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  1. Sorry to see Tony and Mark leave the board, however we must recognise the outstanding contribution both have made over a long time period, yes no doubt mistakes have been made but everything has been done in good faith, these guys are equally club legends as much as the stars on the field. Keep the faith and thank you.
  2. Usual RFL botch up, why should a new club be deducted points they have done nothing wrong, but should restart in bottom league, offer either whaven or Barrow a place in the championship with a one year exemption from relegation. We here what fantastic squads they both have so should not be a problem. How many more chances are Bradford going to get.
  3. up front about the negotiations with players, some easy to deal with and others not so easy.
  4. Very impressed with the way Dave Clarke spoke tonight, very positive and direct. Also Les Ashe was very honest and up front, Two great signings announced and it sounds like more in the pipeline.
  5. I was at Coventry for the double header, fabulous facility but did lack atmosphere, it needs to be full. Enjoyed Friday better.
  6. AGAIN. It's alright the rfl will bail them out again, this is exactly what Town are striving to avoid.
  7. Welcome to Town Brad. Enjoy your Rugby League.
  8. and Paul Charlton.
  9. Outstanding memory was Gus scoring a length of the field try against Halifax in a challenge cup match at Derwent Park.
  10. Good quality signing , well done Town. Squad building nicely now.
  11. Heard some very good reports about Perry, welcome to Town mate, hope you enjoy your RL here.
  12. disgraceful comment to make about a young man. you should be ashamed.
  13. Nice one Town, well done to all concerned, great start to the week Gary Mc.
  14. Chris Murphy has just tweeted he is not happy with the offer from Town for next season and is looking for something else.