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  1. colinb


  2. On loan or something like from Hunslet.
  3. Brearley had head knock during Leigh game. Though he's in announced squad??? Reittie groin strain reported Downs suspended. All logical .
  4. C'mon BSJ you know ours was the best. Go on admit it
  5. It works in Australia Ernie. Play the balls are clean and ball touched by foot all the time. 2 referees?? But there's the rub. We haven't gone many decent referees for the games we have and touchies leave a lot to be desired. So not much back up there.
  6. Agree Alan. But to emphasise the ruck area the week before(RFL) and it was ignored!!!! That's even worse. Glad you enjoy the Mount Pleasant experience. Your comments are appreciated.
  7. Agree. Plus added to the fact was that week the RFL issued clear changes to the way the ruck and playing the ball should be policed .ALL ignored on Sunday apart from those 2 penalties.
  8. You've not met Piggys mate have you?? He has his own turnstile at t'mount. It's an xxxxxxl.
  9. Give or take 25%. Ish !!!
  10. They've no money have they. Cough cough.
  11. What an absolutely ridiculous statement. Do you honest believe that? . Leigh are once again amassing a team of players who only go there for money. Where it comes from is unknown as very very recently a plea went out for help. Its a recurring theme. Regards yesterday the win was deserved. More pace was the main reason so well done. But give me Batley any day. Own ground. Consistent. Welcoming. We accept where we are and enjoy the effort and sometimes the rewards of superb performances. Finances are in order . Players get paid. I will also suggest that several of your players are on 3 or 4 times what is Batleys maximum contract payment. Enjoy the rest of your season.
  12. colinb

    Widnes Game

    Well done great win. The secret now is...............
  13. I'm trying very hard!!! I genuinely believe the first penalty at 12-18 changed the game as Leigh were not getting past our defence and we were settling. How do we get Steve Ganson to warch this performance?? The REFEREES I mean. Will gladly send him a DVD.
  14. There were 2 penalties against Batley for incorrect players balls. Therefore Leigh played the ball correctly EVERYTIME!!!. Leigh player pushes Batley player and walks forward a yard....Edict from RL THIS WEEK.....NO pushing or walking forward at play the ball.....PENALTY for defending side. Both the referee and linesman were not fit for purpose.
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