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  1. The RLEF criteria have also caused problems in the past, such as when they prematurely recognized UAE RL, published it on their website and ended up getting the sport shut down and the founder thrown in jail there. I'm also not sure how valid the criteria are at any level, I know for a fact that Scotland for example don't meet the full membership criteria for the RLEF but are members anyway. The whole thing is a mess and should be reformed IMO. Not sure why nations would be worried about taking part, it doesn't have to be a big 'rebel' thing, just go ahead with it in the way the Heat have already been doing? I've said right from the start that you shouldn't have ever been seeking official RLIF recognition for these type of matches, and this is the reason why.
  2. That's the bigger problem IMO, the fact that the RLIF are (and always have been) seemingly willing to 'recognize' anyone without any sort of minimum standard or credentials. There have been all kinds of obscure nations with zero activity appearing at the bottom of the RLIF rankings over the years, a quick look at the RLIF site currently shows the likes of Singapore, India, Guyana, Pakistan, Egypt, Namibia, Montenegro and a bunch of other nations where there is no activity and AFAIK never has been. TBH I'm pretty sure that as things stand I could pick out a random country, set up a Gmail account, design a logo and be 'recognized' by the RLIF because they don't seem to have any membership criteria for observer nations. It's something that was bound to create problems eventually. But as said, you don't need to the RLIF to progress with this comp and TBH it shouldn't have even been on their agenda in the first place. By doing it yourself you can also include other teams like Africa United and some of the Latin Heat sides. Win-win if you ask me.
  3. I'm not talking about the selection of players, I'm talking about pseudo-nations that are entirely based in Australia and comprised of Australians and expats. I've made this argument before, I could find a bunch of local guys I know of different nationalities and get them to have a 100m race, that doesn't mean they would be international sprinters or my race should be recognized by the IAAF. I could cobble together 17 Lithuanian guys from my local town and get them to play a RL match, that wouldn't be a legit Lithuania national team and I wouldn't expect it to be recognized as such. Doesn't mean it's not a worthwhile exercise to promote RL among the Lithuanian community but I wouldn't be crying about not having recognition from the RLIF when there is no legit Lithuanian RL federation and RL doesn't exist at all in Lithuania. Same as if I got 17 Scottish blokes living in Australia to play a match it wouldn't be the Scottish national team. There's more to legit, sanctioned international sport than just getting a bunch of people of a certain nationality or heritage together and playing a match. Again, not taking away from the Heat or whoever's efforts to cultivate interest within a certain expat community, that's great and I hope they keep it up.
  4. Just do it anyway then? Why do you need them to give their approval if they weren't contributing anything in the first place? Organize it yourselves, I would be happy to see that, in fact more happy than if it was presented as some type of official RLIF comp.
  5. Flights, 4* hotel and match ticket included in the deal.
  6. Let's be real, the likelihood is that 90% if not all the teams involved in this would've been Aussie-based faux-international sides. No issue with you playing these matches but to expect RLIF recognition and treatment as legitimate nations isn't sensible or realistic, in fact a separate Aus-based federation similar to the numerous groups for non-FIFA recognized nations in soccer would probably be a better option for everyone. I mean FFS someone in that article is complaining about Collier not knowing about the Cabramatta 9's, which AFAIK was 100% Australian players and teams. It's a fine tournament and I have no issue with it but there's no reason for it to have any representation or relevance at a legit international level.
  7. I understand that they provide money/facilities etc but the whole 'university' thing holds the club back massively IMO.
  8. You can hardly blame him for not wanting to hang out in Leigh with Koukash and Derek ###### Beaumont.
  9. Neville Smith needs to be fired ASAP.
  10. They also lost Masselot which leaves them really short on props. Canet and Puech are out for this match so last year's Dragons U19s player Quentin Quemener has been called up from Toulouse Broncos, they're already relying on another 19 year old prop in Sangare. They could really do with getting Margalet and maybe one or two others from St Esteve or they could end up getting bullied up front.
  11. It's how Sky Sports view RL unfortunately. Every single aspect of their coverage is cringeworthy and demeaning to the point that I legitimately feel embarrassed to be a fan.
  12. RL must legit be the least self-aware sport, followed and supported by the least self-aware people on the planet. Just keep this away from France and Canada.
  13. It's just an English thing. At soccer matches they actually announce the number of away fans along with the overall attendance. It's just a d*ck-measuring contest really and pretty stupid I agree.
  14. Yeah, I'm talking about top level pro RL with the Broncos, which is more in the same vein as what the Wolfpack are trying to do. Skolars have done great as a more community-focused club at a lower level.
  15. Are they not doing that? Appreciate that London is probably one of the hardest cities to crack due to ingrained bias and a history of failure there but like I said in another thread, nothing Toronto are doing that Skolars couldn't be doing.