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  1. Will the RFL please resign en masse. They are completely unfit to run a sport. This has been a shambolic chapter
  2. 1 thunder 2 town 3 donny 4 oldham 5 west wales 6 crusaders 7 huns 8 haven 9 cov 10 skolars 11 keighley
  3. Broncos have a huge disadvantage to other promoted sides in that they have to persuade players to relocate or commute to the most expensive city in the UK. Northern town fans need to recognise this before criticizing.
  4. How often was Knowsley Road full? Big games v Wigan, certainly not for a run of the mill derby. Occasionally for a title decider. About the same as now. Overall everyday attendances significantly higher except we have had 8 weeks of low impact friendlies to bring the average down.
  5. Not patience, more finance. If cash is being haemorrhaged by the current system, we cannot afford to sustain it until it gets better. Middle 8's are interesting this year, the other two competitions are moribund
  6. As a Saints fan, I am delighted to see a bona fide legend of our sport back in rugby league
  7. If Toulouse or London can beat each other AND beat Halifax I feel either are good enough to get at least one win against the sl sides. Widnes and Halifax to finish bottom 2 for me. Would love to have at least Toronto and Toulouse up, with London in MPG.
  8. Okay, it was fairly tongue in cheek but realistically unless Warrington have a steep decline, 6 points is a gap unlikely to be beached and therefore all bar 6 of the matches are pretty meaningless. Add in the fact that saints are nigh on out of sight and the number of meaningful games drops further. We are putting our top players through 7 extra unnecessary matches. I admit I would much prefer to get rid of the 8's anyway, but this year the current system could deliver some truly appalling attendances.
  9. As the top four have daylight between them and the rest of the top 8. Why not just have the games between them and cancel all games involving Hull, Hudds, Wakey & Catalans. Top players far fresher for the Kiwis, poorly attended dead rubbers removed.
  10. I'd imagine this rimmer would be better
  11. The devil is in the detail but the only one of the three eights that worked was the middle one. I want to see more money for the league 1 sides and more commitment to expansion and international rugby. Reducing the number of games is key. Play everyone twice, plus Magic Weekend, and promote those 11 home matches properly.
  12. http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/sport/16177415.Teammates_and_supporters_pay_tribute_to_Roy_Haggerty/?ref=mr&lp=3 http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16177225.Farewell_Roy_Haggerty__an_unorthodox_Saints_terrace_legend/?ref=mrb&lp=1
  13. Reported as having passed on Twitter, great player and a lovely guy
  14. One of the first players I ever knew the name of, a star in Saints teams that weren't always overflowing with them. RIP
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