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  1. jim_57

    Magic Venue Poll

    I wouldn't so specific but I could definitely get behind a cycle. 4 Years = 2 UK (London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cardiff, Edinburgh) 1 France (Paris, Marsielle, Lyon, Toulouse) 1 Europe (Dublin, Barcelona.. + any city that's interested and has the right infrastructure in place)
  2. jim_57

    Magic Venue Poll

    Never having been to one I can't comment on what the feel is like but the vote seems to indicate Newcastle is still popular. I think RL really should have an event they can shop/move around each year to promote to new markets, whether it be Magic or some other idea. There is merit in keeping it in Newcastle as long as it doesn't stagnate. As for other event options that could be used to promote RL, maybe selling the Challenge Cup Quarters and Semis off as a 4 game weekend and double header each year, keeping one in the UK and one "International".
  3. jim_57

    England Knights in PNG

    A Hunters/PNG junior side/s playing in the top QLD junior comps could be absolutely huge for them long term. Reality is PNG becoming a powerhouse is reliant on getting their best juniors to Australia/NZ/England in decent numbers. If done right PNG (and the pacific Islands) could become a 4th major player source for the NRL along with NSW, QLD & NZ.
  4. Australia, England & Fiji of course.
  5. One of the untold reasons NRL clubs are upset about the Denver test would probably be that until now having players like Graham, Burgess, Taumalolo & RTS would have meant having star players who are available all through the Origin period. I'd have to imagine it would be at least a minor detail that came in to consideration when signing/negotiating with England and NZ internationals. Now they MAY have to rest them for one game, so naturally it is the end of the world.
  6. I don't think a Magic Weekend is the best option in Australia. If the NRL is taking home games away from clubs and looking for a gimmick I'd either go with: Country Round - 8 games played in rural cities like Bathurst, Toowoomba, Cairns, Darwin, Mudgee, Dubbo, Mackay, Wagga etc. And/or On the Road Round - 8 Games played outside of the Eastern States of Australia or Overseas. First round of the year to allow a staggered start depending on distance of travel/recovery time.
  7. jim_57

    NRL in the USA?

    Logical approach to building towards the 2025 is the English taking the East Coast & NRL etc taking on the West & Hawaii with a few in the middle like England V NZ. Good signs.
  8. Best case scenario they could look at setting up on the West Coast & Central states in places that are "out of reach" to the English comps. It would be very very hard setting up a pro comp though, even harder than delivering a sucessful World Cup in 2025 IMO.
  9. It's terrible because Palau's is just a direct copy of Brisbane's. And even "small clubs" should be able to do better very easily in this day and age, it isn't an excuse. Fair enough it isn't the biggest issue hitting French Rugby League right now but it could definitely become a factor attracting sponsors of merchandise sales no matter how small the existing scale. You can actually get a pretty good amount of club merch online from Elite 1 & 2, I haven't looked at all clubs mind you.
  10. Knitpicking would be pointing out minor flaws in otherwise good logos and branding. This isn't even close. The point isn't that these clubs should have huge budgets devoted towards branding, the point is in this day and age they could get a basic overhaul on their logos done very cheaply and very easily.
  11. On another forum there is guy who does rugby leagye logo and kit designs that are second to none. There is no shortage of people who could dramatically improve the branding for low costs these days. Some of those logos look like they are only kept for historical reasons.. like the original founder's 3 year old nephew drew the design with crayons.
  12. It caught my attention on the Villeneuve V St Gaudens thread how amatuer the logos for both teams looked. After doing a bit of research it appears there is a bit of a "branding crisis" across Elite 1 & 2 with a lot needing to be bought in to the 21st century. Passable - Albi, Carcassone, St Esteve, Limoux Needs improvement - Avignon, Toulouse Broncos, Lezignan Terrible - Villeneuve, St Gaudens, Palau I know funding is hardly flush in Elite 1 & 2, but I have had better logos drawn up on the app 'fiver' for $5. Maybe I'm missing something, but this day and age it shouldn't be hard to have a slick looking logo & branding for not much investment. I'm also not sure how Palau get away with playing in a semi-pro comp with that logo (exactly the same as Brisbane) either. The FFRXIII recently had their logo touched up, maybe next step is to help bring all clubs up to date where needed. It isn't much and not many people will probably care, but looking at some of them it is impossible to believe this is a semi-pro competition in the year 2018.
  13. There a few reasons that will prpbably always be the downfall for a potential PNG NRL team. The main 2 I can think of: 1. Due to Safety etc nobody is going to want to move to PNG to live in a camp compound. Meaning the team would always be locals and in all honesty the top players woild likely get picked off every year by Australian clubs or even Super League clubs who could offer a better standard of living. An outside outside chance may be basing the team in Darwin or Cairns and flying over for home games but even that scenario would probably only see locals and players on their last desperate attempts to crack first grade signing up. 2. I don't imagine PNG would add any significant TV revenue which is what will probably the deciding factor on expansion.
  14. I'm not sure what the situation is in NZ, most "bids" have gone a bit quiet. It's hard to know a perfect situation for a new bid, Wellington, Christchurch or a combo of both are the most talked about. Personally I think a 2nd Auckland side could give them a run for their money if the right people were involved. I know it's hard to comtemplate because Warriors are a joke at the moment, but a cross city rivalry could be huge for them.
  15. I remember when Brisbane Bombers had a vote for a team name that 'Bombers' "won".. some of the other options were far better (not hard). Kookaburras was my pick, but apparently fans are too silly to go for a team whose town name and team name don't start with the same letter. Bring on the Brisbane (kooka)Burras!