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  1. Like a lot of sensible people i'm excited that your getting out.
  2. HOW

    Thanks Bromley.
  3. Choose which way the pound goes it will be good news if she does what the electorate wants.
  4. Always sad to hear of the death of past players.Condolences to his family.
  5. Some very knowledgeable posters on here in regard to a fictitious article
  6. I remember those days too Johnny, also when thousands packed the Mount and Crown Flatts.That feeling(love)works both ways,lol.
  7. Steady on there Johnny, it's suppose to be the season of goodwill.
  8. To all the users of this board and their families.Hope the game goes ahead on Boxing Day, although the forecast doesn't look too good.
  9. What a bitter lot we have here.You guys just can't get over Brexit and Trump and this is only the start of change that is coming in.Merry Christmas to you all.
  10. Well you guys got Brexit wrong and now Trump coming up trumps.Hope you have the Aussies down for a win this weekend. Have a good day.
  11. I suppose the same thing can be said for Sydney supposed to be a stronghold of the game.That's why they have only got a couple of games in the up coming World Cup.
  12. What are you guys going to do when Trump comes up trumps.You haven't even got over Brexit yet.
  13. No I don't know the lineage of these guys. At a guess I would think 90% of them were born in Yorks or Lancs and have British Passports to prove that.
  14. Neither side played well but the Aussies fed of the Kiwis mistakes for three of their tries.A neutral ref should be in charge of these games.