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  1. Can an international club comp work?

    Of course it can.I'm not a union fan but here in NZ the Union have a comp going between NZ,Australia, SA and Argentina, they play on a fortnightly basis.We aren't talking about crossing the Atlantic here.These teams fly great distances to play so yes if the will is there, no problem Everyone needs to get behind it,it will breath new life into the game.
  2. Jamaica vs France

    Quite impressed with France, they threw the ball about and their tackling was spot on, despite Jamaica's massive weight advantage.
  3. Break ins

    What happened in regards to the breakings,was anyone apprehended?
  4. Just secured the last seat in the A section for the Scotland v NZ game in Christchurch.
  5. Name New York

    How about posting something positive for a change.
  6. Break ins

    Sorry to hear about the break ins.It's not so much what they take that's the problem, it's the senseless damage they do.Obviously not too worried about getting caught looking at the security footage.They would not be going too far with that load,must live close to the Mount. Looking at the footage I would like to say more.Just hope they are apprehended quickly.
  7. Robin,I would like to apologize for an earlier post of mine which was uncalled for.We all get carried away at times so will have to be more careful in future. Best Regards,Frank.
  8. Stick to Rugby League Robin.Your comments make more sense.
  9. Toronto has entered L1 in good faith, with the intentions of working their way into SL.Just because chairmen etc from various clubs fear for their future with Toronto arriving on the scene,can't be allowed to dictate the expansion of our game.These same chairmen didn't give hoot for the future of the clubs that were cast aside when SL was introduced and should be treated accordingly.
  10. How many watch Union in the Heartlands?
  11. Pathetic.

    It's not often I'm fortunate to be able to see the Dogs play but managed to catch the game on Sun morning.To be honest both teams were shocking, if you can't do the basics properly there is no way you can play attacking footy .These guys are semi professional, so the least you can expect is that they get that right.Whatever the problems are it's to be hoped they are fixed quickly and get back to what we expect from them.
  12. Manchester arena

    The politicians are to blame for the present situation in the UK, they have known for some time this type of attack would occur. Your choice in this election is more of the same.
  13. Director of Rugby

    I can't comment on the coach, but surely even with the worst you can't lay all the blame there.Personal pride must come into it and some of these guys don't seem to have any.Even carrying out the basics would not leave you in a position we are now in.These guys need to get their act together and put effort in to returning to how they started the season.
  14. Rugby League on German TV

    Good commentators really aren't neccesary. Anyone can see the difference between the two games.League is fast and skillful were Union can't compete due to the amount of stoppages and the ball being out of play.
  15. Guys like you said he would never get in.