved without years of patience.
He is a brilliant club builder, and a decent tactician, but Wire would be better off with a new coach, if Moran's money can persuade a top Aussie to take it on. Of course, if it's Agar they'll have their own Moyes season.

Some wishful thinking going on here, he has been developing good youngsters who are starting to come through, he has top quality youngsters (Clarke) replacing M Monas next season and is in he middle of a 3 year plan with the present squad. And last years GF was not won by tactical genius just taking advantage of another teams critical injuries.

#2938345 Disciplinary - 4 SL players charged

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 02 June 2014 - 07:21 PM

Cheers, couldn't see anything on the RFL at a quick glance.

Ratchford did wrong IMHO, certainly held on too long

talking to a few local players who all thought Ratchford was lucky and certainly meant it, I was convinced he wold lose his EGP to not pick up a ban. How does each grade work with regards to possible bans.

#2929111 Match day marketing

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 13 May 2014 - 06:44 PM

On match day marketing or any marketing Warrington are slowly realising they need to develop one to attract and keep fans, a winning team is only a small part, from what I see Wigan have an aggressive marketing outlook because with the ground not being theirs they need to maximise match day revenues.

The clubs need to be more proactive in encouraging non rugby fans to games as well as looking at ways to keep existing ones, maybe they need develop games as events not just a game.

#2900279 if Brian O'Driscoll had been a league player...

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 16 March 2014 - 07:08 PM

If he had been a league player he would have been a success, he had the qualities to become a world class centre. He also could have had the chance to test himself at the highest club level comp in any code in the NRL.

#2898692 Cross code converts.

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 13 March 2014 - 08:25 PM

And that happens in union all the time? France at twickenham 20 years ago is the only 1 that springs to mind.And what is the infatuation with a chip kick on.

I see lots of 50yard chip kicks from the wingers and full backs and you can see how a sport that needs to show a try from a friendly from nearly 40 years ago when the NRL highlights will show 30 a season and have arguments in how some were left out.

Barba or slater would provide endless examples of tries scored from every possible situation on a pitch.

#2898059 Cross code converts.

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 12 March 2014 - 07:32 PM

So true. I had this debate with a mate of mine. He prefers Rugby League (The NRL at least) over Rugby Union for the same reasons given by people here (i.e. it has more attacking play). while granting that Rugby League does have it's fair share of great attacking play I point out how I find it very predictable much of the time. Most evenly placed teams spend much of the game following the same pattern. If they receive the ball in their own 20 meter zone they will have three or four plays one pass from the tackle. Then there will be one or two plays involving more expansive play once they are near or over the half way line. Finally a kick, which will be long if they are around the half way line, or high if they are closer to the opposition try line. They will then attempt to force the opposition to cough up the ball within their own half. Only a few teams look to chance their arm from deep inside their own half. The NZ Warriors are good at doing this when on top form.

The skills and finishing seen in the NRL is breathtaking and light years ahead of anything seen on any RU game, this has been developed due to the organised defences and honed tackling skills. The footwork is part of all players skills including the biggest forwards on the field. And if you looked at the tries scored from the fullbacks bringing back the ball they are amazing.

#2897391 Reserve Grade

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 11 March 2014 - 07:44 PM

Too many short sighted accountants making decisions about what clubs spend money on. Led by Leeds the majority of SL clubs voted to ditch the U21s never mind a reserve side. Many a late developer could flourish in a competitive reserve comp. Also your replacement players for key positions should be pushing the first choice by performing in the reserves. Saints Mcmanus rightly scoffed at clubs wanting to spend big on a non salary counting star player yet penny pinching on the u21s.

#2891828 dr quack

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 02 March 2014 - 09:21 PM

Dr K is a breath of fresh air and more teams being able to compete the better, not spoke to any Wire fans with a problem with Salford or the good doctor, and with regards  to the salary cap there was a tweet on RFL website about Wire being 300k under budget so scope for spending there.

#2889207 Cross code converts.

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 26 February 2014 - 08:16 PM

Just read through the back and too games and laughed, first time in this section, I am RL through and through and in the 70s and 80s when I played amateur in Leigh you played which ever code you wanted. Most people played league but dabbled in union. I when serving a lengthy ban I played for the BICC union side to keep fit, it was almost totally made up of League players. Some promising under 18s players were advised to play on Saturdays for a Union side so their signing-on fee would be higher than if they played for their amateur clubs.
As for a.n.other and many more names they were common place in A teams, they were used for amateur triallists
League and Union, I watched A certain D Wilson play for Leigh A team under the title, he was looking too sign
whilst still playing in Wales. Shaun Edwards was junior league player but some schools played both and were very successful with players playing schoolboy international level in both codes.

#2879508 13/02/14 - Warrington Wolves v St Helens KO 8pm (Sky Sports)

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 12 February 2014 - 07:41 PM

Saints generally have the edge at the HJ but I look at Wire and the changes were already ongoing last season, Briers/Morley and hodgson missed quite a number of games. The pack still looks big and aggressive with Currie getting better every game. Too close to call.

#2841095 GOLD DUST

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 23 November 2013 - 10:31 PM

We witnessed GOLD today and because somebody else walked away with it today does not mean it should be discarded, the best sporting event in this country for ages, I am still gutted but I can see what I witnessed today,

#2836960 17/11/13 - World Cup QF4: Samoa v Fiji (Warrington, KO 3pm)

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 17 November 2013 - 06:48 PM

Enjoyed the game, impressed with the Fijian backs and the large group of Fijian expats shouting wildly and involved with a great singing duel with a large noisy group of school kids cheering Samoa.

#2829785 Rebel super league clubs now totalling nine

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 08 November 2013 - 07:42 PM

The sport of Rugby league will not slowly die, that has been for told for over 100 years and yet it survives, the sport is not just 20 or 30 pro/semipro clubs.
The sport was born in turmoil and despite many rocky periods its still here.
As a pro sport finances are key in Europe, the format used is not the be all as both systems have seen clubs go bust.

#2818272 26/10/13: World Cup Game 1 - Australia v England

Posted by ELBOWSEYE on 26 October 2013 - 10:42 PM

just back from an enjoyable experience,

Read some comments and smiled.


The aussies have more players that play at the intense level and that matters.

G Burgess is going to be a star.

Hill/Sam and G Burgess/Westwood will match any pack with O'loughlin and graham they will get better.

Chase is not the answer at the top level.

Sinfields strengths are kicking /control/goal kicks he did not reach the standard he sets today(I would think he would later)

Today is not when it matters most, there should be a semi against the Kiwi's and a final against the Aussies when it really matters.


PS Wigan fans Ben Westwood is playing for England so cheer him?