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  1. It's the RFL's event, they are trying to get 'foreign' clubs to pay for their failure to sell it. The bigger question here is why Catalan are still a 'Guest'. They're going in to their 15th straight season of Super League as one of the most viable and successful clubs, yet an up/down club like Leigh or a club that hasn't been at the top for a long time like Batley could walk back in next year (I'm assuming) with full voting rights. Will they ever be welcomed in to the club if they haven't been already?
  2. Does anyone else remember when these forums used to be enjoyable reading for the most part? That's sure been taken care of, well played 👏.
  3. You'd still have to imagine NRL would get final say. Not only are they competing with Perth, Brisbane II, NZ II etc but the NRL club's own self interest. Looking at it realistically, no Australian or any other national from a developed country would be willing to move to PNG to live in a compound. That leaves PNG locals who would probably all take the money and upgrade in lifestyle to join other NRL clubs as soon as they're established in the NRL. As such it would be hard to see the club ever dragging itself put of the bottom 4. Unless they base the team in Cairns and play in Port Moresby, even then they'd have to pay overs for players and they'd have to travel every week for games and Cairns doesn't have quite the same appeal as Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne to most young players. I'd say a better use of money short/medium term would be helping fund a PNG/Hunters junior teams to play in the QLD junior comps. Not meaning to be negative but I don't think just starting an NRL team in PNG is as easy as the article makes it sound.
  4. What are the RFL doing to replace fans that walk away? Or 86 year old Frank from Featherstone who has supported the game his whole life but passed away last week? I can't see they're doing much more than relying on Franks' grand kids to keep following the game out of some blind family loyalty. It is 2018 and if you live in a developed country you can follow any decent profile sport in the world pretty easily from the comfort of your own home. You also have plenty of other sports on offer to attend within striking distance of any pro or semi-pro club in Rugby League. How does the RFL plan to compete going forward? Certainly not with movies like this.
  5. Getting harder to care anymore. Decisions like this just show that there's a good chance Rugby League will die out in England when it's predominantly small minded supporters and administrators start doing the same. Hard to see how any potential new supporters would be attracted to a sport that seems intent on staying in it's box.
  6. Knights could be whatever they want it to be. In my opinion should be a development side as in under 23/25 with maybe a few "older heads" thrown in for the experience of the young guys. I'd argue there is no real evidence Knights are too good for France U23s either. France are very competitive in junior age groups, under 23s is a nice in between of juniors and full tests. Of course Knights would win most times but they'd get some decent games out of it.
  7. If England play France why not have Knights play 'Elite All Stars' or France under 23's as curtain raiser. Either a double header or the day before in the same city/region.
  8. But where are all these UK lads who can't find a team? Not everyone is good enough for the pro leagues. Taking some of the better players away (imports) and replacing them with English players who aren't really up to it will just see the overall standard slide, which is detrimental to the development of English players who deserve to be there. Overpaid and underperforming imports can be a bit of a problem but I don't think PNG imports fit in to either category.
  9. What? Several clubs (including Fev) haven't been able to field a full team at times this year but you're suggesting UK talent won't be able to find a team because of a few PNG imports? If players are good enough they'll make it, ignoring any overseas players is only going to weaken the standard of the competition(s).
  10. Believe that was me. I've admittedly never been to Port Moresby or Featherstone but using my imagination.. Surprised more lower Super League & ambitious Championship clubs don't go after PNG talent. QLD Cup would probably be a better standard than Championship and not far off 9-12 in Super League.
  11. Big game as the winner can all but guarantee a World Cup spot here, not that either are in much danger of missing out in the long run. France by 16.
  12. PNG by a few I think with no great conviction.
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    Spain v Serbia Live Stream

    Was that the Russian Rugby League team's fault though?
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    Spain v Serbia Live Stream

    Ok, care to elaborate?