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  1. Toulouse away

    B'aht legs
  2. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Don't be fooled by the photograph Kayakman, he's far less handsome in real life.
  3. Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    J Farrell Brambani Crookes
  4. Problems out wide

    And Smeaton a bit more skillful at centre than Galbraith?
  5. Batley v Toronto

    That's interesting. Happens we are moving to New York!
  6. Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    Day Manning Crookes
  7. Sheffield away monday

    Four nil down at the moment
  8. Onto Fev

    I'm baffled by this thread. Visit Fev and, for sure, they have a few loud and extremely one eyed bigots. They can be a tad too "passionate". However, most of the Fev fans that have posted on here in recent years have been well informed, fair with their comments and often have shown warmth to our club. Why spoil that goodwill? Had we narrowly lost a close game then I could understand sour grapes in the immediate aftermath, but we were well beaten in the second half. The ref was fussy, but surely it's up to the players to adapt.
  9. Bulldogs V Rams MOM thread

    Leak Day Scott
  10. Batley Bulldogs V Featherstone Rovers MOM

    Harrison Ward Scott
  11. Batley cap

    There appears to be no bids for it so far.
  12. Batley v Leigh Cup Match

    Thank you for the info LD (and Bob). I was aware that Lillycrop and Gledhill were unavailable but Holland was in the squad and I assumed that he was available.
  13. Batley v Leigh Cup Match

    A great effort from the club in getting the game on and not rewarded by the gate. Lots of grit on display from both teams in difficult conditions. However, I thought that in those conditions we should have had two genuine props on the subs bench which might have allowed us to field our strongest available front row reasonably fresh for the last quarter of the game. Despite a lot of effort there was very little go forward in the second half against a Leigh side that have only beaten one team this season. Mind you, I do realise that it's easy for an old giffer to talk the talk, far harder to walk the walk.
  14. Batley Bulldogs V Leigh MOM Challenge cup

    Scott Rowe eeny meeny miney mo um Walker
  15. Swinton match last Sunday

    Glen who? How old do you think I am Sir J? (Don't answer that!).