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  1. Good News

    The main difference between the two clubs is the size of the City of Wakefield and the town of Batley and has nothing to do with aspirations (vocal or otherwise). And you are right, Trinity may well be a major force in RL again and most old supporters would welcome that. However, and somewhat tongue in cheek, I must tell you that Batley have only won one Championship less than the mighty Trinity and two Challenge Cup victories less than the "grand old club". As to Mount Pleasant, it is a ground of similar age to Belle Vue, it just doesn't look it! Mount Pleasant's slope does surprise those with poor knowledge of Rugby League but it adds character to our historic club and welcome diversity to the game. Finally, before this gets too silly, I must confirm that your Dad probably was bigger than my Dad.
  2. Wakey friendly

    Thank you for the information ernieone. It is a shame given his connections with both clubs but not the club's fault, obviously.
  3. Wakey friendly

    I guess that there will be a minutes silence for Jack Perry. He spent most of his career at Wakefield and Batley. I never saw him play but I do remember my uncle and his brother in law talking fondly of Jack Perry .
  4. Moan heavywoolen

    I do take your point 9' oller. Kear used to push a positive, we are looking forward to the challenge, message. He didn't downplay the challenge but he did use it as encouragement. Hence a number of wins against full time teams under his stewardship. Nevertheless we fared pretty well under Diskin last season once the team selection had settled down, and so I think that we can look forward to an entertaining 2018. Also, to be fair he did say that he hopes we will be the best semi pro team; a difficult task but a worthy aim. Where he may be wrong is in the assumption that all the full time teams will occupy the top- spots.
  5. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    And I thought that you went to Amsterdam for the culture Coolie.
  6. Old programmes

    Top of the Yorkshire League but dropping down to third overall in the League. Heady days!!
  7. Roy Powell trophy

    I can see your point, but it would make the popular Boxing Day match even more irrelevant. I would rather big the Boxing Day match up given that it attracts quite a few people who are not diehard fans.
  8. Boxing Day - any hope?

    No, Poe; and don't go there!
  9. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Got it, you are the narrator. He went mad of course. Time to stop this nonsense I guess. All the best for the New Year BSJ.
  10. Boxing Day - any hope?

    You see yourself as the raven? Now I am confused (a common enough state for me mind).
  11. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Woe are we!! Have you been gawping at too many ravens lately?
  12. Why did we spend £10k......

    How much do sky hooks cost these days?
  13. Kev nic and winner

    Carl Gibson?
  14. Kev nic and winner

    Can I start with what I hope is an easy one.......Roger Simpson second row from top.
  15. One for the old folk

    The Workingon TRLF forum mentions a similar story involving someone called Billy Pat and so I guess that the big man suffered the indignity more than once.