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  1. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Yep. I think the Dragons u19s team has a bigger impact than most people realize, the France age group teams are always competitive with England at international level and now you're giving those players the same pathways as the English kids, they're basically churning out 17 junior internationals every year which will lead to a huge surplus after a few years.
  2. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Assuming you're talking about Munuera, I don't rate him higher than Mourgue but he's one to keep an eye on. Hard to make a judgment on players really until they get into the u19s.
  3. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Is there any actual new info or just League Express repeating everything that has already been said?
  4. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    Not sure where you got that from but no, he's never played for Swinton. He played for France in the World Cup and has been on trial with Hull KR for the past few weeks. Edit: checked again and it's Omer Djalout who is on trial at Swinton, not a player I'm familiar with but it could well be Nabil's brother.
  5. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    How did Nabil Djalout go for Hull KR?
  6. Catalans announce squad

    Depends how quickly they dump McNamara, if he's gone before the Magic weekend I reckon they can avoid it.
  7. How exciting/boring is Rugby League?

    This study was posted by a RU troll early this morning, as I stated then it is fundamentally flawed and has pretty low validity for a number of reasons, not just regarding RL but all the sports listed. You can pretty much dismiss this as any type of scientific data.
  8. Catalans signing?

    Squad numbers released http://www.catalansdragons.com/articles-9/164-5547-les-numeros-de-squad-2018-devoiles/ Hope to hell they don't actually go with Walsh and Langi in the halves or it's another million pound game incoming. Also Thornley should be nowhere near the team and Perez really needs to leave the club. Good to see Mourgue get a squad number.
  9. Manchester Rangers promotional video.

    Lol why would there be a link for this stuff? I'm letting you know why they haven't and won't be accepted, you don't have to believe me but that's why. FWIW I hope something can get something going there at some point, a strong pro team in Manchester is long overdue. But as the guy earlier implied, they would need to do what Perez did, find proper backers and a proper business model and operate as a professional entity and a business, not just sticking the existing amateur club in League 1 and hoping for the best. Six or seven years ago they might've got away with that but the RFL have learned from their mistakes.
  10. Manchester Rangers promotional video.

    The RFL's view was that they didn't and that their plan was basically to operate as they are now but using the central funding to sign pro players. Which would probably allow them to exist at a similar level to West Wales and Hemel, an amateur club in all but name going nowhere at the bottom of League 1. And we really don't need any more clubs like that, the dreadful Oxford and All Golds have already been culled and a couple of others are lucky to still be around, unless Manchester can show that they have the resources to be a strong side competing for promotion and moving up the divisions then they won't be considered.
  11. Manchester Rangers promotional video.

    Find some meaningful investment, develop a legitimate business plan and people might listen.
  12. Maybe the fact that just conversing with a Tory is enough to make a normal person feel dirty.
  13. Catalans signing?

    Also Mickael Simon, and Louis Anderson who rotates between prop and backrow.
  14. League Restructure 2019

    The TV deals for the minor leagues in Australia would not be an issue at all, they have a dedicated RL channel that needs filler content, Super League also has a TV deal in Australia and has done for years. A much bigger issue in terms of competing financially would be that the NRL's TV deal is worth billions of dollars whereas ours is still in the hundreds of millions. And I think I saw you try to say that SL is behind the Queensland Cup, which is just totally wrong in all kinds of ways.
  15. Northern & Pariochal

    It's not the fault of the clubs per se, the likes of Castleford, Warrington and Widnes have an extremely limited marketplace and if anything tend to punch well above their weight. There are a couple of clubs like Wakefield, Huddersfield and Salford who are way below where they should be, but the sport's image and brand as a whole is a much bigger issue IMO. If you watch a SL match on Sky you hear Barrie and Terry who can barely construct a coherent sentence, see close up shots of big fat toothless fans with no shirts on, sponsorship from mushy peas, teams from minuscule places that nobody outside of the immediate local region has ever heard of, the whole thing is pretty much a cultural minstrel show and is treated accordingly by everyone outside of that culture.