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  1. allroughyed

    Tomorrow's Games (July 7)

    Looking forward to tomorrow
  2. allroughyed

    Lewis Galbraith

    Been told Sammy got 1 match and £75. Gilbraith has been given an 8 match ban
  3. allroughyed

    Lewis Galbraith

    Sammy just messaged me to say it was inconclusive,and he's back next week.
  4. allroughyed

    Lewis Galbraith

    Does that mean Sammy's has been postpones as well?
  5. allroughyed

    Lewis Galbraith

    Gilbraith case is due to be heard at 18.40 and Sammy at 19.00
  6. allroughyed

    TV for cup tie

    Anyone thinking of watching this via livestream, us the BBCSports website, not the Iplayer via the red button, as that buffers a lot and its a few minutes behind the Website stream.
  7. allroughyed

    Dewsbury Rams

    What exactly is " blackironmangogglesgate " ?
  8. allroughyed

    game on

    The officials didn't arrive at the ground till 1.30 and the game was called of at 1.45. Had a great time in the fleece with the dewsbury fans though.
  9. allroughyed

    The Coach

    I'm curious about a decision by dewsbury yesterday. Why at the start of the game did they go for 2 points instead of running the ball. If it's kickable, why is it not runnable?
  10. allroughyed


    Were you there today watersheddings? Obviously not as you're talking out your backside re the dual reg. With ward and Owen on family trips, langtree injured, what was naylor supposed to do? I bet you were glad of the loan players we had last season that got us promoted. Try going to games before you spout drivel.
  11. allroughyed


    Thanks for the info about Justpark yesterday. Used it today and got 4hrs in car park with attendant at Gt Eastern Rd for £5.30
  12. allroughyed

    so...who's going to Coventry?

    5 roughyed fans travelling to Coventry on Saturday, and then to the following England game the week after and to the final at klanfield. Up the yeds.
  13. allroughyed

    Flash Sale

  14. allroughyed

    Greg Bird to Catalans

    Julie Stott of the daily star quotes in her report about the Bird signing is that catalan will be paying him a salary of £340k a year. That seems a lot even by superleague standards, but more incredible for a 32year old.
  15. allroughyed


    Let's not hear from any rugby league club anymore, accusations of lack of loyalty.