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  1. Precisely the same happened the other week at Underbank Rangers. Only the stupid would carry on after being binned!
  2. We as a sport pride ourselves on the authority and respect command by the man in the middle (unlike some other sports...). However at the ncl level of the game things look to be getting worse. Some very young linesman and referees have been abused in the last couple of games I have attended, sadly without consequence. Today's referee at least had the equipment to move a player who launched a tirade at the man in charge. This isn't just a conference problem, we see super League players at it all the time. But when was the last time they saw a card???!!!
  3. Ref

    Some good young refs coming through the system.
  4. Milford look to have strengthened this year and were definitely worth their 2 points at Shaw Cross. Lock lane v dockers sounded good from Facebook.
  5. NATIONAL CONFERENCE PREMIER West Hull 10 Siddal 26 Pilkington Recs 22 Egremont Rangers 0 Lock Lane 22 Hull Dockers 18 Leigh Miners 20 York Acorn 6 Kells 18 Wigan St Patricks 8 NATIONAL CONFERENCE DIVISION ONE Oulton Raiders 36 Ince Rose Bridge 34 Shaw Cross Sharks 12 Milford Marlins 19 Normanton Knights 26 Skirlaugh 18 Myton Warriors 22 Underbank Rangers 14 Featherstone Lions 32 Thatto Heath 40 Millom 0 East Leeds 17 Elland 12 Hunslet Warriors 56 NATIONAL CONFERENCE DIVISION TWO Thornhill Trojans 24 Salford City Roosters 12 Saddleworth Rangers 52 Stanley Rangers 6 Leigh East 28 Dewsbury Celtic 4 Hunslet Club Parkside 70 Blackbrook 6 Bradford Dudley Hill 26 Wigan St Judes 16
  6. It's morally wrong to try to gain financially by betting on a sporting event you can influence. You say that there's nothing wrong with trying your best for your team, but what if there was a penalty kick at goal to level the game in the 79th minute - would a player who would profit from the win (and not a draw) take a silly risk in running with the ball? Quite possibly.
  7. Morally wrong and most probably illegal, even at amateur level.
  8. Who's in? Who ain't? Heard Pats coach quit due to committee's decision not to enter? If so, what a shame. Lancashire, Yorkshire and National Cup entries in decline, now the most prestigious comp in the game feeling the pinch.
  9. Anyone know why paul sykes I think was pinged in second half at a crucial stage of the game??? Seemed a 50-50 flare up to me.
  10. Should be fine.
  11. I'd be surprised if it is off. Rain constant yesterday but not heavy and it's stopping now.
  12. Sharlston were/are arguably the best open age amateur side outside of the NCL. However, simply appropriating another junior club doesn't give them an automatic right to conference rugby. Over the last 15 years they have been a true mercenary side. Bettison, Olpherts, Emblem, Saville and the rest all came from elsewhere. They saw that the club was recruiting strongly and recognised they would win things. And they did. Against Pennine pub/village teams, staffed by volunteers plugging away tirelessly with kids teams. Well done Sharlston. Take Gordie Long, Lee Lingard and Gaz Davies away and all you have is a bunch of ringers who have disappeared as quickly as they emerged. I'm not surprised the NCL clubs were wary of a club built on such shifty foundations. Meanwhile, the stalwart junior volunteers at Fev Lions, Normy, Eastmoor and Stanley breathe a sigh of relief. Recent entrants to the NCL: Kells, Pilks, Drig, Blackbrook, Dews Moor, Thornhill. All credible setups, from u8 to open age. Sharlston stick out like a sore thumb.
  13. Thanks for your contribution.
  14. I'm only asking questions. Not necessarily my own opinion. Is the money there for a fully fledged reserve comp? Several Yorkshire SL teams are already ruling themselves out. Wouldn't the 'dropped' NCL players move to another community club? This happens all the time already, without the intrusion of the pro game. If I could be truly honest for one moment, I'd ask why there can't be gradations of professionalism which ensures players are playing rugby. That spectrum could span SL, Champ/L1, U19 and NCL. Dual reg is flexible. Wouldn't the sorry state of the Pennine league be bettered if that was to occur?