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  1. I would be careful with that word Johnny, it seems to have all sorts of connotations.
  2. Brown Ainscough Reittie
  3. Nothing in it for the first 60 minutes Young Un, with neither side playing particularly well. However, five tries in 15 minutes suggests that Piggy's remark,( that Brown's introduction destroyed them) was not such an unreasonable comment.
  4. Thanks Roger. I'll chuck mine away now!
  5. Does anyone know if the Golden Gamble was claimed. There was no number put up behind the Glen Tomlinson stand and so I am guessing that it was claimed. As the website is down I can't find confirmation.
  6. I'm not a referee basher, mainly because I miss lots of things during the course of the match and am ill equipped to judge. Nevertheless, to my old eyes the ref appeared to let a lot go that was worse than some of the stuff that he penalised.
  7. 1 Brown 2 Rettie 3 Lillicrop
  8. As the World's worst tipster I am going for a Rams win. There, that should do the trick.
  9. Sky incorrectly had Chris Rowe as kicking a goal recently (the Tolouse game?).
  10. Was this our biggest League win on aggregate?
  11. Plenty of possibilities. Nominations anyone?
  12. 1 Rettie 2 Scott 3 Brambani
  13. And off thread for a moment; Oldham beating Hull Kr 18-0!
  14. Dom Brambani reacts first to a Tolouse error, kicks the ball downfield deep enough to beat the cover and high enough and with enough back spin to bounce and sit up. Reittie, with several Tolouse players in hot pursuit, hares after the ball, gathers it up with just the slightest loss of momentum, and races away for the try. Terrific skills. Any thoughts on other contenders for the champagne moment?
  15. Davey Manning Smeaton. The applause at the end of the game said it all. Lots of contenders for m.o.m.