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  1. Where do York play these days. Might be tempted.
  2. Bone China for £10 ??. If they are even I may buy one. BTW the beakers (mugs) are one of BISSA best sellers as we now have more than 12 designs and counting. On another note well done on your finish to the season. Colin...BISSA.
  3. Blooming eck Ernie have you got an ology.
  4. Hooker bsj....hooker.
  5. Wonder if Tommo could find us/recommend us another Tommo. Now that would be good all round. ☺
  6. Patience patience.
  7. In the words of the pantomime. ...o YES you did. And you know it Graham. 😀😀
  8. Starts in January and ends in December so not had it yet.
  9. With respect. ....Mr Campbell makes the decisions. Again.!!!
  10. What does Sharpe know that Duffy doesn't I wonder.
  11. It's the timings of things at Fev that is the strange thing. Reckon they're accepting no progress in super 8s.
  12. 😉😉😉
  13. That's how rumours are spread. Ha ha
  14. Hallets back off loan thought was swap for crookes??
  15. What a brilliant gesture 9'oller . Massive thanks from BISSA. Well done . Colin....BISSA.