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  1. Great personal achievement, but if he is the x factor player we are asking for then what is the question? How does the game market average?
  2. Sick jokes are sick. But at the end of the day they're just jokes enjoyed by sick people.
  3. Sympathetic to the OP and others, but personally - and I'll probably be pilloried for this - there's a bit of overkill on mental health/suicide/oktonotbeok at the moment. Not at all downplaying the importance of good mental health, it just seems to be everywhere at the moment.
  4. costa

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    I see the '12 players' line was cock and bull.
  5. costa

    Official Club Statement.

    Let's not forget this isn't the first time Workington have failed to muster 17 players. You don't need a long memory to remember this happening in the Championship, before it was all the rage. And all this fuss for a potential third L1 promotion spot which also wasn't envisaged at the beginning of the season (I didn't see that mentioned in the statement). Any other year everyone would already be on their hols smoking a big fat one. Is this the kind of club we want in the game's second tier?
  6. costa

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    I must say the Workington club are in danger of bringing the sport into disrepute here (along with a couple of other Championship clubs). As a professional outfit, it's simply unacceptable not to field a full 17 man squad on Sunday. The late notice isn't ideal but a club run professionally shouldn't find itself in such an embarrassing situation. Players let go mid season. Players banned. Players not recruited from the many talented amateur clubs. No academy or reserves. Players crying holidays. If I had a holiday booked but a long held ambition of promotion at work could be realised - then I'd move heaven and earth to make it happen. The club pays good money. Make them play or get rid. Swinton are a poor championship side (and admittedly don't have anything below a first team) but it's clear to see for any neutral that they are better placed for the Championship than Workington.
  7. costa

    Sorry 3 matches for FUI

    I told you they would back the officials. The extra match seems harsh though, I understand the club were desperate to get him on the park on Sunday.
  8. costa

    Sorry 3 matches for FUI

    Why wouldn't they back their own? Anyway, someone on the Bradford board said that Sunday's ref had refereed super league, so obviously the powers that be see something in him. I also think the touch judge has refereed at that same level, although I'd need to check that out.
  9. costa

    Sorry 3 matches for FUI

    One Phil Veivers, for a start. The referee and touch judge (who seemed to have the best view of the challenge) were both of the opinion that it was an illegal high tackle. This will undoubtedly have been mentioned in their sending off reports. When I watched the game back on Proper Sport the picture wasn't the best quality, so unless the club have access to a better quality video then the disciplinary panel will probably back the ref's version of events.
  10. I hope Blair has the op-perch-tuna-ty to appeal.
  11. costa

    Coventry Bears new Podcast

    A great listen. Keep up the good work Cov.
  12. Stick with the same 17 as Friday.
  13. Edit: hearsay. Too much vino.
  14. costa


    Markers not square (offside) penalties are awarded where the player ‘should have been’. Robinson was not square at marker so he should have been on the 10m with the rest of the defensive line. He wasn’t, so the penalty was awarded where he ‘should have been’ - with the referee - not where he got involved in play. Speaking as an ex-referee.