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  1. Only if it was a warm enough day for butterflies BSJ
  2. I didn't go PM. What was the problem? Was it a lack of effort, players not good enough or just misdirected ? Would another hooker or half back on the bench have made the difference? Or did it need Brown to add a bit of steel?
  3. This may be a totally unfair comment on my part given that I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but, as all three Widnes tries were one on one with Smeaton it seems a tad inconsistent of MD, considering how quickly he has dropped some players, that Smeaton is in the 19 this week. I will add, just for balance, that Sam Smeaton has been playing well lately and it is difficult to stop a man near the line without support.
  4. Brierley Scott Tempted by all the props and the half backs but going with Leak.
  5. I'm just wondering what team forum members would put out? I usually have a fair idea but not this season. So, without being rude about any of the squad, what team would you pick against Widnes (assuming all are available).
  6. https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/article/54597/stephen-ball-and-clare-morrow-added-to-rfl-roll-of-honour
  7. Even I'm not that daft.........yet. Now there is a case of do you blame the team leader, the previous leader, the team, the opposition or the spectators. Let's not go there!
  8. Normally I would say give some of the squad a run out; but as things stand this year I would look to improve cohesion by sticking fairly closely to the side that played the last couple of games. Incidentally, the YPs headline for last Saturday's game was "Bulldogs impress in Tolouse defeat". I dare hardly say it, but perhaps the team is gelling a little.
  9. I was very impressed with the way that Toulouse threw the ball about. The best I have seen for a while tbh, and very entertaining. I also thought that we were a lot better compared to a few weeks ago. It may be that a semi pro side like ours needs a more structured approach and I absolutely understand the criticism of the coach. I do't think that there has been a lack of motivation, more a lack of cohesion and confidence. However, if he can resist the urge to swap three and four players at a time, then we might just get a bit more understanding between the players and start to win a few games.
  10. Only whilst they get him match fit of course.
  11. Can't we lend them someone!
  12. Bi11

    New 7

    I must admit that I had wondered if Yates would be effective at hooker. He has a lot of running in him and would perhaps be handy coming off the bench against a tiring defence.
  13. Bi11

    Diskin out!

    It was certainly a winnable game but there was no rhythm to the play at all. The conditions didn't help but they played like strangers. It was understandable that he gave some other players a chance after last week's drubbing, but too many changes for me.
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