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#3152718 Squad for Leigh

Posted by The Voodooguru on Today, 07:50 AM

But you can't expect to jump up a division and be a top end side without a sugar daddy paying the bills which we don't have.
The BOD have slowly and pragmatically built the squad and going into this season we all expected to take another step up the table. Through a couple of mistakes and a big chunk of bad luck that hasn't been the case and we are still scrambling to stay up.
Look at Donny finished about 4th last season and haven't won a game, Haven by some miracle have managed to cobble a squad and coach together after a car crash start to the season helped along by one of the directors putting his hand in his pocket. They will rely massively on not getting a lot of injuries in the super 8's.

Sorry but taking a step backwards and accepting relegation is ludicrous, the money coming in goes down along with the quality of the squad, but some costs will increase. If we can stay up and keep blooding an amateur or two a season then long term it can be built on and sustained.
What if we got relegated and spent a small fortune tempting amateurs to turn pro and still weren't competitive, is that sustainable?

#3152677 Squad for Leigh

Posted by The Voodooguru on Yesterday, 10:47 PM

Relegation won't be a bad thing?
Try and convince lads to sign from amateur when they will be traveling to Hemel, London Skolars. Oxford, South Wales etc every other week. I bet they would relish it. Then given that Haven would stay up they would take some of our better players off us. It took us years to finally get into this league again. Going down would be disastrous.

#3151569 widnes / cumbria link - conflict of interest.

Posted by The Voodooguru on 02 July 2015 - 09:51 PM

Ok... We will turn up Sunday ... Everyone will try hard so everyone will be happy :)

Let's see what the attendance is versus London with their super away support...

If your happy with beating Donny and haven twice this year good on ya's .. Have we scored more than 100 points in the past 10 games ?

Going along nicely I'd say - but as long as you guys go to cock watch at training your say will be final lol


Everyone will be happy apart from one person - Kanye West Cumbria.

#3149215 Sheffield away

Posted by The Voodooguru on 28 June 2015 - 08:10 PM

This isn't an over reaction to today ... Or based on today's performance ... But we have no chance of winning at hunslet or beating London at home... Plain and simple... The reason being... We don't score enough points ...

Yes the BOD are to be commended for brining Sammut in but it should have happened 3 months ago... We had the chances to get points in this league at home to hunslet / Batley/ maybe sheffield at home... And we failed.. Scoring about 16 points in the process...

Are the league positions final after these 4 games ? Or is relegation decided after these extra 8 games ?


No chance at all? As in none whatsoever? As in zero?

Scoring points is without doubt our achilles heel but to say we've no chance is just ridiculous.

#3137539 Ripley report I to RL in West cumbria

Posted by The Voodooguru on 08 June 2015 - 08:39 PM

I probably shouldn't share this but I mistakenly got copied into the report.

It basically states that both clubs should merge to allow a clear path for youngsters to aspire to be a Superleague player.

It says due to the costs involved in building a new stadium a refurbished existing stadium is the preferred option. Due to the well known problems of the Recreation ground with the land owners The Zebra Claims Stadium would be the logical choice for the refurb.
The merged team is a West Cumbrian team made up from two Towns. Therefore the logical name would be to call the team "Town".
A reserve team would be based in the current Whitehaven stadium. The reserve side would largely be made up of Juniors And Men and should therefore be called the "Jam".
All in all I think the report is quite visionary, yet still logical in it's thinking. Hope I don't get into trouble leaking this out....

#3134985 Logan Tomkins

Posted by The Voodooguru on 04 June 2015 - 03:15 PM

It's a necessary evil IMO. If our recruitment had gone as planned and we were playing out of our skin sitting in the top half of the table, once Wane/Radlinski broke promises for the second season in a row we could have just told them where to go. But with most of the squad underperforming Phil obviously feels he needs to use them no matter how badly they treat us as survival is the no1 priority. So it is what it is, we just have to live with it and see where we go with it and make the best of a bad job.

#3132112 Wigan

Posted by The Voodooguru on 30 May 2015 - 09:42 PM

Agreed David, I'm seriously getting sick of this DR argument. I'm a Town fan and if it's a Wigan player in a Town top I will support him and I don't support Wigan. Phil is our coach and he picks the team, although some folk on here think they know better than him he has most fans support.

We are all Town fans ( I think!) so get behind every player in a Town shirt whoever they are.

#3130823 Town V Fax predictions.

Posted by The Voodooguru on 28 May 2015 - 02:44 PM

2 Poor teams so it could go either way. You could benefit from the poor weather forecast and this added to home advantage will play massively into your hands. Towns knack of scoring very lucky tries will also help and the long trip for Fax will let Town get off to a flying start. With all this going for you (along with a home town referee) I think you could account for yourselves very well on Sunday and come away with a creditable score for you, so I'll say:


Town 10 Fax 5

Excellent appraisal, bang on the money again. Don't forget our postage stamp sized paddy field, so if it isn't called off to a mid week game to give us even more advantage I'll go for Town 12 - Fax 10.

#3127105 Training 2night

Posted by The Voodooguru on 22 May 2015 - 02:50 PM

saw him earlier picking his litte one up from schoool, still limping by the look of it

Maybe just had a stone in his flip flop!

#3127102 Town V Haven predictions.The bash!

Posted by The Voodooguru on 22 May 2015 - 02:47 PM

Just cause I don't have a link,who said I seen it on line

Sounds like a closet Townie buying videos of our away games....

#3122951 Training 2night

Posted by The Voodooguru on 15 May 2015 - 05:16 PM

I can feel another " I told you so" on the horizon....

#3121083 Batley reaction

Posted by The Voodooguru on 11 May 2015 - 10:52 AM

I do t know who as I don't know who's cock up it is, and as for why - it could cost us our place in this league and in any walk of life if anyone makes such a monumentous balls up of something they are accountable for it.


I meant why is it the accountable persons fault.

Most fingers will point at Phil, and maybe rightly so. But as far as assessing the imported players, surely he has trusted reports on the players by other coaches ( Demitriou for instance) because I don't believe for one minute they have been signed on the back of a youtube video. Is it his fault if they were injured or unfit when they landed? Is it Phil's fault his no 1 half back recruit can't get a visa? Is it Phil's fault Haven are currenlty courting our best players offering them big money which may or may not be affecting the dressing room?

Yes he has to shoulder some of the blame but it would be extremely harsh in my opinion to sack him when it isn't all his fault.

#3120893 Batley reaction

Posted by The Voodooguru on 10 May 2015 - 09:51 PM

To me we simply have no leader on the field, the game management is awful. First half with the gale behind us the players were standing 10 yards apart and consequently passes were getting blown all over the place and we hardly completed a set. We very nearly ran a penalty and the ref saved their bacon. Somebody should be controlling that on the field.

Our kicking out of hand was the usual poor quality, and coupled with the penalty count we couldn't get any sustained pressure on them.


Second half we played better with passes going to hand and got in front but our attacking play is so predictable that we couldn't keep the pressure on them, I just can't understand why it has gone backwards so much. They got back on top with some good kicks and our heads went down.


I felt for Tierney as he looked a threat, tried his heart out and was my MOM today.

#3119959 Town V Batley predictions.

Posted by The Voodooguru on 09 May 2015 - 06:01 PM

Although everyone wants another Mully or big Jimmy landing on our step, give them a break. I bet if you ask the two lads they will not be happy with their impact so far. Not only have they come half way around the planet but we play a completely different style of rugby to the Aussie's.
I haven't threw the towel in on either of them. Let's face it hardly any of our squad are playing out of their skins, but because these lads have had the balls to come out here they suddenly have targets on their backs if they are not ripping it up. Once the pitches dry up I think you will see 2 much better players, confidence is a funny thing and if the team is under performing these lads are bound to feel some pressure as all eyes are on them. We had just better hope they don't read this forum or they will be booking flights home and then where will we be?
Get behind the whole team as the way Mr Eilbeck is fluttering his eyes and wallet some might decide the grass is greener If all they get is grief.

#3115483 Dual Reg

Posted by The Voodooguru on 02 May 2015 - 02:49 PM

Faith in what ? Beating Batley ?

I still have faith that everyone at the club is doing their very best to finish as high as possible in the league. All you experts just revel in the glass half empty scenario so you can whine.
Instead of bleating on how clever you are and being critical think about where we were 5 years ago and on poor crowds how far the BOD have taken us. As you are by far the most knowledgeable poster on here maybe you can come up with a magic formula for the club. Yes with 2k crowds we could tell Wane to stick his DR but without you and your superior brain power the club is having to do the best they can.
But I still have faith in the players, BOD, and coach.