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  1. Strikes me that all Wales home games should now be split between Wrexham and Llanelli
  2. Name New York

    New York Citadels is my personal favourite
  3. cumbria

    To use the union ground would require either patience, for the league hating committee to pass on, or cash to buy in or buy them out. The ground would be fine for league 1 but would be insufficient for the Championship never mind SL. Brunton Park or its successor would be essential if the club has SL ambitions
  4. cumbria

    Carlisle has the population and the only SL standard ground in the county but NOTHING else to recommend it as a site for a Cumbria SL club
  5. cumbria

    The ground issue was renting from BRSA that wanted the money but to retain all control. The ground is improved since the Border Raiders days but BRSA helped bankrupt Celtic Nation that funded the improvements. A better bet would be if anyone had the funds to buy the union ground next to Brunton Park (although flood prone it is just off the motorway and walkable from the train station) or to invest enough to interest Carlisle United in a ground share.
  6. cumbria

    To clarify my views, any Cumbrian club would be more reliant on home fans than equivalent m62 clubs. In year 1 you might get a reasonable amount of away fans but this would dwindle especially for evening matches. The club should be able to sell weekend breaks in the Lakes but all previous evidence suggests that they will struggle to add enough to the gate to justify the outlay promoting it. Home fans would be plentiful for the right opposition if the club was saying well, there is a market for events in the area. Playing Wakefield on a wet evening or afternoon when both clubs are mid-table would struggle to break 3K. The only club that breaks this figure in the county is Carlisle United, even whether went into non-league they were attracting as many fans as any of the local RL teams in their pomp. There are markets where super league has a better chance of success than Cumbria,
  7. cumbria

    The 3 clubs are all 30 to 40 miles down a roads clogged with tourists all summer
  8. cumbria

    Carlisle is a complete non starter i am afraid, whilst there is some residual interest in the sport and there are youth teams playing here it would require huge investment, guaranteed promotion and ongoing success to work in the medium term. Carlisle United might be persuadable if they get a new ground and need extra income to pay for it though. Kendal has no interests in the sport although I suspect like Carlisle there are a lot of RL exiles that travel to follow their own side or wear the jersey of a side they follow on Sky. Every time I pass comment on the future, or lack of it, of the other Cumbrian sides I get into an argumenthis so I will leave it there.
  9. You channeling Ian paisley? We need some new names on silverware otherwise some clubs will always be seen as also rans
  10. I would rather Salford win the cup and Cas win the league than Wigan getting the cup and Saints winning the grand final
  11. Who would you replace? Certainly not Barry Williams, would struggle to put him in ahead of brad hepi, Simon Knox or Stewart Rhodes too. Good player though and further evidence of the strength of our alumni.
  12. I really enjoyed putting that team together and was pleasantly surprised at how strong the final line up was
  13. Apologies to my favourite halfback combo of Steve Langton and Dean Carroll. Also to Garry Peacham. Others I have omitted include Gary Charlton, most of the 81-83 players as I just don't remember them well enough, Steve Brierley (trailblazer for local talent), Yanto, Garry Murdoch, Matt Lynch et al
  14. This is pretty much spot on what I was thinking. Would have Precky and Ledger on bench along with Andy Platt and James Roby
  15. Carlisle 1 Willie Richardson 2 Mark Doyle 3 Kevin Pape 4 Dean Bell 5 Joe Bardgett 6 Tane Manihera 7 Clayton Friend 8 Colin Buck Armstrong 9 Danny Russell 10 George Graham 11 Hitro Okesene 12 Simon Knox 13 Barry Williams 14 Steve Georgallis 15 Richard Henare 16 Malcolm Thomason 17 Stewart Rhodes