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  1. He said he has a couple of interested parties. Transat are also based in Montreal which may be a connection. English RL is dead in the water with or without this happening. If anything it's probably a boost because it gives us more relevance on a global scale which may help us stop being looked at as a strange quirk for Northerners.
  2. Actually it's a still from a Wolfpack teaser video.
  3. The constant misuse of the word 'insist' in these articles is really annoying, please stop doing it.
  4. Nice venue for Toulouse Broncos. Hopefully the Mairie de Toulouse will allow TO to play rent free at the Stade Municipal, which they also own.
  5. It doesn't, also important not to immediately side with someone without knowing any of the facts just because they claimed they were being bullied.
  6. You sound like the RLIF fixture planners
  7. This news is two months old. They might also struggle to get matches on Premier in 2018 if they get promoted since Sky have the rights to the Championship.
  8. Pity they can't come over in the summer. The Pennine League is not a great place for a young player, or anyone really.
  9. Looks like Monte Gaddis will be coming over to play for Shaw Cross Sharks in the NCL. Not sure how that will work out but great dedication from him to do that.
  10. No reason Skolars couldn't be just as exciting. London is a bigger and better city than Toronto.
  11. Huge turnover of players from last year with only one regular remaining in Pallares and about 4-5 others who played a handful of games and will be looking to step up. Very young team too with a number of last year's France U16s in there. Good to see they've got Mourgue from Avignon who looks like a strong prospect. A couple of names missing that I was expecting to be there like Thibaut Osuna and Mathieu Cozza, maybe they still qualify for the u16s and will be part of that team. Also at least 6 players that I haven't heard of there so looking forward to seeing what they can do. Edit: I believe Chamorin is the son of Pierre Chamorin, yes.
  12. I'm not writing him off, I'm saying he's not going to be signing with Toronto Wolfpack in two months. If they didn't pick up Casey Clark, who would probably be a good player at Championship level, then a guy like Gaddis pretty much has no chance. He also didn't play in the backs which was part of the problem, he was exposed in the middle and like I said looked to me like he was in the wrong position. He should play a season in the USARL to gain some basic understanding of the fundamentals because he looked like a guy off the street with no idea what he was doing, which to be fair is what he was, it's no disrespect. BTW I think it was only the first game for Gaddis, Knox and possibly one of the backs Satuvu who came from RU 7's, the rest all had prior RL experience in some form.
  13. Gaddis has virtually no chance of earning a spot with the Wolfpack, he was a headless chicken during the trial match and has a long way to go to even get up to the standard of a Brighouse (although to be fair I feel like he was played out of position and would've been better off on the wing). The other NFL guy Knox was much more impressive from an on-field standpoint. As you say though, he's a great character and hopefully can be kept involved in some way.
  14. Good thing you were here to point this out.
  15. I can't believe they didn't sign Clark, the coaches must've been watching a different game to me and everyone else.