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  1. Nice one, well done BOD and welcome Stuart...
  2. wondering when is the official cut off time for panic to set in? I know things are going on behind the scenes but why every year we have to put up with this...
  3. is there any chance you could supply a player or 2 with any of the tops?
  4. exactly mate, with our thus far lack of numbers also he would have been ideal..
  5. dying ginger hair surely is the greatest gift anyone with ginger hair can have?
  6. what a cock, I hope the jam get them in the cup he'd cak his pants...
  7. my lad plays football through winter for Workington juniors along with over 300 other kids (different age groups) that's just the juniors there is also seaton,senhouse and Workington rangers...
  8. not if there's someone at the club with plenty of coin, maybe after haven have recruited we can get players to sign for us....really embarrassing and efffing sad if you ask me!
  9. Me! I'm not falling for the no panicking crack this year, I've done that for the last 3 year only to be bitten big style..
  10. at the final yesterday someone said worthington had signed for the jambos..
  11. very well said mate,im not looking forward to next seson one bit!! ive never missed a home game in years but think i'll be struggling to part with 16 notes to watch what? if im feeling this way whats the chances of new or returning fans?
  12. Gary.......I love you...don't tell my wife like.
  13. Stuck up for Phil all season but think it's the right decision,thanks for you efforts and all the best to him.... Now get the Phillips bros on the blower asap!!
  14. Sure will,not many like him around. If Jamie Doran signs for us I can see him doing well not sure if he'll manage the acrobatics of sammut when he scores like...
  15. well can't blame him he was sick of travelling up here and Londons right on his doorstep.......