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  1. I am gutted but unsurprised that it hasn't worked out for KC. Still an aĺl-time great for the club and I would hope that over time Saints fans reflect on that rather than a disappointing period as head coach. Some of the reaction has been graceless at best from Saints fans.
  2. Like the British army denied civil rights to the 13 killed on bloody Sunday? Deny people fundamental civil rights and they tend to react in extreme ways, see the ANC, Stern Gang and other examples of violent uprising by future statesmen
  3. Placing myself in the position of growing up in a society that was horribly skewed, misruled from a foreign capital, arbitrary arrests and beatings common on my community and minimal civil rights I can imagine many British people would condone their own community taking up arms. We are completely blind to the ill effects of our misrule around the globe and quick to condemn those that take up arms against us. Rather than simply condemn, I wish we had shown the enlightened self interest to resolve the situation amicably before the troubles became inevitable.
  4. I think it is perfectly reasonable to make more reference to what someone has done in the last 20 years than what they did in the previous 30 years.
  5. Risked his life for peace, dissident threat very real
  6. History will be kind to Martin McGuinness, his conversion to man of peace is a powerful example of the change that can be made. His violent past has to be seen in the context of Derry at that time, the repression and oppression that our government were using through their agents on the ground created these terrorists/freedom fighters. To ignore the British role is lunacy as it allows us to repeat the mistakes
  7. If we are not inviting and welcoming the answer will always be no. Many clubs are filled with people with fixed mindset s that are distrustful of people from the next town, never mind furriners
  8. I hope the RFL are ready to step in and help get things back on track as soon as the Trojan war ends and they return fully to Hertfordshire
  9. Perhaps playing the Canadian players in Canada might be part of the plan, just a thought
  10. I agree with virtually every major policy of Corbyn but I knew that the public would only be convinced if there was a skilled communicator like Mandelson explaining the vision and owning the news cycle. Instead popular policies have dribbled out to minimal impact and unpopular views have been dominating doorstep debate. In addition, Corbyn has no credibility whipping mps as a serial rebel, this means a party in constant turmoil and conflict. In reality, none of our current political parties really have a positive and coherent vision of what they want a post Brexit uk to look like with the possible exception of the Lib Dems. The Tory machinations once article 50 has been triggered will be self-destructive, UKIP are a bad joke that have achieved their main aim yet have contrived to fall apart in the aftermath.
  11. Interestingly, two of the most successful political parties on these islands are as left wing as Labour, if not more so. Sinn Fein have organised predominantly in working class areas for 30+ years and have reaped the rewards for looking after their base. The SNP have pursued a radical social agenda and have also been rewarded electorally. Labour cannot win, the y are too middle-class and establishment for the north and Scotland but are not aspirational enough for the south and Midlands. Copeland is an anomaly, a Labour leader that was publicly pro nuke would have won, he would have been wrong politically in my opinion, but successful.
  12. I suspect brand awareness of the NRL eclipses that of the Betfred SL to be honest. Certainly, more people would know where Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and new Zealand were.
  13. Wigan by a depressingly high margin in front of a disappointing crowdo that still ends up as the season's best
  14. 14/15 year old boys? Indefensible under any criteria