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  1. Bi11

    John Cooke RIP

    Generally behind Holmes and Toohey in the pecking order at centre but a decent enough player as I recall. RIP
  2. Bi11

    Halifax v Bulldogs

    I didn't go (family commitments) but do we need to learn how to win the close games (Bradford/Barrow/Halifax) or is that an unfair or simplistic comment on my part? Sounds to have been a good effort, anyway.
  3. Bi11

    Dual reg

    To be fair there are supporters here who consistently argued against duel reg when we were using it, and no doubt the same is true of Fev. I have mixed feelings in that I have enjoyed seeing quality players in the Championship but prefer a loan system rather than a system that leans towards a Senior/Junior club relationship. So I guess you can put me down as a No.
  4. Bi11

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    You ask a reasonable question. If it really troubles you Tec then you need to work out whether our ratio of home wins over away wins taken over say a twenty year period is better or worse than the Championship average. Otherwise it's just conjecture. Maybe just accept that a lot of supporters like Rugby League to have a bit of character and history?
  5. Bi11

    Lewis bienek

    For what it's worth today's Yorkshire Post says that the loan is for the season.
  6. Bi11

    Lewis bienek

    It lightened up a cold mucky day Phil. Incidentally, there seems to be some confusion as to whether it is a season long loan, or start the season on loan. As Dogfather points out it looks as if it's the latter. I guess we will know for sure by and by.
  7. Bi11

    Lewis bienek

    Can't argue with that!
  8. That's true DD, one's first reaction is often to have a bit of fun and it lightens up the day.
  9. Surely it's not unreasonable to ask on here. There is often someone that is in the know, and if not KN often shows courtesy by replying to threads on the forum and potentially it saves a number of telephone calls to the clubs. T does sound a bit grumpy on Thursday but hey, we all have bad days!
  10. Bi11

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Matt Diskin is right, we should have won it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we should have kicked a penalty in front of the Bulls posts. Also, the Coach should have made sure that we finished the game with our best side rather than feel that he had to give everyone a game. It also looks as if Smeaton let his side down with a soft penalty in front of our posts. An excellent game, but it would have been nice to have the cup in our cabinet.
  11. Bi11

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Thank you. It was both!
  12. Bi11

    Tickets for Bradford

    We don't all have smartphones Bob
  13. Bi11

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    I don't know about the rickets and plague; but the spam certainly came in tins in those days.
  14. Bi11

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    Now you are talking proper money; especially the old silver half crowns.
  15. Bi11

    2019 bulldog shirt

    Thanks for the clarification Ernie, I don't know how the tie up between the Bulldogs and Ravensport works (that is to say whether we buy the shirts and sell them on or whether we just take a commission on sales). As you know, usually it's the retailer that pays commission as an inducement to buy from themselves or to buy online rather that in the shops. What would the inducement be for Ravensport to join the scheme? I doubt that they would sell more shirts. Goodwill perhaps? Or a possible saving to them if shirts are bought online rather than through the club?