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  1. costa

    RFL usher in rule changes for 2019

    No mention of the all important shot clock.
  2. costa

    RFL usher in rule changes for 2019

    A precursor to the split. SL a different sport in two years. Championship had the chance to maintain the pace but have decided against it.
  3. costa

    Yorkshire Cup

    Hasn't he been the coach since Adam was a lad? Upton highlighted the issue with the Taylors before KO.
  4. Some of my fave RL playing moments in London. Sad to see how far things have deteriorated since, only talking early 2000s.
  5. costa


    Heard you got your first win?
  6. costa

    Yorkshire Cup

    Upton in final, Doncaster disqualified. Don't know why, presume team sheet problems.
  7. Such ignorance displayed on this thread. Christ-mas (the clue is in the name) is about worshipping the saviour and celebrating his birth.
  8. Most Pagan claims centre around the solstice. Christmas is actually later. No festivals have been hijacked. HTH
  9. 'Tis the season. For Christians only. Not atheists or muslims. If you're not celebrating the arrival of the creator and saviour of the world, what exactly are you celebrating? Beer? Greed? Lust? Christmas in the UK is sadly a commercial farce these days. Please remember the 'reason for the season'. Jesus came and died that you may live 😀
  10. Cracking game this afternoon down East Leeds v Cutsyke, the Castleford club narrowly making it through. Semis are Lock Lane v Cutsyke and Upton v Toll Bar.
  11. Great personal achievement, but if he is the x factor player we are asking for then what is the question? How does the game market average?
  12. Sick jokes are sick. But at the end of the day they're just jokes enjoyed by sick people.
  13. Sympathetic to the OP and others, but personally - and I'll probably be pilloried for this - there's a bit of overkill on mental health/suicide/oktonotbeok at the moment. Not at all downplaying the importance of good mental health, it just seems to be everywhere at the moment.
  14. costa

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    I see the '12 players' line was cock and bull.