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  1. Breeze hill school

    There was a problem with methane on the site in the 1980s and the school was closed for a while. Pupils used the old Fitton Hill school and I think other sites as well. Last tie I was there playing football on the school's astroturf pitch there were vent pipes around which were put in to solve the problem. Not sure if any methane would still be escaping all these years later.
  2. Question

    Harry has it spot on about the decision to abandon plans for Sports park 2000. Unfortunately the Lib Dem council at the time showed no imagination or desire to establish something of which the town could be proud. Sadly this affected both professional teams in the town in a negative way. The location of the stadium was superb, and a great possible concert venue for other events like concerts, with immediate motorway access to the A627M. In my opinion we should definitely be looking for a quality joint use stadium. Somewhere out there some heads need banging together.
  3. Barrow V Oldham

    That's the thing about working with ladders. Has its ups and downs.
  4. What is happening to Whitebank?

    For god's sake people please stop thinking that Whitebank has a long term future. No way.
  5. HA HA HA!

    I agree mickhornet. No argument there. I will definitely see a lot more rugby next year.
  6. BBC manchester

    No club with ambition of championship or SL would be looking at trying to develop Whitebank. We therefore need to look elsewhere.
  7. Meeting with CH

    can I ask Andy why you dont like Whitebank? wilsonmarshcankick, Are you serious with this question? It's a dump which is not suitable for a good standard of amateur rugby never mind anything approaching professional. If a new team was to apply to join the league and had *hitebank as a proposed "stadium" Lol! They wouldn't be admitted without a serious plan to improve quickly. The move to *hitebank has been like plunging a dagger into the heart of the club. It was acceptable as an emergency move if development took place. However for development read decay. Therefore dying club.
  8. Whos minding the Store

    That may or may not be the case Bedford but I am certain there are more who are not attending *hitebank. Don't forget it is only a few who are actively staying away as some kind of protest. Most are staying away because it is not an enjoyable experience. It is obvious that not many away fans come back for more than one visit. I don't go often now because I just find it depressing and embarrassing to be honest.
  9. Next Season

    So instead of Fev, Leigh, Sheffield, Batley , Dewsbury, Workington, Whitehaven etc etc we have something different on the menu. Here is a quote spotted on Facebook tonight:- "Oh well, you can look forward to losing in next years grand final now.....Unfortunately, I expect next season they'll be playing teams like minisculetown raiders and nowheretobefoundonthemap centurions". Sad times." That wouldn't be so bad if we had facilities better than these teams but we also have to put up with the massive embarrassment of ?hitebank. No wonder fans are feeling gutted tonight.