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  1. frank

    Toronto match thread

    Just enjoy the game and try and be positive.
  2. Excellent article,shows the NRL for what it is.
  3. Surely Asofasolomona has a cell phone.Bellamy joining the anti chorus, that's his excuse for being against the next game.
  4. Was there a profit announced from the recent World Cup?
  5. Hard to work out on Ticket Master site, some sections that were shown to be sold out now have over 100 seats available.
  6. All to do with the shape of the field.
  7. Personally I think at this stage,the sale of tickets for the game has been over estimated( hope I'm wrong) so let's hope for a big roll up on sat.Ive been keeping an eye on sales and tickets don't seem to be moving that quickly.
  8. I made a comment about the game on their facebook page.
  9. frank

    Ban any Kiwi who chooses NRL over NZ. Lowe

    Have to agree Ray.RTs, Johnson and Beale were all running freely on Friday night so no excuse there.The first two making some good breaks.It's got to be money.I think Lowe is right in what he says, unfortunately these guys know they won't be overlooked for other games.
  10. frank

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Some of you guys need to look at the positives for a change.The majority of those watching will be new to the game and that's got to be a bonus.
  11. frank

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Wishful thinking or not there is a number of TV channels showing the game ,there will be a considerable amount coming in there.
  12. frank

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Maybe there has been enough tickets sold at this stage to cover the event,therefore Moore has decided to reduce the price of admission to pull in others.Good thinking I would say.