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  1. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Those three are in the St Esteve squad to play Carcassone along with Seguier. No idea why the hell Perez is still wasting his time at the club.
  2. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    So at what point is it not 'annoying' to acknowledge that these clubs are going nowhere? I love the community work and Coventry seem to be doing a great job of promoting themselves compared to most in the lower divisions, but it doesn't mean a lot if they're permanently stuck being flogged at the bottom of League 1. Again, great intentions but this isn't a charity, they're supposed to be professional clubs. If you want to bury your head in the sand and pretend that it's 'progress' to have an uncompetitive team being hammered by 17 year olds that's up to you, I appreciate the struggles they face compared to heartland clubs but the truth is they've been in the league for years and are making no progress at all, at what point do we stop making excuses for them and acknowledge that they're not good enough and things need to change? Again, love the promotion that Coventry are doing, I just think a hell of a lot more people would be engaged if they had a club that wasn't a perennial non-entity on the field.
  3. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    Wigan XIII: Craig Mullen, Joe Brown, Jack Higginson, James Worthington, Liam Marshall, Lewis Heckford, Josh Woods, Romain Navarrete, Josh Ganson, Caine Barnes, Liam Paisley, Macauley Davies, Samy Kibula. Interchange: Joe Shorrocks, James Barran, Oliver Partington, Joe Bretherton, Nathan Wilde, Ben Kilner, Morgan Smithies, James McDonnell, Callum Green, Amir Bourouh, Reece Hamlett. Looks like an u19s team to me apart from Marshall and Navarrete. The first team is playing Leigh on Sunday.
  4. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    They had Handley, Lilley, Josh Walters and a bunch of u19s, in fact a few of them actually played for England u16s last year. I would expect a scoreline like this against Leeds first team, not the u19s. Disappointing to see these teams continually failing to make any progress at all on the field.
  5. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    Sounds like a good event off the field but disappointing to see both Coventry and London Skolars hammered by u19s teams.
  6. Catalans Academy 2018

    Only worry about Lacans is his size, he has the skills. Looking forward to seeing Vailhen and Rouge after their pre-season with the first team, hopefully they can kick on and be dominant players at this level. Bastien Scimone is another who is a dark horse to dominate teams. Excited about this forward pack, a shame there isn't as much talent in the outside backs, hopefully some of the young kids can step up.
  7. Catalans Academy 2018

    Gorka was part of the squad last year but only appeared in one or two matches, and played for France u16s. Not sure what his Paris background is but I'm guessing he and his family live in Perpignan now for non-RL reasons.
  8. Catalans Academy 2018

    Not a huge turnover of players compared to last year, looking forward to the progression of many of last year's young team including the six now on full-time contracts. Also looking forward to seeing some of the new young players, the hooker Lacans and halfback Munuera would be two to watch out for, I also like the young forward Salabio who reminds me a little of Jordan Dezaria. Alex Chan's son is listed there too. Plenty to be excited about here.
  9. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    lol people thinking RL is about 'history' is why the sport got nowhere for 100 years.
  10. rfl block minga

    Not sure of the situation but Minga has been in France since he was 19, he may have originally gone there on a student visa or similar and then been granted a residency permit which obviously wouldn't entitle him to work elsewhere.
  11. rfl block minga

    Yes, the RFL set out criteria to the Home Office which needs to be met for RL players to qualify for a UK work permit. Obviously government officials are not sitting around watching tapes and trying to decide whether or not RL players are good enough. They need some sort of guidance which is provided by the governing body, they set out criteria which I think is reviewed every few years. The same happens in all sports.
  12. rfl block minga

    Because one club is in a different country which has different immigration laws. Despite what Nigel Farage has told you, people from outside the EU can't just freely come to live and work in the UK because they have spent some time in France. Minga fails the UK immigration standard for RL players so is not allowed into the country. And yes, Catalans have occasionally signed players who were refused a UK visa but accepted in France, such as Greg Bird.
  13. rfl block minga

    That's exactly what it is. Won't stop braindead idiots blaming the RFL for immigration rules agreed with the Home Office. As for Minga, hopefully he remains with Toulouse and regains the trust of the coach and club.