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  1. Bi11

    New signing alert

    Saturday's YP suggested visa problems with 2 players and that the club have spent 3 months trying to sort this out, seemingly without much help from the RL. A bad state of affairs, but not necessarily the club's fault by the sounds of it. Not happy clapping but hopefully trying to be fair.
  2. Bi11

    New signing alert

    That Castleford Tigers, one of the better SL teams, have had to sign a 33 year old from Championship Rugby League and the aforementioned young lad, Butterworth, from Championship 1 suggests that picking up good loan players is not that easy this year Phil. We have seen some good players on loan but there does seem to be a general lack of availability compared to other seasons. The Batley News suggests that Brambani is now available so that at least is good news.
  3. Bi11

    Bulldogs V Leigh MOM thread

    Manning Farrell Cambell Any news on Hemingway?
  4. Bi11

    Where is the next win coming from?

    I guess I am in glass half full mood today. It was good to see a few returning players and there were some good individual performances. Mind you, there were also some very poor one on one tackles and a lack of zip in the backs. Still, if the injury position continues to improve and morale remains ok then I think we will win 2 games in July. .
  5. Bi11

    Batley Bulldogs v London Broncos MOM

    Scott Walker Davey
  6. Bi11

    Foregone conclusions

    If these comments were aimed at me 9' oller, which, from the timeline, looks to be the case then you would be right in thinking that I am on the ancient side. But I am not so addled that I would go up to the Mount just for fresh air. Aside from that I cannot disagree with your comments. I try and hit a compromise between being fair to my family who have no interest whatsoever in the Bulldogs and my own slightly obsessive pastime. Yesterday I chose to visit a zoo with family rather than go to the Shay. Had we been pushing them for a top 4 spot then I might have been a tad more selfish and visited the Shay. It was "Eric's" comment that fans deserve better that drew a response from me, and perhaps I was unfair. But like anything written in black and white it is open to interpretation. If it meant that we Batley fans deserve to have a better team then what makes us special compared to say Oldham fans or Keighley fans or Dewsbury fans or fans of any other similar sized semi pro team. It's probably not what he meant, he probably meant that fan's deserve to see competitive games, which is hard to disagree with. How best to achieve this is worth a thread to itself.
  7. Bi11

    Foregone conclusions

    Perhaps the board deserve better than the constant carping given the state of the club when they took over; keeping going despite the continued exodus of the core fan base from the town of Batley, and with a number of initiatives in which they have been way in front of some of the large city based clubs in our vicinity. It is disappointing. The club ran with a bigger and better squad this season. But, as we have seen, not even Leeds Rhinos are immune to slumps in form when a large number of players are injured. Castleford have done remarkably well with their patched up squad but they have had to dip into the League below them and pluck out a 33 year old to bolster their squad. Not only are money trees difficult to find but there seems to be a dearth of good, available short term loanees at the moment.
  8. Bi11

    Foregone conclusions

    There is some truth in this. With little to do in the winter you look forward to the next game . On the other hand, when done properly, and Batley do it better than most, then a summer game can be a very pleasant experience.
  9. Bi11

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    At the start of the season I was concerned that the coach would have difficulty in keeping all the players happy. Wrong again Bill. Back on thread, this "Get together" is a terrific initiative. The pre match atmosphere was great.
  10. Bi11

    Bulldogs V Eagles MOM thread

    Davey Rowe Leak
  11. Bi11

    Toronto Wolfpack away

    Aye, and some that thinks it's much too near.
  12. Bi11

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    For how long will we be without Farrell junior?
  13. Bi11

    Free Rugby Fix

    Is it Blind side, blindside or blinds 'ide?
  14. Bi11

    Oh no! another player down

    No subs were used in THE old days 9' oller. Hence Allan Prescott playing at prop for 76 minutes with a broken arm and leading GB to victory over Australia.
  15. Bi11

    Halifax @ Home on Saturday

    6 downhill and 3 uphill BSJ. Edited.....forgot Batley's first try on stroke of half time was up the slope.