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  1. Huddersfield didn't 'agree' to anything, Catalans agreed to it and had to spend an extra 5 days in England because Huddersfield Town wanted two days to allow the pitch to recover before their Easter fixture.
  2. Gigot had offers from 3 English SL clubs last year but chose to resign with the Dragons.
  3. Identical scoreline to last year. Anyone know if Romain Khedimi is related to Mathieu?
  4. 1st test line-ups: Riley Dean (Warrington Wolves) Dominic Young (Huddersfiled Giants) Jack Broadbent (Leeds Rhinos) Max Roberts (Wigan Warriors) Reece Hamlett (Wigan Warriors) Ryan Forshaw (Wigan Warriors) Richie Westwood (Castleford Tigers) Eribe Doro (Warrington Wolves) Amir Bourouh (Wigan Warriors) Jack Wright (Warrington Wolves) Joshua Simms (St Helens) Oliver Waite (Wigan Warriors) Morgan Smithies (Wigan Warriors) Cameron Lees (Wakefield Trinity) Ben Dobson (Castleford Tigers) Yusuf Aydin (Wakefield Trinity) Thomas Holroyd (Leeds Rhinos) Tight game as always, France currently 18-16 up deep in the second half.
  5. Margalet made one bad mistake by incorrectly playing the ball but other than that was fine. At least 6 of Ikahihifo's tackle busts would have come on one carry, from the kick off he went 50m and steamrolled about 5 guys. The best stat was Luke Walsh getting I think 5 interceptions, pretty sure Brough passed more to Walsh than most of his own players.
  6. He did fine, seemed to struggle in the very first set from the kickoff when he was bumped off a couple of tackles but after that he didn't look out of place and did nothing wrong.
  7. I think Eric Perez probably knows a lot more about successful marketing than you to be fair.
  8. Ugo Perez must surely look to leave the club if he's still not going to be getting a chance. Seguier and Belmas both remind me of a young Remi Casty around 2006, hopefully they can develop like him.
  9. Again, why is this even remotely an issue for you? Do you also expect Hunslet or Workington to pay for all the food and activities for away teams for the entire weekend whenever they stage a home match?
  10. Please explain how the amount players are being paid for a match is in any way relevant to any of the (non) issues raised in this thread?
  11. They are paying expenses. They are paying for the teams to fly out, providing them with somewhere to stay free of charge and a free breakfast. Covering all the logistical issues that would make this trip different from a match in England. Really not sure what else you think it is that they should be providing, dinner at the restaurant in the CN Tower? A trip to meet the mayor? Why is it of any concern to Toronto Wolfpack what the visiting players and staff do in their spare time?
  12. Yes, we can. For an away match in England the players would meet at the team base, get on the coach, travel to the match, play the match, possibly stick around for some food afterwards, get back on the coach, return to the team base and then their obligation is over. In this case the team base would clearly be the accommodation in Toronto rather than the club's regular stadium/training ground in England. Apart from that, tell me how this is different in any way, shape or form due to being in another country? What 'problems' do part time players face that mean they are incapable of feeding or looking after themselves?
  13. They are paying for everything. They are paying for travel and accommodation which is the only outlying factor here. Everything else is exactly the same for the clubs and players as it would be for any other away match in England. What you're doing is akin to complaining that London Skolars are not paying for visiting players to dine in a fancy London restaurant in the evening after a match.
  14. Do matches last longer in Canada?
  15. Lol what? Apart from needing a coach to the airport and then match transfers from the accommodation to the stadium in Toronto, how is there any difference from a regular away game? Why do you think being in a different country would make any difference at all to the matchday operations?