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  1. colinb

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Not late hit it was a flying smack from Manning. Because George had shoved Campbell with both hands whilst gobbing off with Campbell on his knees bending him backwards. Penalty Batley.
  2. colinb

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    I have pm'd you 9 oller.
  3. colinb

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    Well done Piggy. You can wear it with your BISSA socks at touch n pass. Stand proud man stand proud.
  4. colinb

    Paul Brearley signs

    Some of us are still on paper and pencil. Twitter is not the Oracle Bob. 😉😉
  5. colinb

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Mark went to the Paul Harrison turnstile on Sunday with his ticket. The operator had the scan software on their phone. It reads the QR code then shows a green tick allowing you in. In Marks case it didn't work but Paul Harrison was there he scanned on his phone and it ticked green...he was in.
  6. colinb

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

  7. colinb

    Jo Taira

    Yes but we were playing in the opposite direction Piggy, and I wasn't there....ball landed in Healds Hall car park.!!!! Strong wind that.Kicked it back, went over my head and landed in Wetherspoons Cleckheaton.
  8. colinb


    Haven't received one Distantdog so musn't be on the lists. Is there an inference there may be a subscription fee??
  9. The Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club will re-start after the Christmas break on Tuesday 8th January. Would all participants please pass the word around . Thank you for your valued support in 2018. Many thanks Stuart Hull.
  10. colinb

    Boxing Day

    Don't really think so Graham do you ?? Happy New Year mate.
  11. colinb


    That's like Sykes telling Mauny he'd tweaked his hamstring in warm up.!! Don't believe everything Graham.
  12. colinb

    turnstiles on boxing day

    1703 attendance.
  13. colinb

    Boxing Day

    I think today was the 1st time I've heard our nine oyl applaud an opposing team player when substituted. Dewsbury prop Jordane ?? I think. Respect from 9oyl has to be earned and he deserved it. Well done.
  14. colinb

    Boxing Day

    Stop it Piggy you know they will be celebrating this loss.
  15. colinb

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Frank to you and yours too. Thanks for the best wishes. Think we will gave a decent season....injuries permitting.