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  1. I remember going to Whitehaven which, together with Workington, was a graveyard for most club. Myler played centre to Norman Brelsford and Brelly scored either three or four tries and missed doubling his total due to poor handling. The man, Frank Myler, made centre play look so simple and easy. Brelly would never get so many simple walk ins without the help of the great man.
  2. A happy birthday to the great man who is 78 today. One of the best coaches and player coach that Hornets have had. The last Great Britain captain to win the Ashes too.
  3. I feel that we should be more concerned about England not playing on a pitch that doesn't comply. Once again we were so full of promise and optimism but failed yet again. It seems that we are never going to get near the aussies apart from a rare glitch but even that never happens now.
  4. So sorry to see that Wayne has retired as he has been our backbone of this club with his rock solid defence coupled with the ease that he pouches the high bombs, even under pressure. He has also been a great leader from the back and has linked up well in attack,he's certainly been up with the best in art of fullback play. Good luck in his retirement and hope that he still plays some part in Hornets future.
  5. Yes that's right and that includes the penalty taken just before half time. The tack these days appears to go for the six rather than two so good thinking.
  6. I feel that the likes of Wayne English should also be included
  7. If there is anyone out there who still doubts that Hornets is a place where all things are possible; Who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; Who still questions the power of belief, yesterday was your answer.
  8. I'm sure we all wish our lads every success at Toulouse this weekend. It's a pity most of us can't be there supporting the team we love and support with passion, HORNETS. Dones anyone know if we can get commentary from Spreaker?
  9. In that case, short of being present at the game, it's impossible to get an unbiased report of proceedings
  10. I think OISEAU is giving an honest opinion of the game as he was there to see the match but more importantly he was giving an unbiased view of what he saw as a neutral spectator. We have all been to see games that we have no affiliation to only to watch a game of rugby league and quite frankly we see a different game to the home and away supporters.
  11. If the penalty count had been reversed in our favour we would still have been humiliated by York for the third time this season. You sensed it was all going to go wrong again then Wayne English dropped a high bomb when he was not under pressure. Ok you see that happen in every super league game but that must be the third or forth time Wayne has done that this season‼️ Our ball retention was dire and we left gaps in our defence that your grandmother would have strolled through with ease. It may be ok to defend poorly when your attack is on fire but even that part of our game has waned. With all due respects to the current holder only Crooky is a genuine number six and that has been sadly lacking. Mike Ratu is currently a pale shadow of his usual self because he is not getting quality ball to him and that also nullifies our wingers. Yes we have struggled injury wise in the centres but either way they need good service from our halfbacks. I hope this result is just a blip because we are at the business end of the season and Barrow and York are really kicking on so let's hope we kick on from here.
  12. Perhaps it's a knee jerk reaction to say that we were worse than dreadful, Barrow did to us exactly what York have done successfully to us twice this season. Why do we always say that it was us that played badly rather that admitting how good the opposition was. Several Barrow supporters near me were honest enough to say that it was the best Barrow performance of the season.We are not sat in second spot in the league table through poor play and I think it's right that sometimes we have to hold ours hands up and accept defeat on the day. As least we have plenty of time to redeem ourselves.
  13. This game was far from dreadful as we competed well throughout the game but just like at York we were quite simply beaten by the best team on the day. Barrow came out of the blocks with high intensity in attack and defence and they were up for it from minute one until the final whistle. Having a player sent off made no difference to them as they maintained their impetus throughout and continued to outmuscle us. It would be unfair to call certain players but two of their tries were scored from high kicks that we bombed and I'm sure had Wayne Engish been the recipient of those kicks he would have pouched them with ease. Yes we need to regroup for next week and get a win at Scolars.
  14. 100 more than Workington?Only 46 more than Coventry v Scorpions which are supposedly minnows and not long established clubs.