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  1. Tonight I went to watch my other half officiate at a SL fixture (I shan't say which one). From minute 1 to 80 he was called all the names under the sun, in front of our little boy and girl. Is this really the state of our game? I don't know the rules as well as he does but to me it looked like a really exciting game with drama right until the end. We were on our feet for the entire match, and so was everyone around us. But as soon as he got in the car I knew something was up. It's getting to him: homophobic language, paedophile allegations and being called a bent
  2. Ian Watson fined. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56483/statement--salford-red-devils
  3. My point is that he must have been considered to have had a good game at Salford. He would not be paraded on a very public game if it was felt he was poor last week.
  4. Interesting to note that Marcus Griffiths has been rewarded with the plum TV game on Saturday, Toronto v St Helens.
  5. Chris Kendall is competing with and often beating the much-lauded NRL referees, hence his international appointments. We do not have a drastic shortage of referees in the UK; I believe there are currently 10-11 full time match officials at Red Hall, battling it out for six SL games each week. If you follow the referee appointments, as I do, you will see that on any given week there are at least three full time referees plying their trade in the Championship. This means referees are accountable for their performances, as they can be and are dropped for bad games. Perhaps you preferr
  6. Chris Kendall has refereed a Super League Grand Final. Chris Kendall has refereed at a World Cup. Chris Kendall has refereed a GB Lions series. Chris Kendall has refereed a World Club Challenge. Chris Kendall has touch judged a World Cup Final, a Challenge Cup Final and a Super League Grand Final. How many players would take a career involving those games? All of them! To say that Chris Kendall is not a good referee is a very silly thing to say indeed.
  7. 2009 play offs Saints v Leeds at Knowsley Road
  8. Heard you've got a Carney/Massey or Ferres/Huby situation. Can't be good for the club.
  9. I imagine both days finishing with well supported Yorkshire clubs is intended to build and keep a crowd to the end of the day.
  10. All the games so far have been a good watch. Some monster hits in the England Women game!
  11. In the past you could argue that Watts' attitude and professionalism was not up to international standard. I don't think you could say that this season and I think his performances have improved too, so his omission is probably the biggest shock. I can't see how he's suffered from the inclusion of Hastings, Austin & Coote though. Philbin has had a great season so if any of the big men were to make way for Watts then I would point to Chris Hill. But we know Bennett likes players who have been in and around the setup and big matches for a while, hence the inclusion of Hughes, Hall and
  12. What evidence do you have for that? How do you know he was on for no good reason?
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