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  1. Bretherton prop from Wigan and Stevie is back..
  2. Callum as said for quite a while now he wants to play hooker and not in the halfs..
  3. Looking on the bright side at least we don't have to watch any of that 2nd half again...
  4. The first tackle on tee was a straight red in my opinion but instead done nothing and gave them the freedom to try take his head off the whole match! Thought we played some of our best stuff this season in the first half but resorted to playing our worst in the second. Still to early to be calling for coaches head as as see slight improvements. That last try Brett Carter would have had their winger smashed up into the popular side bar! Very disappointing.. But a point was got and really should be job done, roll on the 8s.
  5. I'm looking forward to it also think if we play as well as last week we should win handy enough. Hope that a few more come through the turnstiles to see what should be a great game..
  6. Yeah old fashion things like playing everyone home and away also
  7. And i wouldn't drop them either. What we've lacked when we play better teams is size in the front row to give a platform for Doran and forber. Going into the 8s with a full squad hopefully and we'll fear no one...
  8. What ever happened to only the captain being allowed to question the refs decisions? Can't wait to see a full strength side out, our back line looks really dangerous and hopefully with Phil,Kris and Stevie our first choice props will give them more room to do their stuff, plus Callum...
  9. Totally agree about Doran, thought he was outstanding today.. Well done boys and welcome back tee!
  10. Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without quite of bit of stress so I'm thinking we'll go 18 up, drop the ball a few times , give a few stupid penalties let them back in it then wait till 30 seconds to go then either win or lose it...
  11. Said on Twitter he's back running and can't wait to pull a shirt on again..
  12. After the effort the put in last week how are they not playing for the coach? A wins a win and well done for not giving in.. on to next week Up The Town
  13. Fair play to him and I wish him well for his future..
  14. Why would anyone abuse them the delayed kick off (the first delay) had nowt to do with them!
  15. Aye sounds about right, how much bad luck do we have injury wise though It's unreal year after year...