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  1. Yes forced, as there isn't a European Cup next year. If France are lucky they might get an away friendly against a full England team (before that team goes off to play in a different shirt) and then be put in a 'tier 2' competition with Wales and England Knights. TBH if that is the case I would be happy for them to play one game against England, one against Wales and then call it quits for the year and allow their overworked players to have a proper off-season.
  2. I would put money on them being forced to play in a tri-series with England Knights.
  3. Evil Homer

    Great Britain squad

    I have no interest and will not watch a single match involving this intelligence-insulting 'Great Britain' team.
  4. Evil Homer

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    There is no structure there at all, just a bunch of stuff that happens anyway and then tier 1 nations doing whatever they want, which mostly seems to be fulfilling nostalgia fantasies of a very small niche group. If they can get Pacific and African nations playing regular meaningful matches then I guess that is something, whether or not it actually happens remains to be seen. Where is the Intercontinental Cup? Why are the WCQs happening two years in advance? What are nations supposed to do in the years where there is no tournament listed for their region?
  5. Evil Homer

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Incompetent morons
  6. Toulouse already have 3 good wingers in Bergal, Maurel and Marcon plus decent cover from the Broncos, they don't really need to recruit in that position. Dezaria will help but they need forwards, someone like Antoni Maria would be ideal as he's again wasting his time at the Dragons. A shame Barthes has gone to Palau as he would've fit the bill.
  7. Kriouache is gone along with Bouzinac. Good players at this level but maybe Houles felt they were to blame for the lack of consistency along with the likes of Canet. Parata signs and Bouscayrol will presumably provide cover. Personally I would've kept Kriouache over Parata who was anonymous at Barrow last year.
  8. Here's a not weak argument: it is a pointless waste of time
  9. No to Great Britain under any circumstance, scrap it immediately
  10. Evil Homer

    Elite 2 Update

    Lyon vs Toulon highlights http://www.lvr13.com/victoire-du-lvr13-devant-toulon/
  11. Toulouse sign Ilias Bergal
  12. Evil Homer

    Elite 2 Update

    Unlikely, apart from coach Rinaldi they haven't made any signings and have lost promising youngsters Gauban to RU and Lescouzeres to Albi, although they have promoted a few other decent teenage prospects in Goffin and Dubertrand who could make an impact in the future.
  13. Evil Homer

    Elite 2 Update

    They've made a number of good signings including Bastien Canet, Mathieu Khedimi, Luc Franco and Nabil Djalout.
  14. Planas has indeed retired as have Rapira and Pettybourne, as mentioned Canet also departs which leaves them very light in the forwards. Bretherton has signed on a permanent basis and I'd love to see someone like Yesa come in, and possibly Seguier whose opportunities look limited at the Dragons. A shame about Canet as he was in the Championship team of the year in 2017 and on his day is a very good player at that level, but I guess he wasn't in the coaches plans.
  15. Evil Homer

    Thoughts on Lilian Albert?

    He's about 28 and not a major standout in LER so probably not.