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  1. Tonga have received a huge reception from their supporters on their arrival in Auckland.Over two thousand were packed into a hall to greet them. League is missing a great opportunity in not arranging more games for Tonga.If they go well against Aussie a tour of the UK would be great.
  2. The middle eight was not a good idea.Why should the bottom teams in Sl get a second chance to stay there .
  3. frank

    London in Superleague

    The middle eights should never have taken place, a bad idea from the start.Why should teams finishing at the bottom of SL get a second chance, those teams will be in the same position at the end of next season.
  4. Parky,if the T W had had North Americans in the team they would not be where they are now.Once they reach SLthat's the time to introduce those players to the game.It's going to be a slow process in doing that.The way SL is at the moment it needs a shot in the arm and theWP have provided a lot of publicity for the game so far.
  5. Enjoyed the highlights! Great tries and plenty backing up, always a good sign,
  6. Why the agro RPH? You should be wishing them well.Wolfpack bring a lot to our game and will continue to do so.
  7. frank

    Christmas Derbies

    Batley and Dewsbury always played Christmas Day.Remember my brother having to skip Xmas Dinner so it didn't effect his play. It was always a full house at the Mount in those days.
  8. In the comments section of the press he is very well regarded.
  9. frank

    2025 World Cup

    You can bet if the Aussies had made a loss on the 17WC they would not be too keen to put their hand up again.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if the Aussies put in a second string side for the Tonga game and cheapen the show .They don't want to risk a loss with the first string side.
  11. Happy birthday.Really pleased it happened imagine life if it hadn't.
  12. I notice Adrian in his rant says it's feared the Cup won't be held in the US.Why publish this rubbish before it is certain.When it come s to negativity league take some beating.