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    Cant wait for it all to start and ive got a few ex supporters back thinking about going, here's hoping people come back and get back to sundays being rugby day again!
  2. Away shirt

    He won the first prize the 2nd prize was 2 legends shirts....oh the old ones are the best..
  3. Town centre Pop up shop.

    Great stuff looks like people are buying into the new regime...
  4. Town centre Pop up shop.

    I wanted a large huddie but they only had xl but its fine, just means i can eat a larl bit more at Christmas
  5. Town centre Pop up shop.

    Even less now david now that kfc as it town!
  6. Town website

    Ged Byrne he was not, he really should have shown a lot more bearing in mind the league we're in...
  7. Town website

    Its just been announced! I thought that very thing callum wont be happy...oh well.
  8. Town website

    It doesnt matter anyway, its phil lister whose signed for the jam! Money grabbing #$#$&# haha
  9. Town website

    Hes just had a testimonial season where he gave the money to charity so im not buying into him maximising his income bull..
  10. Town website

    Jason was the 2nd leading try scorer last year after a few injurie and was a leader on the pitch. I for one will be dsappointed if he goes to the jam...
  11. Town website

    What a load rubbish whose that in dunmail park then if theres no santa?
  12. How many more?

    Agree with that marra, struggled at first with it being a big step up but improved as the season went on and i think could improve more..
  13. How many more?

    More travellers...... Wonder if leon is thinking of lacing his boots up?
  14. How many more?

    Workingtons a local place for local people we'll have no trouble here! Jeeeezus...
  15. pre-season

    Kris coward...