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  1. I hope Blair has the op-perch-tuna-ty to appeal.
  2. costa

    Coventry Bears new Podcast

    A great listen. Keep up the good work Cov.
  3. Stick with the same 17 as Friday.
  4. Edit: hearsay. Too much vino.
  5. costa


    Markers not square (offside) penalties are awarded where the player ‘should have been’. Robinson was not square at marker so he should have been on the 10m with the rest of the defensive line. He wasn’t, so the penalty was awarded where he ‘should have been’ - with the referee - not where he got involved in play. Speaking as an ex-referee.
  6. My choice, with the benefit of hindsight of course, would have been Underbank v Batley Boys. Can you think of a better RL backdrop than the dry stone walling and sheep of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ country? Sounds like a compelling encounter too.
  7. Valley Cougars have apparently forfeited their tie at Hunslet Club Parkside. Shaw Cross Sharks v Beverley is OFF due to Kirklees Council calling off all game this weekend. No match info regarding the Loughborough University v Bradford Dudley Hill or Featherstone Lions v Skirlaugh fixtures. Magic of the cup? Please.
  8. costa

    Referring standards

    I spoke to a rfl assessor on the other side of the Pennines earlier this year. They told me that nearly all NCL refs get assessed on a weekly basis, plus they get assessed at training sessions. Ive not noticed a drop in standards at my club but there are quite a few young referees and linesman too. Blumer, Jones and an aussie ref are the best I’ve seen this year (incidentally not yet he younger ones)
  9. costa

    Referring standards

    Who on earth was the muppet at shaw cross on Saturday??? No control and sent off 5 irb players!!!!
  10. Done deal, Willie heading to West Yorkshire.
  11. costa

    Referring standards

    Spoke to the refs assessor at the Thatto Mayfield game, not a happy chappy. Quality has been up and down this season but mostly down.
  12. costa

    Fryston Warriors

    It's ridiculous to say that the National Cup is anything other than the Pennine Presidents Cup in disguise. The Cup has died a death. This is a great shame, as less than 10 years ago I can remember every NCL club entering and being given a good run for their money by Sharlston, Queens, Halton Simms Cross, Bank Quay Bulls, Drighlington and the rest. The winter comp was still healthy even then. Now, the NCL has absorbed the best run and organised winter teams and this has led to the likes of Fryston kicking their heels out in the cold. YML won't take them, NCL never would. So they coast through the final days of the Pennine League whilst entering whatever broader competitions they can in order to pretend they're a force. They brought shame in the sport in the Challenge Cup game against Keighley Their indiscipline cost them on Saturday. They are nothing but a side of washed up thugs who will be back picking on Lindley Swifts in September. And I was at the Siddal game, and it was their third team.
  13. costa

    Referring standards

    Not impressed with the referee at East Leeds v Judes today.
  14. costa

    Referring standards

    Thats him, doesn't surprise me he did well in the other code. Other one was Bulmer.
  15. costa

    Scrum/Skull Cap XIII

    Stick Mitts XIII 1. Mark Calderwood 2. Mark Calderwood 3. Mark Calderwood 4. Mark Cald...