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  1. Toronto

    Ben shaws could supply his fizzy drink.
  2. Toronto

    Not with his baggage Phil dog thankyou.
  3. He is back

    I think Tom 's plusses are. Pace over short distance .Place kicking.Field kicking on larger pitches . Cover for several positions.Local lad. Minuses. Consistency. Tackling in defence . Used properly, and injury cover, he may prove to be a shrewd swap on the pitch for Cain , who did OK for us. I'll take that. IMO of course.
  4. Todays game

    I'd rather have had Mrs Brown at stand off tbh. She might have brought some of her boys as well.😉😉😉
  5. Todays game

    I'm not disagreeing regards Gledhill Graham but Mr Kelly ignored the first offence which was head high and used to be an automatic sin binning me thinks. Happy new year mate.
  6. Todays game

    Just read this thanks Bob.I note that Mr Kelly says he was surprised Aaron Brown was sin binned when the batley player threw the first punch. Forgive me but wasn't the fracas caused by a high loose arm on Gledhill's head and he's 6'3"!!!. Hence the sin bin. Let's forget the original offence shall we.
  7. Christmas Greetings.

    Same to you and yours Frank. From Colin and all in BISSA. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  8. Not long for a rugby fix

    And seating is free at the Mount.
  9. New season shirts

    Cheers Roger.
  10. New season shirts

    New coloured ones?? Hats?.
  11. New season shirts

    Did they have grey bobble hats did you notice 9'Oller ??
  12. Toronto Wolfpack

    Just had email from Toronto Wolfpack in conjuction with Toronto Affair. It gives package prices for all games next season. Example for Bulldog game in July. From Manchester .Flights on 13th returning 16th . Ticket for game. Staying at Sheraton in City. £759pp. Cannot get link on here but if anyone wants full email ,please pm me with your email address and I will send. Colin.
  13. Matt Diskin 's name in the hat for Bull's job

    So do we presume a compensation package was agreed .
  14. Matt Diskin 's name in the hat for Bull's job

    He was quoting Piggys mate from my post I think.
  15. Matt Diskin 's name in the hat for Bull's job

    Agree. If I were a betting man and I'm not ,I'd go with Jon Sharp. Experienced. Coached longer and higher level. Won't cost the earth. And would probably get them back up. And we DO need them back up at the 1st attempt. For one and only reason. ...crowds.