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  1. Justin Horo to Wakefield.

    Unfortunately he's no more effective than any of the others.
  2. Toulouse 2018 thread

    Disappointing to see fringe players Quemener, Denis, Ferret, Izard and Mazars all departing TO Broncos for other Elite teams. All solid young players aged 20-21 who have featured at first team level for TO and leaves the second team, which was already out of its depth in Elite 1, looking desperately weak for the coming season.
  3. Strike while the iron is hot

    Feel dumber for reading this thread TBH.
  4. Catalan v Widnes

    Have you seen Catalan play since McNamara took over? I see no chance of them winning this game or beating Leigh, or even getting close in either match TBH. Cakewalk for Widnes in this one.
  5. Catalan v Widnes

    No chance of Catalan winning. Widnes by 20-30 points.
  6. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    The current squad would be nowhere near the salary cap, probably not even at 50% of the cap unless a lot of players were signed on extortionate contracts relative to their market value. And I very much doubt Taylor, Sims, Krasniqi and McCrone are taking up 50% of the cap by themselves so there should be plenty of room to play with. Also there would be absolutely 0 chance of 'negotiating' a higher salary cap, that would be completely and utterly out of the question.
  7. Any type of domestic activity in El Salvador would be welcomed.
  8. Does the League One Shield work?

    In that case maybe they should solicit more investment and market their games better. Just playing in an actual stadium instead of a park field would be a start for some of these clubs.
  9. Statement by South Wales Ironmen Owner

    People do tune in, RL is the second most watched domestic sport in the UK after soccer. It's a 'hard sell' as you perceive it because the sport has zero, and I mean zero, media coverage from mainstream organizations, which are still almost entirely controlled and operated by the historical London-based establishment elites who hate RL and everything it traditionally stands for. The sporting product is irrelevant, it's 100% a cultural and sociological thing and something which is still a huge factor in the UK but that you don't really have to contend with at all in North America.
  10. The sport literally exists because of oppression of the British working classes by wealthy elites. The challenges in the UK are therefore completely unique, the sport is the way it is here for a reason and equally there's no reason for that to apply in NA or anywhere else. Perez acknowledged as much when he started the team.
  11. Having a second pro team in Canada as subordinates or a feeder team to the Wolfpack would be absolutely insane from both a financial and development POV. Coventry and London Skolars don't want to be 'development teams', they are where they are because they have absolutely no resources or financial backing. They used to be amateur teams who played for fun. If the intention of a second Canadian team was to be on that level as subordinates to the Wolfpack then I would unquestionably deny them entry to the league. I really hope that this is just your idea and not something that has ever been seriously floated by anyone.
  12. States are arbitrary, an Ottawa team for example would also be a new market as it's hundreds of miles away but Hamilton is close enough to Toronto that people from there could already access RL if they wanted to. Not that a team there would be a bad thing, it would definitely bring more exposure but Toronto have previously stated their catchment goes right through to Niagara so from that POV it would be a new team in an existing RL expansion area and possibly dilute the TWP support base a little (although definitely still have a positive effect overall). Basically it would be about RL becoming more entrenched in the region rather than expanding to an entirely new region. Which again isn't a bad thing at all, it's just less exciting and groundbreaking than opening up another entirely new market of around 4m people.
  13. No, the team is for 2019 as has been stated multiple times in both the article and this thread.
  14. Hamilton would be disappointing IMO, partly because it dilutes Toronto's potential catchment area which is not strong enough after only one or two seasons. Montreal opens an entirely new market, that said it would be a lot more of a risk given that AFAIK RL has never even been played in the state.