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  1. As they did in 2014. So far 'the Brexit Party' is running at 31% of the vote share, in 2014 Farage's UKIP was also the biggest party with 27% of the vote share. So I'm not sure this is really even news.
  2. No, it's just a stereotype promoted mostly by out-of-touch Oxbridge journalists and London-based establishment media types that Northerners are dumb backwards people who are a prime target for tubthumping rabble-rousers. I remember when Paul Nuttall became UKIP leader there was some idiot on the BBC talking about how Labour should be terrified because "UKIP has a Northern accent". Don't remember if they were supposed to be a right wing or a left wing commentator, but it doesn't really make a difference. If the whole process of Brexit has shown anything it's that these people just don't have a clue and their opinions should mostly be disregarded.
  3. So people who don't like Labour think it's a bad thing and people who do like Labour think it's a good thing, people who don't want Brexit want it to happen and people who like Brexit don't want it to happen. Truly groundbreaking conclusions there.
  4. Hundreds of Canadians excited about attending Championship RL, great to see.
  5. Wasn't this obvious from the start? You'd have to be a special type of weirdo to be legitimately upset by someone drinking a tinned mojito on a train.
  6. That... is conference policy. Pursue a Labour version of Brexit, attempt to force a general election if necessary and if all else fails then back a second referendum to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit. Literally conference policy to a tee.
  7. Nope, going into tonight she had 314 seats plus 10 from the DUP, giving 324. This is actually two short of an outright parliamentary majority of 326, but because the 7 Sinn Fein MPs don't take up their seats it means the number required for an effective majority is actually slightly lower at 322. Following Boles resignation she's now at 323 including the DUP, so if another two Tory MPs were to resign she would lose her majority even with the DUP, which presumably would trigger an election, I'm not sure of the constitutional situation regarding that, I guess it would depend if she could convince individual independent MPs to continue to prop the government up.
  8. That is... what it says in the letter. Why you characterize their actions as 'squirming and evading' is anyone's guess, what do you think they should've done differently?
  9. In what way does that go against conference policy? Or is unreasonable in any way?
  10. What improvements do you think we'll be able to get on the current deal?
  11. Uh, we've been trying to do that for the past two years and it hasn't really gone well. Any specific objections to the deal we currently have?
  12. What is your definition? Complete isolation from the rest of the world? A North Korea-type state? Even North Korea has trade deals.
  13. No, remain is advocating for the current position. Further developments will occur as and when they occur. I don't see any merit at all to having some sort of debate, let alone a vote on hypothetical future scenarios.
  14. Imagine how far down the rabbit hole you must be to start blaming 'remoaners' for not doing something that they have said since day one they don't want to do and would not be able to do.
  15. Or you could just vote based on which party has the most policies you agree with in their manifesto, rather than some vague concept of ideology.
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