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  1. Drinking in RL - the last taboo? Seems to me there is far too big an emphasis on mental health and that we don't talk enough about the bottle. Why is this? So-called professional clubs still load up coaches with drink after a long away trip (seen it four times this season). What message does this send younger players?
  2. Referees are not witnesses to be cross-examined, especially not by the accused party. All playing leagues, from Yorkshire Juniors up to Super League, have a duty to protect match officials and therefore reports of MO abuse and/or questioning their integrity are taken extremely seriously. This means that referee reports are taken as fact. If you don't like that then find a sport which doesn't back up those doing the most difficult of jobs. How do you even know that the referee was not at the hearing? Or that he was not contacted by the disciplinary committee? This just comes across as the guilty club/coach wanting to continue the same argument which got them into trouble in the first place.
  3. Not sure if he'd be in the squad anyway, but St Helens' Aaron Smith has been banned for two matches following a dangerous contact charge.
  4. The current logo has 13 white stripes to represent the number of players. That old one is simply dreadful.
  5. On a serious note, this is excellent news for the final and the game as a whole.
  6. Anyone know if the touch judges have been dropped also?
  7. 2003 - Leeds v St Helens CC Semi Final The game which got me into RL. An ET win for Leeds inspired by McGuire. 2006 - Australia v GB Mason v Fielden (and Peacock). Our last win over the Aussies. 2009 - St Helens v Leeds Play Offs The most intense game I've ever been to. 2015 - Featherstone v Batley Amazing comeback by Fev completed after the final hooter with a shocking misjudgment by Shaun Ainscough 2016 - Hull KR v Salford MPG Most dramatic end to a game I've ever witnessed.
  8. Surely the bulk will be 19+yo who no longer qualify for the new U18 competition? There may well be an initial shift in players but longer term i imagine most reserves players will be club trained.
  9. Agree with the above but think Braford edge Saints, for now at least. That may well change in a couple of years. Wigan are freakishly good at churning out players, I'll give Wane the credit for throwing them in.
  10. 1 match ban. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.
  11. Presume he's eligible. Sure he's raw, but undoubtedly talented. Plays same side as Makinson - could be an issue?
  12. Part time or not, they will have financial commitments to meet. You may call that "hand to mouth", I call it the new normal. It's only a minority these days that can afford to save.
  13. As a neutral I'd rather see the game with more on the line. Leeds v Hull KR ticks that box.
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