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  1. Yeah great, if only he had corrected the other 473 mistakes he's made in this game.
  2. FFS he just called PNG Tonga, is this bloke drunk? Horrific commentary.
  3. If Dave Woods calls Watson Boas 'Winston' one more time I am legit turning this off.
  4. To compound the awful performance of both teams and the referee, is there a PNG player's name that Dave Woods hasn't got wrong yet?
  5. Lol that list is a joke, Burundi included twice along with the likes of Trinidad and Tobago (with Tunisia's flag) but no mention of Bosnia, Chile or some of the places mentioned in the article directly above the list of nations. No wonder the RLIF can't convince people to take them seriously.
  6. He's in tears every time during the national anthem. Best captain at the World Cup.
  7. I would question that, Belgium have seemed pretty active quite recently (within the past 18 months) both domestically and playing internationals, and Latvia are constantly represented at RLEF meetings etc although we barely hear a peep from them outside of that. I believe there has also been some activity in Denmark recently after it fell into inactivity for a while although might be wrong on that.
  8. Lol Premier Sports really? Monumental result in RL history and we get 5 seconds of crying Fijians before they cut away for a replay of ice hockey..
  9. Also Sierra Leone and Kenya. Morocco I believe is dead after the RU sabotage.
  10. Latin American Championship

    Mexico I would guess would be stronger or at least more experienced than any of these nations, but I guess it's more about resources, plus having 5 teams there would mess up the scheduling.
  11. Latin American Championship

    Wonder for how many more years people will continue to make this joke on every single thread related to emerging nations RL.
  12. You 'observed' wrong then didn't you.
  13. I can clarify right now, nobody has told you that and it hasn't happened since Estebanez switched in about 2005.
  14. Panic at Catalans

    At any other team a player of that age with that level of talent would get some SL gametime next year, especially when the only other option is a dreadful player like Walsh.
  15. Panic at Catalans

    No their go-forward was fine, the problems were the plodding backline and dreadful half-backs and hooker, none of which have been addressed in recruitment. Hopefully Albert, Romano, Da Costa and maybe even Mourgue can step up and inject some life in those positions.