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  1. NZ could def do a World Cup,it's a just a matter of convincing the powers that be.The NZ Warriors always pull a good crowd where ever the play in NZ.
  2. Let a bit of lightness into your life Harry and enjoy the banter.These guys may be new to the sport,but, they are enjoying the ride and that's great to have them on board and read their comments.
  3. What's wrong with these guys? There was a time when clubs played around 40 games in a season, the majority in Winter. Quite often due to cancelations they would play three games in a week, often in trying conditions.
  4. England have no chance at all of winning these two cups.
  5. Sounds great to me. Would jump at the chance if I was able to.
  6. Another of your negative comments.It's far better to have arcticles in the media about our game than not have them, the more the better.
  7. Williams is crafty and over the hill,used to getting big money from playing an easier game so you can bet he is staying where he is.
  8. Are the Wolfpack games only shown on Sky in Canada?Iv'e tried a couple of times to watch them on Sky without success.
  9. Thanks guys. Will be up for it.
  10. Could someone let us know if this game is on.I intend getting up to watch it if it is.Should be a cracker!
  11. Numbers mounting nicely on this petition, 1051 at the moment so for those who have not signed get cracking, it's vital that you do.
  12. I wonder what Parksider will make of that.Will be interesting.
  13. It would appear that this incompetence is the norm with RL.Look at the fiasco with the World cup in Aussie, in regard to ticket sales.We don't want a repeat in the coming one so the petition may result in a shake up.
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