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  1. New signing

    Quality and experience, great signing. Well done Leon and BOD.
  2. Predictions

    Yeah, it was good last night, Leon is very passionate and the players are responding to his positively, the legends Boxer, Pattie, Eddie b & Oggy all spoke well, Boxer had the room in the palm of his hand and Eddie spoke forthrightly. Oh for a ball playing forward like him now. The tribute to Eppie at the start was befitting the legend he was.
  3. Signings / Potential Signings

    Have heard we have spoken to a few players, but wanting stupid money, right players at the right price is the way forward.
  4. Squad Numbers

    I agree Gelling a big miss to the British game, but family always comes first,
  5. Away shirt

    Yes I echo what Onreport says, I called in to the office in November to arrange my season ticket and was greeted warmly and enjoyed a good crack . Well done, ,
  6. Happy new year.

    Cheers Trouty, all best to you and all Town fans everywhere and to the whole RL family.
  7. Away shirt

    That strip is really smart, our best away shirt of years.
  8. Town website

    Never been a big fan of McNally, but he is far too good for our league.
  9. Great initiative, well done all concerned.
  10. Town website

    Just heard that Santa has booked airspace over Workington for Xmas eve,
  11. Fans Forum Announcement

    Very good vibes at the forum, Leon spoke well and is still looking to strengthen the squad, the chairman reiterated Barry Scholeys message that we have significantly reduced our debts and that the budget is based on gates similar to last season, so anything in excess will be used for recruiting should that be nessesary, the players where in excellent spirits.
  12. How many more?

    I also agree with Gary and Gonch, this is embarrassing so say the least, any good or great Town squad since inception has had a blend of travellers, overseas and local players, and as long as they perform in a Town shirt I for one couldn’t care less if they are from Seaton or Timbuktu. Get a grip and enjoy what is happening at the club now.
  13. Geoff Fletcher

    So sad to hear this news, Geoff was an absolute legend at many clubs, a gentleman when you met him. RIP
  14. Carl Forber

    Haha a haven fan calling DP dreary. Must go into the Wrec with eyes shut.
  15. Derek Watts

    Just read that Derek Watts has passed away, he played a big part of Town’s 1977 Lanc’s cup win. RIP