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  1. I've read it. It's very very good. Open. Honest. Truthful. Spoken from and by a fan.
  2. HOW

    Thanks for all the replies.Suggestions not working. There is a 2 on the top right hand corner over the 3 horizontal lines. . Click on it and screen goes grey. Can't get it working. Not impressed by this at all. Seems older is better. Take note moderators etc.
  3. HOW

    Doesn't work. Screen just goes grey.
  4. HOW

    do I sign out of this new style forum. Used to sign in and out in top right hand corner but can't see anything it me???? BTW. ..don't like it. Doesn't tell you last post on topic just gives you name of original poster .IMO of course
  5. The question GOR is which Bulldogs??.Be plenty of sandy pitches I'm sure.
  6. And Jacob Morgan.
  7. Half of Batley knew he was ours even before the club announced it. Players know what's going on. The bottom line is he was asked to take a pay cut, he refused, as was his right. He told Fax he wouldn't play for them again. Then trying to deflect things away from the problems internally Dane Manning and Batley are being made out as the bad boys I would say ....look at how all this started. ....Pay cut !!!. ...WHY?? As 9 oller says....he's ours now for 2 years.
  8. Cheers BSJ. So if Bulls can't pay the rent, the RFL have the lease, this could get very interesting.
  9. In addition, this might see the final demise of Odsal as a sporting venue. Who actually owns Odsal BSJ. Council. RL. Club ??. Cant remember what happened last regards the ground.
  10. Wow Blue Ox. That's really interesting.Thanks for the update. Let's see what comes from the meetings tonight.
  11. Funny that Piggy, was with my grandson watching NZ train last week. At Leeds Carnegie Kirkstall. When Shaun Johnson saw Batley Boys top he couldn't stop asking me questions bout Bulldogs. Now it makes sense.
  12. Old geezers ticket at Giants is £99. Plus £5 x 13 games to get in at Mount= £164. Not a good deal for a proper Batley fan.
  13. Whats happened to Paul Taylor?? (Batley fan).
  14. He came to a recent BISSA Dinner when his namesake Tommy Martyn was guest speaker. Very modest ,very courteous, a real gentleman. Watched him with enjoyment from the longstand , was a proper second rower. RIP Mr Martyn.
  15. Was actually Lingards Lurking Mark. Think it was Steve McCormack who said we knew it was coming but couldn't bloody stop it. Was a great move.