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  1. Surely the bulk will be 19+yo who no longer qualify for the new U18 competition? There may well be an initial shift in players but longer term i imagine most reserves players will be club trained.
  2. Agree with the above but think Braford edge Saints, for now at least. That may well change in a couple of years. Wigan are freakishly good at churning out players, I'll give Wane the credit for throwing them in.
  3. 1 match ban. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.
  4. Presume he's eligible. Sure he's raw, but undoubtedly talented. Plays same side as Makinson - could be an issue?
  5. Part time or not, they will have financial commitments to meet. You may call that "hand to mouth", I call it the new normal. It's only a minority these days that can afford to save.
  6. As a neutral I'd rather see the game with more on the line. Leeds v Hull KR ticks that box.
  7. Sounds like it all kicked off from League Weekly. Sour grapes from them?
  8. NATIONAL CONFERENCE PREMIER CONFERENCE PREMIER DIVISION Kells ARLFC18Thatto Heath Crusaders28 FT Rochdale Mayfield22Lock Lane ARLFC36 FT Thornhill Trojans24Siddal ARLFC32 FT Wath Brow Hornets40Underbank Rangers24 FT West Hull18Hunslet Club Parkside20 FT Leigh Miners Rangers12Egremont Rangers28 FT NATIONAL CONFERENCE DIVISION 1 CONFERENCE DIVISION ONE Dewsbury Moor64Normanton Knights4 FT Myton Warriors44Wigan St. Patricks ARLFC20 FT Skirlaugh13Featherstone Lions ARLFC14 FT York Acorn RLC20Milford Marlins10 FT NATIONAL CONFERENCE DIVISION 2 CONFERENCE DIVISION TWO Barrow Island ARLFC20West Bowling ARLFC28 FT Beverley28Askam ARL6 FT Clock Face Miners32Bradford Dudley Hill16 FT Crosfields38Wigan St. Judes ARLFC22 FT Hull Dockers60East Leeds6 FT Shaw Cross Sharks10Ince Rose Bridge62 FT
  9. So whose valour have I stolen and how have I done so?
  10. Meaning... That's a huge accusation to throw out there with zero knowledge of my age, background, occupation.
  11. It's a combination of Gen Z frailty and #itsoknottobeok culture. Its invading every workspace. Honest conversations about performance are actively discouraged because staff are too soft to participate. In my office they'll either take 6 months off full pay or throw themselves off a roof. Imagine if another D-Day was needed. Who on earth would step up? Kyle, 19, taking a break from Fortnite?
  12. Catalans are sat in third, 4 points behind today's victors Warrington. I think speculation around McNamara's position is premature in the extreme.
  13. Good game this. Huge hit by Moa on Davis. Austin and Tomkins engaged in foreplay.
  14. I agree, but backchat isn't black and white, it's shades of grey. Personal abuse should always be penalised but the more sensible referees realise that even pros might use the odd expletive in the heat of the moment. What I am about to say might peeve a few people on here, but sometimes it's best to wear the initial curse and then work with that player later on. Instantly pinging him leads to a breakdown of communication, yellow/red cards and ultimately a poorer spectacle. Whereas allowing him to vent and then getting next to him on the 10m next set with a "Johnny, I only give what I can see" can get him back onside and keeps the game 13 v 13. Player management is not about being a dictator. Those who think players will look at the sanctions being dished out and simply fall in line are living in Disneyland. This is rugby league, blokes are getting hit, they're going to go very close to or beyond the line sometimes. This is why the best referees are man managers. That sometimes means allowing players to let off steam.
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