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  1. colinb

    Crikey, Giants down to 18

    Damn Damn Damn
  2. colinb

    Crikey, Giants down to 18

    Nah...Our game's first so play ours then go to Giants on Sunday....thats fair me thinks.
  3. colinb

    I don’t believe it

    Not defending anyone at all but you'll find most teams do that and hooker is Loose forward. Crackers.
  4. colinb

    New 7

    Dom and Louis.
  5. colinb

    Diskin out!

  6. colinb

    It hurts me to say this.

  7. colinb

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Agree. Using the coaches theory of dropping people playing poorly ,looks like next weekend we will be missing a lot of players!!!!
  8. colinb

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    I remember Tommy Gallagher playing stand off. Barrow I think. Uphill second half hat trick.
  9. colinb

    New BISSA Products

    We will have small/starter quantities on Sunday of M L XL and XXL.
  10. colinb

    New BISSA Products

    Bet me to it Roger.
  11. colinb

    New BISSA Products

    Laptop Cases....£8 Gym Bags....£4 Tote Bags...£3 T Shirts....£15
  12. colinb

    Lewis bienek

    Rules .....fair enough. Still daft. But then again if our division was run by Mr Lenighan !!!! .
  13. colinb

    Lewis bienek

    Think this is all getting a bit out of hand tbh. So Dewsburys extra 17 players can be Keighley reserve side. C'mon !!!
  14. colinb

    Lewis bienek

    Hull K R. Where did that come from BSJ.??
  15. colinb

    Lewis bienek

    More like getting fitter perhaps ??.