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    Hear! Hear! Having an Irish passport and living in Denmark, I can see the bigger picture. I personally am doing very well. I have a sentimental retirement dream of retiring to England, buying a small town in the countryside and have young women compete to get their hands on my EU passport and hard currency. Is that too much to ask for? It is after all the will of the British people! That is my dream for Britain and it is time the remoaners got behind it!
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    Yes but it's a deliberate tactic to avoid any criticism. Do people criticise Kim Jong Un's nuclear programme because they hate Koreans? Do critics of Merkel's immigration policies hate Germans? Did critics of Robert Mugabe hate Africans? Here in OZ we criticise the Australian Government every day. Does that mean we hate ourselves? So what if "a lot of Jewish people feel very uncomfortable and threatened?" I think most of Gaza feels that way on a daily basis. It doesn't seem to entitle the Gazans to immunity from all criticism. And what if a lot of Russian people felt very uncomfortable and threatened? Would the correct response be, "Oh well, in that case, you can just annex Ukraine and might as well take Georgia while you're at it?"
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    What a week. Nothing to look forward to this weekend. It has hit hard this week for sure - actually having to do some work Christmas - bah humbug! I guess it shows just what a special thing the World Cup was. Nothing really compares to international RL IMO. Anyone else got the post-World Cup blues?
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    I suspect the Mail has realised its May's way or probably no Brexit, so even if its not the hardest of hard boild brexits they've got to sell it to their readership.
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    Yet strangely, United's shop at Old Trafford is always open on GF day. These people couldn't sell an ice cream in the Sahara.
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    Spotted on Twitter. Couldn't have put it better myself:
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    Weatrh is coming. Gonna be ace.
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    Had to watch that guy party in Perpignan, getting in trouble every week, play 5 (good) games in the first year then 15 (mediocre) in the second. He went to Salford, was anonymous, average performances, still got in trouble though. If it wasn't for his reputation (which he earned 10 years ago), he wouldn't even be a professional rugby player.
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    Talking of prices worth paying, the brexiters are happy for the economy to slump as a result of Brexit “its a price worth paying” they say, but the same people go positively apoplectic at the thought of the economic chaos they say a Corbyn government will cause. As our yank friends say, go figure.
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    Can you all stop quoting Jace. I have him on ignore so I don't have to read his constant talk of Union and derailing of threads. I see though its happened once again here.
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    I find myself often perplexed by how you see things, and I am generally pretty good at seeing other perspectives. The South gets a better deal because the country is run by a class of people who see things from their posh class perspective, think of 80% of the nation as a drag and nothing else, we agree on this. But, then, you make the leap that the problem is in Brussels. I genuinely have no idea how you make the jump. You still seem to think that there is some posh people who give a about you and yours. I am being a little blunt to be get to the point.
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    It's okay because Cumbria gets a veto when the government decides to pause universal credit in cabinet members' constituencies but press on elsewhere. Or am I thinking of every member of the EU gets a veto on EU deals and gets to play it until things fall into place enough for them to stop playing it? I get confused.
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    I see there are yellow snow warnings in place. Do you really have to be told this? DO NOT EAT YELLOW SNOW. Silly people...
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    I made someone very angry a few years ago when I said that but for the English’s Channel we’d have been rolled over in 1940 by the Germans who wouldn’t have had to stop at Dunkirk. Their view was that we rescued the lazy and ineffective French from their own cowardly retreat.
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    It was a privilege to watch Sammut, it was just a pity the coach didn't give him the set up of the team to exploit what we had in him. He had to produce off the cuff magic most of the time, instead of building our attacking moves around him. So for that reason alone I think it's very harsh to say the money he cost could have been better spent. It's always only hindsight that can tell if a player is worth it. The gamble in my opinion should always be taken, for every Fifita there is a chance it will be a Pickering, Mulligan or Sione. With Hock, he is box office wherever he goes, ultra talented but he has a dark side that makes him a gamble. I'd be amazed if we got him, but if there is a chance they have got to roll the dice as he could be the difference between a decent season and a run at promotion.
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    I wonder how long it will take history to teach the people of the UK that we didn't "win" WWII, we were on the winning side. The Americans also claim to have "won" WWII, and they like us made a huge contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany. But if anyone "won" WWII it was the Soviet Union, who defeated 136 divisions of Germany's and its allies' armies. Only a fraction of this number was employed in the west. BTW the Daily Mail is cock-a-hoop which can't be good, can it? Their headline this morning is "We're on our way!"
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    If you can ski in mid-summer in the UK, you can ski anywhere in any conditions! Train hard, fight (ski) easy...
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    There is an article on the Brisbane courier mail sports page about Cam Smith and Billy Slater being targets for NYC’s push into 2019 SL... which may be nonsense at a lot of levels, but it certainly does no harm to have wider awareness of the NA potential.
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    Can't tell you how happy and proud I am to see Hong Kong debut at #45!
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    England had better get on with it because Australia is taking womens rugby league very very seriously.
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    England desperately needs to expand its elite player pool. It is the same 2-3 clubs providing players. It is a big year for Women's RL here. I hope the SL encourages brand new talent into the sport, not simply has the same women in different shirts at the expense of their core club.
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    Unless a sponsor is coughing up silly money then this rumour is pie in the sky. More chance of seeing santa fly over workington on xmas eve than this happening IMO.
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    That's wishful thinking. All of those halves have more natural ability than Cooper Cronk ever has. No one gave Morgan a chance of taking the Cowboys to the GF without Thurston, but he did. No one thought Munster was ready for Origin, but he dominated. Moses almost single-handedly beat Tonga playing for a team of part-timers. Cleary is spoken about with awe by people like Greg Alexander and the Johns brothers. Only time will tell if they can go on to be as great as Thurston, Smith, Slater and Cronk, but history suggests a couple of the group will... I don't recall anyone saying Thurston would be as good as Johns, but he was. Before Smith was the greatest hooker of all time, Buderus was. Before that, Steve Walters. Lockyer was the best fullback I'd ever seen, surely as good as there could ever be, but the guy who came after him was Slater...
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    Thats the disingenuous part of that argument. Of course we don't fully know. We couldnt possibly know and the fact is there probably isnt one answer but a whole host of them that work in various ways with varying degrees of success. What works for one player may not work for another, some will need one path, others another. This should be obvious. It should be obvious to the point where the question becomes irrelevant and something of a bad faith argument.
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    I think it’s really interesting to read what he said for some of his reasoning on the move. Our administrators (both nationally and internationally) really need to take note of comments like these as there are parallels to what the likes Sam Burgess and other larger profile players have said when moving codes. I think we ignore it at our peril.
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    Agreed - some things never change; nobody likes the Artillery nowadays either! 😂
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    Still rankles though doesn't it Jim.
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    Just as interesting and shocking is the effect that food has on court judgements. Studies have shown that you're quite a bit more likely to get harsh judgements just before lunch compared to just after lunch. Of course any parent can vouch for the effect that food has on mood!
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    He’d been in League the last 5 years and captained England academy and scored the match winning drop goal vs France earlier this season. That said the consensus was he fell down the pecking order at Cas, behind the likes of Trueman etc. However, still someone we’d like to have kept in the game
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    cancelling premier sports is about the same as throwing out that bit of tat you bought on holiday whilst drunk on tequila that you don't actually remember buying.
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    Would that 45k be better off being invested into Warrington’s youth to develop their own players though?
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    Alan Swann - the great Alan Swann! - is against us now? We may as well all just pack it in.
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/42286521 Good news for Castleford and probably the player, he looks a fine prospect and is there a better place for a halfback to learn the game than at Castleford, with Powell, Orr and Sheridan on the coaching staff
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    Can this thread now be renamed Super League player signs for Queensland Cup club?
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    I love it when weatrh comes.
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    Not really. If someone can afford to gamble 45k then it isnt silly. Had he re-signed for Cas I suspect you would have been lauding him for England
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    I only ever want the best for York.Apart from being 1 of the best places I've ever visited(lost count after the 20th or so visit,even made friends with the owner of the little Italy restaurant).But I have great memories of Ryedale York v leigh in what was a great season for leigh. Unbeaten in the 1st division and averaging 36 points/game I spent my pocket money to travel up there on the leigh fans coach,only to get drubbed 37-4(I think),at the time I was devestated but growing up I appreciate what a great day it must've been for the York fans and it also taught me never to take anything for granted. My very best wishes to York next season.
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    Despite many attempts by Netanyahu and others to conflate Israel/Judaism/Jewish people in order to denounce all criticism as anti-Semitism, there are important differences. Israeli politics has always relied on coalitions and when Netanyahu came to power in 2009 his party only got 21% of the vote. When he claims to speak on behalf of Jews, he isn't necessarily speaking on behalf of the majority of Israeli jews who, in turn, are only 40% of Jewish people. I don't recall the scripture details but I've seen orthodox Jews who claim they shouldn't be in Israel at all. I think it's something about how God was supposed to call them back to the homeland and by establishing Israel they are presuming to know the will of God. (Analogous to the Islamic ideas on suicide - that only Allah knows the time and place of your death so, by committing suicide, you are saying that you know better than Allah.)
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    Im missing the World Cup big time. But Im glad I got a good piece of the action. You know they are releasing a Rugby League Live 4 World Cup edition on PS4 and XBOX, but in true tradition it doesn't come out until 18/12 I think!
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    Many Australian RL fans are enjoying the ARUs troubles and are getting dancing lessons in preparation for some fun union grave dancing.
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    Not really too concerned who will be the next Bulls coach just know it will not be Matt who will continue to work hard with our players to improve on last season. More importantly Matt and the players WILL improve as all existing staff grow together and new lads fit in well. We have a good group of lads. I personally can sense that and am full of confidence in everyone’s ability and attitude.
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    I don’t know either turned it off due to the constant drone of the crowd singing Yakshire Yakshire
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    Hi Everyone, I am Amber Grahams daughter in law and just wanted to say a big thank you from Ben (his son) and I for all the lovely words posted by everyone here. It has been uplifting to see how highly everyone thought of him, he is so very missed. Amber and Ben.
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    Time to let this calm down a bit please. This thread is doing nothing for the forum or sport of rugby league. Those of you who "ignore" each other then why not just let that rest as "ignored" rather than winding yourselves up with reading their posts. I'm not locking this thread as it may get further comment from people who want to play nicely. For my view on it though, Fev were harshly treated considering equivalent scenarios where other clubs have been given suspended fines or simply warnings. I think Fev did the best they could with the resources they have and the information they were given.
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    Premier must have done some calculations and concluded that what they are making profit wise after paying to broadcast the NRL against the viewing figure numbers, thag it is simply not worthwhile, basic buisness sense.
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    Just over 1 month till it all starts again. Enough time to chill, relax and then start all over. I can wait that long. Glad it's no more though.
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    If it gets teams together and they can manage a test or two on the back of it then it works for me. I also think the World Sevens was a good way for some of the developing nations to get involved. That said, if 9s is ever used instead of full tests etc then I agree. Alongside is fine by me.
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    No thanks, we dont need this guy back in the NRL