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  1. Dewsbury

    There is the small matter that there may be some financial gain for young players signing for the likes of Wigan and Saints etc or maybe these clubs are more attractive than Hornets. Either way, who would you sign for as a young player, it’s a no brainer really, with all due respects to our local team.
  2. New Kit Vote

    Personally I think the three options are better than all the previous seasons away strips and I’ve scratched my head trying to vote for a favourite
  3. Catalans safe Leigh down.

    The result was undoubtedly the best result for our club both financially and for the benefit of our players not having to travel to France twice.
  4. Channel 424

    Didn't know you had trouble with the older one upstairs, trade her in for a younger model😂😂
  5. Toulouse v Hornets

    Looks like your spelling is on a par with your wit.
  6. Tank on the flank

    Great to see that Rob Massam has signed for next season.?

    Using your theory then, as Mr. H was with his family, then he had a duty to also remove his children and particularly his vociferous wife and entourage elsewhere because of the abusive Batley fans. As I was sat close to them all, and you did not even attend the game, then you have no idea of the situation as it happened. Nuff said

    Be it Mr Hewer, Mr H or any other match official, the bottom line would still be the same...........THEY WERE NOT ON DUTY AND AS SUCH WOULD BE ABUSING THEIR POSITIONS. Or maybe I'm wrong, any spectator can go to the touchline to register a complaint with the match commissioner??

    What significance does Mr. H having his family with him make?

    Just ignore any reports on today's game against Batley that the referee played a big part in the result of the game and how bad he was and all the mistakes that he made. Forget about all the important results that went in our favour. Hornets played some lovely flowing and quick rugby league and this together with their willingness to defend against a bigger and stronger Batley, a team that has played in this division far longer that us and knows how to win games. However our dreadful discipline once again let us down in bucket loads playing against a very physical opposition. This together with a serious lack of an out and out goal kicker and the result was inevitable. It's to be hoped that both of these failing don't end up with us falling through the trap door. On another note, I noticed the ball boy that was on the main stand touchline, was removed to the other touchline at the request of the match commissioner. It was quite apparent that a certain super league referee, who happens to support Batley, had this young boy removed. At a time when rugby league support is dwindling and not many young people are attending games, together with a recent plea from the club asking for volunteers, this needless and petty nitpicking was not in the spirit of the game and one wonders how, through incidents like this,our game will survive without the influx of new, youthful support.
  11. Class tells

    Discipline will be paramount today and I'm sure the players are aware of that. Let's get over there in numbers and get behind the lads.
  12. Samir Tahraoui

    Ok thanks
  13. Samir Tahraoui

    Does anyone know what's happened with the signing from Rochdale Hornets. He doesn't appear to have been in the squad so far?
  14. The heat was on

    On a blistering hot afternoon that even the spectators found steamy, in spite of the shade of the stands, we saw two teams run their blood to water and we saw a far better game than we deserved given the conditions. Only our superb defence near our own line kept us in the game throughout and the players did that job manfully especially in the first half were we had to defend repeat sets on several occasions. Our try just before halftime brought us back to within two points of the Bulls. The second half was a nailbiter and tempers flared in the heat of the afternoon. Hornets manfully stuck to the task and scored sixteen unanswered points to take the game away from the Bulls but the result was not assured until our final try in the last ten minutes or so.make Make no mistake Hornets had to work really hard for this welcome victory and let's hope they realise that it's no cake walk in this division but I feel sure that on this performance they will stay in the championship. We are all so proud that a part time team on a low budget can triumph over adversity! As for the referee he made mistakes for both teams but I feel the touchies could have helped him more. Memo to ground staff, the pitch looked immaculate but why do you get the sprinklers operating at half time on a lush surface only to make the pitch greasy for the players who were slipping and sliding in the second half. Could the task not be left until after the game.
  15. Anthony Walker signs for us.

    He is an excellent signing and I for one was sad to see him leave so welcome back.