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  1. Is that the little, whistle happy guy? If so, we've drawn the short straw!
  2. Worst possible draw for team, club and supporters:(
  3. All that and he doesn't mention what his grandad could get in the 1920's
  4. Are we in the semis?
  5. John Kear has agreed to return to Wakefield Wildcats "after completing his commitment to Batley"
  6. Ted Sharpe left the Mount at the end of the 65/66 season but only ever played 1 first team game for Trinity. He can't have been far off the 20 stone mark!
  7. not all bad then
  8. Useless!
  9. After all that "it's finally here"!
  10. Penultimate derives from 2 Latin words, penis and ultimare. It means if you make a cock up of this you get one more go!
  11. Have this framed photo for sale with any proceeds to Danny Jones (Keighley) fund.....any offers
  12. I think a saying "people in glass houses............." springs to mind regarding spelling.
  13. I can't. As you say , it's impossible!
  14. 'Ours' ???