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  1. Regardless of what level each team is playing, this shoukd be an annual pre-season fixture. Maybe add Aude and/or Avignon in to the mix. Hope a genuine rivalry for being the best club in France gives Catalans a bit of a kick up the ass, especially if the likes of Springer, Pellisier, Escare, Navarette etc carve it up at English clubs.
  2. Hopefully a wake up call Catalans need. Getting dealt with by a 2nd tier team of mostly French players.
  3. I'd buy the 2016 National jersey if they put it up for sale...
  4. I agree, some cherry picking by NRL/SL talent scouts would be the key. Find juniors better suited to Rugby League. A club partnership could really help the locals on the ground fighting an uphill battle.
  5. A club forming a "partnership" with South Africa would be a start, have a pre season camp & play a trial game there to start with coaching clinics. Then look towards player pathways and even a regular season game in time.
  6. When can we expect to see official playing gear?
  7. I'd like to see them aim for some reserve/junior teams in the local comps at least for a start. Maybe aim for within 5 years having feeder teams in the Ontario and BC leagues, maybe a team on the East Coast USA playing in the USARL. Will give new players a better level to start and should help them bring through juniors. Fringe first graders can play when not selevted which would be a real boost to those local leagues.
  8. France hosting England annually is a good first step.
  9. Any interest from outside Europe in joining the structure would need a money man aka Perez to stand any chance of becomibg a reality. The interest is probably Montreal following Toronto as has been floated by Perez, but who knows?
  10. I like the idea of a SL 9's weekend mid season, would have to be at the expense/restructure of the regular season you would think and would depend entirely on the sponsorship & interest being there. The RFL (if they're not already) should be putting such an event out to tender, of the clubs can benifit financially from it, they'll be in, no doubt. Would also give another event to spread the game, with a carnival like atnosphere appealing to neutral fans. Could look at places like London, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, Toulouse etc in 30-50k stadiums, maybe doubled with internationals on the Friday where possible.
  11. How's this for a proposal that the rest of the European nations get a piece of the pie. 2 of Ireland, Italy & Scotland get to host a big team based on "earning it" somehow. Wales get a home game & France get 2 as the next most "developed" nation in Europe. W1 - Australia V NZ (Locked in every year IIRC) France V England (Should be locmed in every year) W2 - France V Australia Wales V England W3 - Ireland/Italy/Scotland V Australia Ireland/Italy/Scotland V England Wales V France W3-6 - 3x England V Australia Hire a tour marketing team that will help with marketing of all 3 ashes games as well as a budget for France, Wales, Italy etc to attract a crowd. Time we got ambitious and gave these nations some big games and a team to help them generate a crowd. Italy, Ireland & Scotland - Aim for 5k+ Wales - Aim for 10k+ France - Aim to break the 20+ barrier at least once England - Aim for a 35k+ average over the 3 games. England essentially do a "mini tour" of Europe before hosting a 3 game series. France & Wales get big games & Ireland, Italy and Scotland get a piece of the pie as well. Meanwhile NZ plays Pacific nations or tours North America. Replace Euro with Pacific & Aus with Englabd or NZ as necessary for any future tour years.
  12. A strategy to get US and Canadian born and bred players in to NRL & SL clubs is a must IMO. Even if the US pro league does get up, having a few players playing in the top comps in the world then taking their experience back will be a help. As for qualifying, I would have something similar to 2017, with an extra (auto) North American spot and a playoff for the last spot between North America 3, Europe 7, Africa, Asia etc.
  13. I'd love to see the England Knights back, as well as an extented PMXIII program for Australia & maybe NZ plus a France "A" from Elite 1. BUT Not playing against full test nations. PMXIII, Regional Rep sides other variations however slight from the full national team. Unless we are talking "3rd tier" nations then that wouldn't be so bad IMO.
  14. Let's be honest, the likely Lebanon team are mostly already "over there". I'd like to see them jump on the bandwagon and look to play someone viable like Canada or Italy (also mostly already "over there") on the rep weekend next year.
  15. Probably where I got the idea. Probably because there isn't a valid one, clubs would argue they'd lose crowd numbers if stars players had to sit put games I'd guess.