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  1. Ray,I coached and refereed schoolboy league for around thirty years in West Auckland.I can't quite remember when weight grading came but it has been in for about twenty five years but the damage had already been done.You will rarely find a European youngster playing league today. The cream has been skimmed of the Auckland comp(and most probably the rest of the country) by the NRL and left us with second rate comp.I am sure the NRL don't pay the clubs a cracker for this talent and it's no wonder certain districts are in financial trouble. I can't understand why the NZRL have'nt demand payment years ago for this talent they have developed.
  2. Despite all the agro from the Aussies in regard to the Denver game, it would have been great if they could have fitted in a game in Toronto.Would have done wonders for the game in Canada
  3. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Good to see the video highlights on Twitter.The Dogs look to have great team spirit after the tries were scored,lets hope it continues.
  4. Perez.

    Back to the subject.What's happened to Perez?
  5. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Great result!After the Toronto game this result didn't surprise me, but, the score does.
  6. RLIF welcomes progress on Denver Test

    The Aussies have done a lot of damage to this game due to their interference.Those that have held off buying their tickets can now go ahead and do so.
  7. Batley v Toronto

    Be interesting to see how the Pack perform.Two hard games over Easter and now the slope to contend with.At some point they are going to come adrift.Maybe it could be at the Mount.
  8. Perez.

    Be a pity if we lost this guy.Not many like him in this game of ours.
  9. Perez.

    Is Perez still with Toronto and if not, what's the story?
  10. Sheffield away monday

    Great result! Was 10-0 when I called it a day and I thought they had blown it.
  11. When are the NRL and players union issuing their statement on the Denver game, is it supposed to be this week?
  12. If these guys can make the decision to improve the international game ( which we all long for) surely the least we can do is support them.Please indicate if you have signed.
  13. NRL strategic plan

    Leading by example eh? with this fiasco in Denver I don't think so.
  14. Thanks for the update Yakstorm.I'm surprised there has been any movement considering all the uncertainty.It's bound to effect the attendances unfortunately.
  15. Once again if the Aussies had done the right thing years ago this petition wouldn't be circulating. For years they have encouraged Island players over to the NRL instead of providing expertise to build these Islands into League strongholds, a game they excel at.They have also bled NZ dry where the local comps are struggling for players with skills.