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  1. ^ Conservative 2017 election campaign in a nutshell (complete with spelling mistake)
  2. Expect even more people talking when word gets out that they are quietly planning to scrap the ban on ivory trading. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/conservatives-ivory-trade-ban-2017-manifesto-scrap-pledge-illegal-poaching-a7748581.html
  3. No, the immigration process can take months, particularly for those from more obscure countries. I don't know the situation in Canada but in the UK players from places like Tonga and Fiji often have to provide all sorts of documents and go through things like English language tests etc which are sometimes only scheduled to happen every 3 months and there's nothing anyone can do, people call for stronger border controls and this is what happens. As I said, customs and immigration are no joke. That's totally different from not being able to take 25 English guys to Canada for a weekend because you didn't follow the instructions properly and tried to organize the whole thing one week in advance.
  4. Nobody will be refused entry for 3 days to participate in a sporting contest if the paperwork is correct. It won't be an issue for SL clubs or most lower league clubs as they have competent people doing this who understand the nature of international borders.
  5. Barrow have stated that they didn't apply for the visas until last week because they thought it would only take two days. Regardless of any outside guidance or help that you think they should've received (which from the sounds of it they did), if they had done even minimal background research at any point in the last 6 months or even just used common sense they would've realized that the process is more complicated for those with criminal records. They made a mistake, it happens but adopting a victim mentality, ranting and raving about the RFL and looking to blame everyone but themselves isn't helpful for anyone. FWIW the Barrow coach on twitter today saying the facilities are great and the support from the Wolfpack has been brilliant, so I guess that's something.
  6. There's nothing to disagree about. Anyone looking at this from an objective point of view can see that this is Barrow's fault. Organizing an overseas trip can be difficult but it's not impossible if you have capable people doing it, which Barrow clearly did not. Teething problems are expected but unfortunately we have people who would rather play the victim and blame everyone else than accept their mistake.
  7. What it says it that they had the wherewithal to book out the stadium and promote their matches in advance despite not yet knowing who their opponents will be. Which is probably why they're able to operate as a club in a different country thousands of miles away from everyone else while the likes of Barrow can't even organize one trip properly. Every single club is consulted for stadium availability long before fixtures are announced BTW, I know you probably think this is some sort of conspiracy even though it's primarily done to make things easier for visiting teams.
  8. Every Super League club and the majority of Championship clubs would have someone who is experienced with processing visa applications. I understand Barrow have never done this before, but it looks like they were given guidance that they didn't follow and from the sounds of it they also left the organization up to some local volunteer who clearly didn't really know what he was doing. Hopefully they will learn their lesson and try to do things more professionally in future.
  9. It is if you look for it. Just like everything else in this thread. https://www.ticketmaster.ca/Toronto-Wolfpack-tickets/artist/2254939?brand=torontowolfpack
  10. No, Toronto will be playing their home fixtures as the final four matches of the Super 8's and only one of them is before the Challenge Cup final, there is also a week's break between the end of the regular season and the start of the Super 8's so one club will have four weeks to organize things and the others will have 6+. Plenty of time unless you're like Barrow and have an unqualified volunteer trying to arrange everything one week in advance. No reason for the RFL to send speculative information out to anyone at this stage. What they should do is confirm the Toronto fixtures as soon as possible so players can get time off work with plenty of notice, but that's a totally different issue to incompetent clubs not being able to organize the trip. If they refuse to fulfill the fixtures they should face a points deduction and possibly have their results expunged for the season.
  11. You don't need a third party. It costs $7. If you need to pay someone £45 to fill out a simple form for you then there's something wrong. You mean the RFL haven't provided info for a fixture that is not yet scheduled to happen? What a shocker.
  12. According to the RFL Barrow were told what they had to do months ago and didn't do it, which is why they are now having problems.
  13. They think it costs £1200. They don't have a clue mate. Just way out of their depth.
  14. Well then tell your chairman and most of your fans to stop whining about nothing.
  15. Ah, the old Cumbrian mentality. "We're sh*te but it's everyone else's fault". Sounds about right.