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  1. Rumour as it Calvert was first in the queue!
  2. It said on the jam site Miller had made contact I take it,itwas the ref..
  3. Lines David,I would give then lines which read "I must stop giving stupid penalties away" 1000 times and maybe summat will sink in!
  4. Didn't score at barrow unfortunately
  5. Thought the last try he scored was quality,he's scoring tries for fun where he is jeez why would you move him? On yesterday how far back as Calvert gone he's stealing a wage off the jam...long the may he continue!
  6. Lister played for diz the other night mate
  7. Gutted for Doran he didn't deserve that thought he had a good game, always ###### to loose because of how bad you play and not how good the opposition are! Don't think we'll ever play as bad as that first half ever again, well here's hoping we dont.. Agree about the forwards that's one thing we've generally had big strong props but that's long gone although Stevie ran his blood to water today...
  8. Another stressful 80mins I predict with another year or 2 off my life expectancy....
  9. We've got a great kicking game in opposite land yeah that's where cresta must live!!
  10. How anyone can call stack is behond me the guy carried us for years although I was disappointed he left I would never ever call the bloke for doing so..
  11. That's why I would have rooke at fullback,speed and enthusiasm in spades,every time he ran the ball last week he asked questions. The only way he's going to get experience is by playing weekly.
  12. We keep saying about this being a young team but it's the experienced players that are letting us down. Kicking for touch--rubbish Kicks from hand--rubbish Kickoffs --rubbish 3 very basic things that should be worked on or we're going nowhere..
  13. Absolute tat from start to finish, don't understand how we can stick 50 on a team one week then struggle to score 16 the following other than being out coached? Fair play to Gloucestershire they looked like they wanted to go through to the next round. Barrow ain't gonna be pretty...
  14. On a DVD against barrow the commentator repeat what someone in the crowd said and got in bother,when barrow got the first penalty in the 2nd half he said "your better than the #$%@÷@÷ in the first half"....class ha
  15. I think it was the first 5 minutes someone shouted "it's no wonder you were demoted ref" now if someone shouted that at me id be thinking you ain't seen nothing yet smart arris!