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  1. I imagine something drastic has changed if Lyon, Elite 2 cellar dwellers are looking to step straight up to Elite 1?
  2. Let me tell you about Ian Lenegod
  3. Good point, the way it should be, but unfortunately the way it is heading I think.
  4. He's the only one of the mentioned or selected heritage players that would add any value short and long term. Since England are clearly going down that path they would be mad not to approach him. If he says no fair enough, if he accepts fair enough too because now with the new rules he would know he's locked in to England for the rest if his career. That way he is making a big commitment, not like McQueen and heighington who only commited once their Aussie rep chances had all but vanished.
  5. Has PNG ever shown any interest in Minga? He seems to have made a home in France so why wouldn't they try ask the question and secure his services if possible? I would be more than happy for him to choose either PNG or France
  6. The only player worth looking at if they were looking at heritage players would be Blake Austin (if actually eligible). Would have the potential to be a long term half for England. I don't have major issues with England going after players that are eligible, every nation does it and it's going ti be pretty rare. I think the major issue with these 2 selections are that they are pretty damn average at best and little to no future planning in picking them.
  7. Decent idea on it's own that becomes an absolute Shambles if they are looking at running GB at the same time. I'd like to see regional championships the year after every world cup, but kinda messes with the Tours/great Aussie vacation year. England V NZ is fine as long as we see plenty of action at "2nd tier level" including games against NZ/England. I don't mind the England Knights concept but a full International tournament is not the place for them. Send them to France to play France U23s/Toulouse/Catalans/Elite 1 select side/Elite Champions/Proposed Regional Rep teams, with a game against Italy or Spain on the "way out". Or North America or the Pacific.
  8. No, no. They need to spend just enough so that games are competitive and they actually are at risk of not getting promoted. We made them start down here so they should respect the competition by not spending anywhere near what they can and letting the likes of Hunslet, York and Whitehaven beat them to protect their feelings. Oh and while they're at it donate all the money they don't spend on players to Northern Clubs so that for once they actually bring something to the English game.
  9. Neither can you by the looks.. Plan B Could I please partake in some gossip? (if I can recieve messages )
  10. Agreed, a pacific tour could work well with a test or 2 against NZ or Australia thrown in. Even North America would be a good tour for them I feel and a good draw for America and Canada without the likelihood of a flogging.
  11. There are definitely signs that France can start being competitive again in the not too distant future. England should be playing them At least once a year every year, with no backing out if there are blowout scores now and then. On average France will only get closer and closer the more regularly they play against top class opposition, RL has a tendancy to get scared off too easily by blowout scores when a concept needs persisting with. France, Wales and PNG have copped a hit somewhat with the new rules helping heritage nations but this also means nations like Samoa, Tonga and Scotland etc have hit their level for the forseeable future. France etc have the resources to develop their own loyal born and bred players whilst the others chop and change every time they play depending on who is not playing for their "tier 1 nation".
  12. It is a great development really and congratulations to Saluzzo for finishing their first full season, hopefully the first of many. You would hope this could open the door for others in the future, getting more full season RL clubs would be great for Italian RL and who knows it could lead to an Elite team down the track. Early days bit great progress.
  13. If they do make it to SL and are still expected to cover traveling team's costs then they are well within their rights to offer the same deal they currently do with an extra day or 2 stay. If that isn't good enough for a club they can fork out for the extras themselves IMO. If someone offers you a room to stay for a visit, you don't then book a room in 5 star hotel and expect them to pay.
  14. I really think investment into these comps could really be some of the best value for money for the RLIF. If Wales, France, PNG etc juniors are able to test themselves against the best every year the flow on effect of more International juniors being signed to pro clubs could be huge for the senior International game medium/long term. A pretty simple concept could be regional tournaments one year then 6 team world championships the following with regional "b" comps for those that miss out. Simple 2 year cycle.
  15. Should be 3 - absolute, set in stone, non negotiable, mark it in your diary, tell your friends then make more friends and tell them as well - annual fixtures in the English RL calendar. Away V France (Certain time every year, maybe Bastille Day?) Away V NZ (NRL Rep Weekend) Home V Invite (Between SL Grand Final and major tour/naments.) Adopt of club game limit for every player ao clubs have to rest players for 2-3 games and can strategise how best to go about accounting for annual Test matches set in stone.