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  1. RIP Roy Haggerty
  2. Reported as having passed on Twitter, great player and a lovely guy
  3. RIP Geoff Pimblett

    One of the first players I ever knew the name of, a star in Saints teams that weren't always overflowing with them. RIP
  4. I have no problem with Mr Lockwood having free speech for his casual approval of objectifying women and casual islamophobia. My issue is him doing this in one of the two dedicated weekly publications for my favourite sport. A sport with a history of inclusiveness, that needs to up its game in terms of the women's game and where many heartland towns and cities have substantial Muslim populations.
  5. If the best candidate for the job is at the RFL, the rest of the sporting world is screwed too.
  6. Damage had a similar reputation as Roy Haggerty at Saints (one for older readers)
  7. Damage McMullen -funny guy too. The team were genuinely nice blokes and entertaining company for a cosseted 6th former/student
  8. Junior rl is thriving but the open age side is not competing this year. Not sure if anything in Wigton...
  9. There were a couple of ex Border Raiders in that squad, didn't you have Buck as well and Brad Hepi, or was that later?
  10. You are correct, the crowds were good in that first year but I always felt more connected to the subsequent sides that mainly lived locally and trained locally.
  11. Why do RL clubs fold?

    Whilst the lack of income and increased spending play a major role in most club's demise, the lack of volunteers or key staff to ensure all functions are fulfilled is also a major issue at smaller clubs. Like the ageing demographic on the terraces, the ageing boardroom at many clubs should cause concern. These solid local businessmen with the club in their heart get replaced by gamblers that do not understand the sport business and think that better players lead automatically to a winning side and more fans to pay for the better players (in the case of non-SL clubs add promotion)
  12. Not sure, I'll ask my dad.
  13. I'm not sure much has been lost, some fans now go west for their fax. Others have dabbled with Thunder. Quite a few are occasional super league fans lots go to magic in Newcastle for example. The demise was expected and understood by those that remained. It was undramatic and as a result few really held a grudge against the sport. The Centurions had the potential to evolve into a club similar to the late 90's Border Raiders or Hemel Stags now but needed younger driving forces to make that happen. I think that dispassionately there are places with much greater potential to grow the sport. If it were a choice between investing in Toronto or Carlisle I am an ardent internationalist.
  14. He was manager/owner of a painting & decorating place as I recall
  15. Danny Russell it was, must have been first couple of seasons if we had 1000 away fans, we struggled to get that at home by 1985