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  1. I agree adding the 2 largest french clubs and 2 english clubs to the mix would take the event to another level completely. Alternatively a one day triple header with Catalans, Toulouse & Elite could be a huge day for French RL and a big incentive for Elite teams. Catalans V Warrington/Leeds/Wigan/Saints etc Toulouse V Bradford/Widnes/Leigh etc Elite 1 Winner V Lord Derby Cup winner. At Toulouse FC Stadium or a large 30k+venue.
  2. Brisbane wouldn't embrace a failed Sydney team relocated in my opinion. Perth, Adelaide or NZ are options though as Rugby League isn't the main sport. As for Bears, they may still be a chance if they move away from Central Coast and set up a bid somewhere like Adelaide or NZ. Even if that is just playing a couple of NSW Cup games there for a start. ... or Canada might fit their name better..
  3. Being more positive I think the Oceania Cup could be easily replicated up here either as 2 tiers of 3 like the Oceania Cup or 2 pools of 3 with a final. As 2 tiers: SLGF Week - Australia V NZ - Perth W1 - France V England - Euro Cup - Toulouse. (Aus V Wales/Ireland/Scotland/Italy optional) W2 - England V Wales - Euro Cup - St Helens. France V Australia - Tour Game - Paris/Avignon/Perpignan/Montpellier/Marsielle. W3 - England V Australia - Tour Game 1 - New White Hart Lane. Wales V France - Euro Cup - Cardiff. W4 - England V Australia - Tour Game 2 - St James' Park W5 - England V Australia - Tour Game 3 - Etihad Euro Shield played between Ireland, Scotland & Italy for promotion or a playoff against the bottom placed Euro Cup team for promotion.
  4. Would be good to see England play some euro teams as well, it would even be simple enough to play a Euro Cup at the same time like the Oceania Cup is being played same time as the GB tour this year. Add in Australia V France and maybe one of the others and that's a decent schedule. It'll be something more like a warm ups of Aus Vs Warrington, Friendly England Vs Friendly France at friendly Leigh with the word 'Test' banned for being too unfriendly.. and a 2 test series.
  5. I know GB&I have never played a home game outside England, similarly have Wales, Ireland or Scotland ever recieved a cent from the RFL after a tour/tournament in the past? Why not just steal the jersey then? They could even gauge any backlash by using it firstly as a one off heritage/aniversary jersey.
  6. Great Britain (leave Ireland out of it) could, I repeat COULD work as a once every 4 (or 8 ) year thing if Wales ever got to the stage where they could add a few players who would make the squad on merit, Scotland less likely for obvious reasons. As it stands it's nothing but a nostalgia trip. As for home games absolutely if there must be GB&I they should be playing a game in Cardiff and giving a share of profits to Wales, Scotland and Ireland and the RLIF should be enforcing it as such. I'm sure the English would then complain about sharing profits with 3 nations who don't contribute anything to the gimmick but it was their idea afterall. I honestly wouldn't mind if England/RFL just stole the classic jersey and used it as their own. Not like Wales have ever had anything much to do with it other than the coach picking a few Welsh Union converts, also not like other English National sides haven't used blue before.
  7. With 14 days between the SL Grand Final and the 1st your game in NZ I doubt they'll be playing France. I imagine the squad will leave a few days after the Grand Final.
  8. I'd prefer to see a second Canadian team before a USA team but that is just personal preference. A genuine rivalry could also really help the game carve out a niche. I don't see why potential USA teams are always thrown in the same boat as something we must have off the back of Toronto's inclusion. If a team was sucessful in Italy would it mean we HAD to try one in Germany?
  9. Don't know if it's been suggested but maybe "top 5 union player" could have been deliberately vague reference for a top 5 Canadian Union player? Would surely be more realistic price wise.
  10. I'd have NZ Maori & Aboriginal all stars simply play a 'best of 3' against each other separate from the main trophy.
  11. Not sure how this compares to other sports streaming but I pay $13 AUD a month for NRL live. For this it'd be about $33 AUD a month for 2/3 games a week.
  12. It's the RFL's event, they are trying to get 'foreign' clubs to pay for their failure to sell it. The bigger question here is why Catalan are still a 'Guest'. They're going in to their 15th straight season of Super League as one of the most viable and successful clubs, yet an up/down club like Leigh or a club that hasn't been at the top for a long time like Batley could walk back in next year (I'm assuming) with full voting rights. Will they ever be welcomed in to the club if they haven't been already?
  13. Does anyone else remember when these forums used to be enjoyable reading for the most part? That's sure been taken care of, well played ?.
  14. You'd still have to imagine NRL would get final say. Not only are they competing with Perth, Brisbane II, NZ II etc but the NRL club's own self interest. Looking at it realistically, no Australian or any other national from a developed country would be willing to move to PNG to live in a compound. That leaves PNG locals who would probably all take the money and upgrade in lifestyle to join other NRL clubs as soon as they're established in the NRL. As such it would be hard to see the club ever dragging itself put of the bottom 4. Unless they base the team in Cairns and play in Port Moresby, even then they'd have to pay overs for players and they'd have to travel every week for games and Cairns doesn't have quite the same appeal as Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne to most young players. I'd say a better use of money short/medium term would be helping fund a PNG/Hunters junior teams to play in the QLD junior comps. Not meaning to be negative but I don't think just starting an NRL team in PNG is as easy as the article makes it sound.
  15. What are the RFL doing to replace fans that walk away? Or 86 year old Frank from Featherstone who has supported the game his whole life but passed away last week? I can't see they're doing much more than relying on Franks' grand kids to keep following the game out of some blind family loyalty. It is 2018 and if you live in a developed country you can follow any decent profile sport in the world pretty easily from the comfort of your own home. You also have plenty of other sports on offer to attend within striking distance of any pro or semi-pro club in Rugby League. How does the RFL plan to compete going forward? Certainly not with movies like this.
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