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  1. Evil Homer

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    I no longer watch RL on Sky purely because of the awful production, commentary and overall disdain with which they treat the sport and its viewers. I have no interest in watching big, dumb, inarticulate Northern stereotypes talking about 'biff' and 'big shots', but Sky seem to view that as the major and potentially sole attraction of the game. It's obvious that since 2013 their bosses don't understand and/or hate RL, we desperately need to get away from them IMO but there appear to be few if any alternatives.
  2. Evil Homer

    French Scene

    That's not really accurate, Gigot, Yaha, Jullien, Garcia and Goudemand all spent time overseas as youngsters before joining Catalans and for Casty and Simon we're going back 10+ years. I support the idea of players being brought through the Elite but it's also essential for them to get proper training and development from age 16-19.
  3. Evil Homer

    French Scene

    The u16s team that beat England this year have more potential IMO and I'm worried about their progression, particularly as most of them will now just remain with their Elite clubs rather than evolving in a professional structure.
  4. Not sure it's being televised, according to the Sky Sports website and the awful 'rugby-league' website Sky are showing 3 dead rubbers from the Super 8s this week.
  5. Evil Homer

    French Scene

    I see Khedimi is named in the squads for the East v West national team selection match next week. Although I don't much trust the FFRXIII press release as they listed him as a St Esteve player, mixed up the Flovie twins and got Alex Mickalezyk's first name wrong.
  6. My 'no' was to the comment from Argyle that three wins (now two) would be enough for promotion. It could be, but other things would also need to happen for that to occur i.e. running up a big margin of victory against Leeds and/or Hull KR/Salford dropping matches. Of course three wins from now definitely would be enough, as that would include the Million Pound Game.
  7. No, I set out the scenario for Toronto to be automatically promoted earlier in the thread. If Toronto win their remaining two games they would finish level with Leeds, however Leeds have a much superior points differential and still have to play Halifax which would likely boost their differential further. Therefore even if they beat Widnes next week Toronto would likely need to win by a big margin against Leeds to overturn the points differential and automatically go up. The other chance for Toronto to automatically go up if they win their remaining two games would be if Hull KR lose one of theirs, as their points differential is similar to Toronto, or if TWP win both and Salford were to lose both of theirs. But as it stands there's no guarantee two wins would be enough for automatic promotion, they need to win big and hope for the best. If Toronto beat Widnes then a big win for Toulouse over Hull KR would be the result TWP fans should be hoping for next week.
  8. Evil Homer

    French Scene

    I'm not sure it's better but the u19s team hasn't been very successful for bringing through SL players, mainly because all the youngsters who performed well at that level would then inevitably get stuck in the log jam of players at St Esteve. I think players are more likely to progress to SL now, but ideally they would've just cleared the deck at St Esteve like they have done and also kept the u19s team below that. There are players like Brochon, Zafra and Cozza who would've definitely benefited from another year in the u19s and I also worry for the younger generation of u16s who may well end up stuck playing in the Junior Elite and stagnate, players like Arthur Nunez are already dominant at that level and now have no route to progress. The u19s team finishing may also affect the recruitment and progression of youngsters from outside the Perpignan area. Overall I think its a backwards step but the changes to the St Esteve u23s team are much needed and welcomed.
  9. Widnes don't play either of those teams, their remaining fixtures are Toronto away and Hull KR away. London still have to play Halifax at home so it's likely they will get to at least 6 points, meaning that for Widnes to have a chance of making the MPG they will need to win both of their remaining fixtures by a considerable margin to overturn their negative points difference and then hope that other results go in their favour. As stated their match at Toronto next week is massive, win big and they have an outside chance.
  10. The biggest game as things stand is Toronto vs Widnes next week. If Widnes win then the top 3 is all but settled and Widnes would also be back in play for the MPG, although they would still have a lot of ground to make up. A TWP win in that game would effectively relegate Widnes and depending on the margin of victory and Leeds' scoreline against Fax could give TWP an outside shot of overtaking Leeds to 3rd place with a big win in the final match, as things stand they would need a 22 point margin of victory in the final match to overtake Leeds, not totally impossible but realistically they would need to hammer Widnes and hope Fax keep it tight against Leeds to reduce that margin in order to have a chance. The other variable in that scenario would be if Toulouse beat Hull KR next week, which would leave Hull KR with a maximum of 10 points and therefore give Toronto a chance of overtaking them on points difference if Toronto were to win their remaining two games. Salford could also still find themselves in the MPG if they slip up against both London and Toulouse and TWP win both of their remaining games, but that is unlikely. For 5th place it's likely to come down to which of London and Toulouse betters the other's results in their final two games. London still have to play Fax at home so you would think Toulouse would need to beat at least one of Salford or Hull KR, and most likely both, to make the MPG. There's also still an outside chance of Toulouse or London finishing in 3rd if either were to win both of their remaining games and both Hull KR and Toronto were to lose both of theirs, but clearly that's an outside shot.
  11. Surely the worst pro team in RL history, and potentially in any sport? Where are all the Welsh juniors that are supposedly signed with this club?
  12. Evil Homer

    French Scene

    The stated focus of this team is now solely developing SL players to follow in the path of Goudemand, all of these players are now considered to have SL potential apart from Ambert who won't make the step up and is there to provide experience. Margalet is listed after retiring from the full-time Dragons squad, and Guasch jr is also listed but will supposedly mostly play for Baho, yeah right. Arnaud Barthes not retained, currently on loan at Barrow and would be a good pick up for any Championship club. Mathieu Khedimi, Fabien Flovie and Saloty Mendy also released which is a surprise as all are only 21 and strong players in LER, Mendy heading back to Avignon and Flovie to Palau, Khedimi would be a useful signing for someone.
  13. Evil Homer

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    Rugby union is a 100 year old relic that is only played in 2018 due to historical classism and snobbery. If RL didn't exist RU would've improved and evolved their rules decades ago and would be playing something close if not identical to RL today.
  14. I wouldn't be shocked if Toulouse beat both Hull KR and Sallford.
  15. Evil Homer

    French Scene

    I think these matches lost money, I know the match in Barcelona made a huge loss despite the record attendance. With the corporate facilities now at Brutus not really worth it unless they can find a sponsor to cover the costs.