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  1. Cocteau Twins Frosty the Snowman
  2. I would like to think the players are classy enough to admit that they were in a tougher battle than any parochial inter-county squabble could provide
  3. Incredibly disappointed but very proud that we looked the equal of the Aussie s for the entire match.
  4. Could the nature of today's match put Aussies back in love with the international game?
  5. Just because that tache makes him look like Begsie doesn't mean he can fight
  6. Please let us not be 20 points frown by halftime. The hope is driving me insane but I am petrified to see history repeat itself.
  7. I have avoided optimism until now, but I will spend the next week talking up our chances to everyone that has the misfortune to engage me in conversation. I will daydream about how fantastic victory would feel. I would go to church if I thought it would help!!!
  8. Prince Harry

    They'd have their benefits stopped for competing
  9. Can England beat the Aussies?

    For the good of all humanity we have to beat the penalty-grubbing, percentage playing, permanently offside, tedium inducing, unloved at home and feared abroad Aussies. If we can learn from everything that has gone well and improve those aspects that have been less impressive we stand a great chance. They are not bloody supermen. We have some fantastic talent. We need a good start and a fair refereeing performance and we WILL win.
  10. Can England beat Tonga?

    Aussie pundit analysis "Which team has more enarell players? Tonga? They are favourites" C'mon Fiji
  11. We will beat Tonga by 10-15 points next week and stand a good chance versus the Roos. Just need to bring Percival in and use Roby much more.