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  1. Just what I said in earlier post. Too much too soon too quick.
  2. Like a lot of people I am really concerned as to what has happened/happening. It seems to me that 1 person is trying to change 25 + people which in itself is ok but not in such a short time. I'll give the benefit of doubt to inexperience BUT at the cost of demolishing structures that the players are used to. Listening to the interviews on radio leeds it did sound like Matt Diskin has a problem accepting the current methods are not his problem it's the players. Sorry but I disagree. He is implementing them without appreciating what he inherited. That is a structured team who had tried n tested methods. Surely bring change in gradually ,not from day 1 . Also as an aside....Neil Kelly said he had rung the RFL and advised them he was struggling to raise a team. Having said that I will like most on here continue to support the Gallant Youths as we have been here before and will be again.
  3. Really. He's not in 17 named on Twitter? ?
  4. Heard he'd left the club but no official announcement yet??
  5. Cowling had a very seriots eyebrow split against Oldham. It was horrible that's why Phildog.
  6. Thanks BSJ will have a look.
  7. Same ? 2 weeks on. Missing links.?? . The website is probably the outside world's first port of call whilst checking out the club. Agree there are some updates being applied but would really really like the original BISSA link being reinstated please.!!
  8. Groundsman aka Jim Morley IS a volunteer and does a fabulous job. IMO of course Colinb.
  9. Cmon Chris how many batley fans have said that on this thread. There are 500 of us you know.
  10. Regards the Asian ladies. ......2 weeks ago there was a meeting at the Al Hikma centre between 24 local groups active within Batley. From Friends of Batley station to Mount cricket to Bissa and Bulldogs. Idea being community connection. Each organisation gave a 4/5 minute talk. From that John Humpleby arranged Sundays visit. Credit to John .Was a very worthwhile get together. Colinb. BISSA.
  11. Any news on the missing links on the website please. Been a few weeks now.
  12. Ditto....I wondered that.
  13. Referee C Straw. Hope were not Clutching at Straw after game. Well I thought it was funny.
  14. Let it go Equalizer. By the way you still can't count.
  15. Which players were on your plane then ??