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  1. BSJ, ewe are write off course.
  2. If the match does come off with the Bradford players getting half the gate then it's another brilliant initiative from our club IMO.
  3. I wouldn't be sure that they won't be in Super League again 9' oller. To give some historical perspective, Bradford Northern attracted over 69,000 supporters to a Challenge Cup home fixture in the 1950s,but declined to the point of having a 324 gate in 1963 before ceasing to exist as a club. The were resurrected in 1964 and within two years won a major trophy (the Yorkshire Cup). There is no reason for them not to succeed in the long term if they are lucky enough to have the right people in charge.
  4. I must add; you are right BSJ, happy memories, even for a Gallant Youths fan like myself.
  5. Thank you all for your enlightening comments. Flatts it is then, just to annoy BSJ. Have a good Christmas.
  6. I must admit that I always called the ground Crown Flatts. I don't know whether this was just error on my part or whether some of my Dewsbury pals called it Crown Flatts back in the day. I had come to the conclusion that either version had become acceptable with time. Can anyone out there enlighten me as to whether some Dewsbury fans did use the Flatts pronunciation or whether it was just outsiders?
  7. I used to enjoy visiting Bramley Grumpy, but a certain Peter Lister (if my memory serves me right) used to spoil the visit somewhat by strolling though our defense with consummate ease. I think that the winger Goodchild (ex Doncaster) might have played in that team and possibly Jack Austin: although given my memory it's quite possible that they played in different eras!
  8. I don't think that anyone should get "holier than thou" when a team hits trouble. At the start of the season it no doubt seemed a reasonable business assumption that a full time squad and facilities would see them at least in the top 4. We get calls on this forum for our club to "invest" more to achieve more, and I guess owners are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Let's be thankful that our club has been well run in recent years and wish the Bulls all the best for the sake of their fans and Rugby League.
  9. My one concern was how we can develop some of the young promising players given the size of the squad. There are some very promising players in the squad who might not get the game time that is necessary to improve their skills. DR with the Cougars might help.
  10. For an ordinary team we have had a lot of very good full backs. One not mentioned is the much respected ex Great Britain full back Arthur Keegan. Although he was at the end of his career at Batley he still gave some master classes in full back play.
  11. You cannot expect a newspaper to reject paid advertising. What does rankle is the attempt by Super League Clubs to poach spectators from areas like Batley and Dewsbury using massive loss leaders to build fan base. It is good that the Giants are promoting themselves and the game but it should not be at the expense of Championship Clubs. I'm led to believe that the Giants have also targeted local council owned sports facilities. It is short sighted to promote Super League clubs at the expense of the grass roots. It would be good to see the RL draw up a code of conduct in this respect. Buford, I think that we should address our concerns to the RL and the Giants rather than the Batley News. I certainly share your disgust with the advert.
  12. No, no. What you mean is "Harshly sent off for expressing an opinion despite a previously unblemished record at Batley".
  13. The link was right Colin (for about an hour maybe) but the item was changed from one about Bravo to one about all three new signings
  14. A new signing.
  15. Kind sentiments MR, and lots of us know what a horrible feeling it is when jobs are going to be lost. Still, if you are to have promotion and relegation then it could be argued that the present format favours the SL sides compared to the straight one up one down and hard as it is for players in that position to see the bigger picture I believe that they should keep their misgivings to themselves. You know that if you become a full time sportman that your career may be foreshortened for any number of reasons and it's a price that you have to be willing to pay for going full time I guess.