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  1. I was very impressed with Meadows. It turns out that the lad is only twenty years old and in seven games out on loan he has won five mom awards. Well done London on unearthing such a promising player.
  2. Wandering off topic, but you make a fair point BSJ. Most years we receive a small gift at EID from the local mosque and an invite to visit them sometime. To date I have not taken up the invitation. So they are reaching out and so far have not had the response from me that their kindness deserves.
  3. I don't know Colin, just repeating what was asked. 9' oller seems to know. Whoever it was had done a better job of stoking their enthusiasm than I could manage in the heat of the moment whilst making my way back after this afternoon's efforts.
  4. Arriving late I ended up parked on George Street. Walking back to my car I was surrounded by young Asian lads who had spotted my Bulldogs coat and they were full of enthusiasm and wanting to know if I knew "Paul". Someone is doing a good job visiting the schools by the sounds of things but translating that to getting them up to the Mount seems to be a difficult ask.
  5. points for effort only Brown Leak Manning
  6. Well, we could always try and convert them..............(.ok, you all know the punchline).........by kicking them over the crossbar. Ok, sorry, I know, not the right attitude for the Joe Cox Memorial game! More in common etc. It would be good to see Rams fans at The Mount for this game.
  7. My condolences to Kevin and family on this very sad loss.
  8. Bi11

    Alan Watts

    Classic tackling around the legs and he felled the biggest players with seemingly little effort. Superb technique. Sorry, I cannot help with dates Fev nut
  9. Which Swinton fans? Where have you read or heard this Graham?
  10. I felt a tad sorry for the Rams. At 8-2 they had looked the better side. Like me, they thought it was all over when Rettie was sent off and Ward sin binned. The Batley players thought otherwise and fought like dervishes whilst the home side just could not raise their game and whatever they tried seemed to go wrong. It happens to most teams from time to time. Incidentally, did anyone think that this looked more like a John Kear side in the second half. Less lateral and more hard running up the middle.
  11. I thought the pack looked a lot more solid when Brown joined the fray. He is a tough minded individual.
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