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  1. Thanks for the update. Had seen somewhere else the suggestion that Squires may have been released but no confirmation. It seems to be unfortunate timing unless there is something in the pipeline.
  2. Having Reittie and Ainscough missing didn't help. They both tend to lift the team with their enthusiasm. Does anyone know how long they are likely to be out? And, for that matter, why Squires wasn't given a game given the injuries to Cowling and the aforementioned wingers?
  3. Lillycrop Day Scott
  4. There's been some good and interesting points made on a number of threads without too much ya boo stuff. The best thing now, IMO, is for fans to get themselves up to MP this afternoon and get behind the team.
  5. I think that Buford made a fair point on another thread that given our League position last year and the money that it earned there was the possibility to kick on and have another very successful season. It's unusual for a club with our fan base to have the opportunity and finance to improve the squad, as we did this year. I don't know what cash the club has in reserve for the future; but there seems to be little point developing a system that takes a season to work if players are on one year contracts, which I guess a lot of them are. And so I guess that some frustration is inevitable. Nevertheless, you are right that some of the whinging is a bit wearing. If you look back to this time last year there was quite a bit of whinging then despite a cracking start to the season (Oldham and Swinton did give us a reality check mind you).
  6. And pigs once again seen flying over Batley. Here's hoping that you are right BSJ.
  7. Great team spirit despite injury list. Well played Rams.
  8. Even in the warm up the Rams looked keen and we looked to be going through the motions. We were well beaten by a very motivated but also rather limited Rams team. Our tackling wasn't too bad but we lacked skill and guile with the ball. There may have been good reasons to rest Brambani but we sure paid the price. Well played Dewsbury, you tackled us out of the game and took points whenever they were on offer! As to what's going on Buford, unless you are within the camp it is hard to know. You do have a history of criticising coaches but I find myself in sympathy with your comments this season.
  9. 1 Lilycrop 2. Farrell (although he needs to part with the ball sometimes 3.Scott
  10. Being cautious by nature I would have preferred to see Brambani in the squad. As I see it, if he is fit and the concerns are to keep him fresh for Monday there is no harm in picking him tomorrow and subbing him if the game is going well. There is an argument, I guess, that he should be dropped like any other player after a poor game, but to be honest I think that we would have lost to Rochdale without Brambani's contribution.
  11. Please don't hang around the changing room tomorrow; you know that you won't get a game.
  12. There is certainly a difficult balancing act between having a settled and confident side and keeping the side fresh. I think that there is something to be said for limited rotation in the forwards. There looked to be too many changes on Sunday. However, we won, and if we win the next two then Diskin will have every reason to be pleased with himself. Off topic, it was lovely to see some Asian ladies with a group of youngsters attending the match. Well done to whoever facilitated this.
  13. Lillycrop Smeaton Davey
  14. It's because we set high standards BSJ
  15. Phil, The theme of the thread seemed to be players currently playing the game that have played for the Bulldogs at some time or other (check out Bob's link). More of an off season topic I guess, but also a nice reminder of some of the quality that we have seen at The Mount in recent years.