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  1. colinb

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    If it was that game Danny Maun scored and went round Sinfield. Put it on dvd for Mauny who had the original video. It had the presentations on after the match in Moor clubhouse . Brilliant nostalgia.
  2. colinb

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    we'll just draft in players from Dewsbury . it'll give them a chance to play at Wembley....cos they won't get another........tin helmet on......incoming.
  3. colinb

    Fund raising

    At Batley we have BISSA . Take a look at navigate round the site. Ideas a plenty. We've been goin 14yrs and it works. Contact me via forum if need to chat. Glad to help if needed. Colinb...chairman BISSA. Good luck .
  4. colinb


    Now now . Easyfunding is available from 100s of other tax paying companies. It isn't exclusive to Amazon. Check it out . You'll be surprised . BISSA lead others follow......
  5. colinb

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    I'm in Distantdog. 👍👍
  6. colinb

    BISSA AGM and Social Evening

    Steak n ALE pie any good. Chicken in white WINE sauce option.
  7. colinb

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Are Fev asking players the same ??....take a cut!!!
  8. colinb

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    He's signed for.......Dewsbury
  9. colinb

    BISSA AGM and Social Evening

    Is that an order Piggysmate??
  10. colinb

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Possibly Leigh ,but then again the money issues at some clubs haven't been resolved yet I am led to believe. So may be a waiting game.
  11. colinb


    Doh....still in holiday mode. Soon be after tomorrow . BTW piggy don't knock it til you've tried it .
  12. colinb


    Breakfast club seems to be a good source.Lets see what happens at tomorrow's meeting.
  13. colinb

    Help please

    Thanks youngjohn. Will do .