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  1. Canet leaving Toulouse would be terrible for everyone.
  2. Dead rubber, hoping McNamara gives game time to a few youngsters. Romano for Inu and Albert for Walsh would be a start.
  3. If you do turn it around then great, at present it's not undeserved whatsoever.
  4. Slovakia is one of the few remaining major European countries with no RL presence, along with Switzerland, Austria, Portugal and Croatia.
  5. Inu is a disaster, he must surely go at the end of the season.
  6. Yeah looks like I spoke too soon. I've been expecting more from him but then it's hard to judge these kids too harshly.
  7. Good to see Franck starting to show something at U19 level, hoping for him to step up as a senior U19 next year.
  8. Why does it matter if they're playing for Catalans or not? The only problem is when you have players like Barthau, Robin, Margalet and Maria who spend years in Catalans reserves without being given a real chance. But it's the same everywhere, half of Super League is former Wigan academy players, there's only a certain number of spots at any one club. Thinking that players should be forced to play for Catalans for life or that French players should have to play in France is again a very strange way of looking at things. I hope dozens more French players join English clubs.
  9. It's like saying why do Wigan or St Helens bother bringing through players when some of them might one day end up leaving the club? Just an absolutely weird thing to say. If you want to talk about young players not being given a chance in favour of underperforming foreigners, then yeah.
  10. The U19s were supposed to be playing Bradford at home but it was postponed by Bradford. Not really sure why they scheduled a France away trip for Bradford's U19s TBH given the problems there. WTF, is this serious?
  11. If they continue with McNamara I can honestly see them losing every single game for the rest of the season and finishing bottom of the Middle 8's, I'm not joking.
  12. Will McNamara be fired when he loses every game prior to the Middle 8's?
  13. Munuera was listed with the Dragons U19s squad last year despite being only 15. Excited to hopefully see him in the U19s next year.
  14. I sometimes start to feel sorry for her, then I remember this:
  15. Baffling when people try to take some sort of moral high ground against people debating pressing political issues in the wake of a disaster. What should we do, sit around for a week talking about how we're all praying for the families and how great the emergency services are before we can actually discuss the issues at hand? Why does this offend or upset you in any way?