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  1. Pretty much. Won't be taking much of an interest next year if Catalans go down. The English can keep their system designed to please small village clubs, from an outsider's point of view it just seems absolute lunacy but each to their own. I'm probably not considered a 'real fan' but have put money in to shirts etc and always had high hopes that 1 French club would lead to 2/3 etc.. now we're looking down the barrel of 0. Bravo.
  2. Home Internationals

    I don't get the reluctance to just play a full international with mostly/just Super league players if need be. Do Kangaroos suddenly become the Emus when they rest their stars against Scotland/France/PNG? Do Brazil become Brazil A if they rest their stars against Kenya in a football/soccer friendly? For the record I'd go with three set in stone games for England every year. 1 - Away V France, midyear on a set weekend giving fans a chance to organise travel. 2 - Away V NZ, again midyear on the set stand-alone weekend in Aus/NZ. 3 - Home V Invitational, post season. Invite a new side every year to try to steal glory from England's guaranteed home international. Think of a catchy name, make a new shield/trophy, book a nice stadium, bill it as a big event and invite Australia/NZ/PNG/Fiji/Samoa/Tonga/Cook Islands/Lebanon/USA/Canada/Jamaica/France/Wales/Ireland/Scotland/Italy/whoever. Oh and for the love of god stick with the concept.

    I've suggested something similar, long before Catalans even looked on the brink of relegation. French clubs should be battling with French clubs for spots in SL, it should be a pre-determined number from each country assessed every 2-3 years. English/UK can keep P&R amongst themselves and have a guarenteed amount of spots, French clubs can go with licensing and not risk oblivion at the whims of "ambitious" English clubs. Integrate French Elite in to the pyramid below Championship, have a set English/French split in the Championship as well. Give control of the French clubs and system to the FFR with consultation and/or application with the RFL required for any structute changes and promotions or relegations.
  4. 2017 World Cup

    https://www.oneills.com/shop-by-team/rugby/rugby-league.html Side note, did some following up on the Ireland jersey. This is an absolute goldmine for RL shirt hunters!
  5. Segeyaro back to PNG

    The major flaw I see isn't the fans, but the players. Being realistic no current NRL player is going to want to move to PNG, so you would rely purely on locals filling the team. Then it becomes an endless cycle of any decent player being lured to Australian clubs as soon as they make their mark on the NRL, which would be great for the National team but not sure it's sustainable from a club point of view. Alternative options would be to base the team in Cairns or Darwin (both of which would still struggle to attract players to a lesser extent) or base the team in Sydney and travel to PNG every other week. Personally I would be just as happy with 1/2 teams in QLD Cup running juniors and a strong National team program with games at home every year.. which is probably just as likely as the NRL team.
  6. We currently have pro or semi-pro clubs in 7 countries and a few others reportedly interested with Fiji confirmed bidding, USA, Ireland rumoured etc. That could be a start with staggered entry comp that could be built upon if things progress. Of course it would be good to have more variety than having the likes of Catalans, Warriors, Wolfpack there every year but that is something that we can slowly building towards.
  7. You could even start now actually with a staggered entry WCC IMO, gives a good base to expand the concept if we do see new clubs/comps pop up. Something like this using the no.1 ranked clubs from each nation, decided by League position or playoff games. Week 1 - Wales V Euro Wildcard, USA V Canada Week 2 - Euro winner V NA winner, PNG V Fiji Week 3 - Winners play France & NZ Week 4 - Winners play Australia & England Week 5 - Final Keeps number of gameslow for NRL & SL teams but gives a more global feel to the comp, builds up Challenge Cup style. Would obviously better with more pro clubs and competition for places.
  8. I don't think a world league should be a goal whatsoever. If there really is to be an Influx of teams from far flung places the logical goals would be conferences until a pro comp is sustainable. The World club challenge could always be expanded if we ever get to a point when more countries have pro clubs.
  9. North East RL

    I'll take your point on incentive based distributions of funds, but I don't think a club from Edinburgh or Glasgow looks to the NE for better reliability of opponent and games is "ridiculously unworkable". Edinburgh to Newcastle is a bit over 2 hours for example, maybe my views are skewed coming from Australia but that hardly seems unworkable. Look at Saluzzo in the French league as a far more extreme example that seems to have worked out ok.
  10. North East RL

    Funnily enough I've only ever seen this type of comment from fans on a forum or in a pub with no involvement in the actual effort of running of the game in these areas. What exactly do you or I have to give up? Or do we send out a polite letter telling them we'd find it lovely if they stopped bothering? they're embarrassing us.
  11. North East RL

    Why should a border stop a Scottish club that wants better quality and reliability of opponents? The obsession with National Leagues only is ridiculous, we should be pooling resources whenever/however possible.
  12. Any shocks at World cup 17?

    Pool B will be very interesting, hard to see PNG and Fiji not getting through from pool C & D but tier 2 nations are all pretty evenly matched. Realistically you could easily expand to 16 in the current format just by adding a team each to pool C & D. Canada, Jamaica and Cook Islands wouldn't look out of place so there is already competition and reasonable quality to fill 2 more spots.
  13. Thing is if any of these teams eventuate they will be a product of where somebody wants to invest the money, not where the RFL choose. If someone in Dublin can get the backing then very best of luck to them, copy and paste that sentiment for any potential consortium in any potential city within striking distance.
  14. For the Toronto model that is exactly right. Toronto was as far flung as any potential new team in league-1 3 years ago. An equivalent could never pop up or 2 could pop up tomorrow in Paris/New York/Moscow/Philadelphia/Istanbul/Berlin/Dublin/Madrid/you name it. What has happened with Toronto could never have been planned for, but the RFL would be mad not to give them their chance.
  15. All fair calls and questions. I just don't think turning away investors is a good idea just because someone beat them to it. I would hope if any such potential groups exist, which very much remains to be seen, they wouldn't just be told to "sod off for a few years we have Toronto to focus on."