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  1. Wakey friendly

    Keeping pretty good Bob,no complaints in that dept, hope your the same.Having a few problems with attachments on this site.
  2. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Les there are an abundance of players in PNG that would jump at the chance to play in the States.
  3. Wakey friendly

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Jack Perry.Condolences to his family.I have fond memories of Jack.Played on the wing, slightly built but excellent wingman , also great goal kicker.The Dogs had a great team in those days and the majority were Batley lads.The place abounded with local teams in those days.
  4. The Aussies can't even run an event in their own country, another half hearted attempt in Hawaii will be a disaster
  5. If this game is as well supported as the recent WC it will be a financial disaster.
  6. RL 2017

    They really haven't put much in, in the way development Pom, in fact they are rope around the neck of it.They could be doing so much.
  7. RL 2017

    Well summed up Ray.Plenty of activity in Europe and the Americas,the future for the game in those places looks good. The big draw back like you say is the Aussies, their club games are not that well attended and that's a worry.They appear to be dependent on TV money.They made a half hearted attempt with the recent WC which was dissapointing. Better to cut them adrift and leave them to it.
  8. Todays game

    Thanks Bob for the highlights ,looked to be a lot at the game.Any idea of the gate and is it shared?
  9. Christmas Greetings.

    To all at the Mount and their families and here's to a successful season.
  10. Emerging Blues squad announced

    If only the WC had received this kind of exposure.
  11. Amine Miloudi

    Pity really if his trial was terminated.The guy's a natural.
  12. Try John.That's where I watch all my footy.
  13. World Cup Crowds

    The Aussies have really let this tournament down it's been badly handled,The most entertaining games have been where there has been a full house.You need a good crowd in to create an atmosphere which lifts the players, near empty stadiums have opposite effect.Surely the Yanks can't do a worse job in 25.Would love to be around then.
  14. I Am Happy....

    Couldn't agree more Ray.Good to see some positive thinking ,I'm really looking forward to the coming season in the UK.mainly in the Championship.
  15. World Cup Crowds

    SA is no longer competative due to selection on racial lines.