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  1. 2018 Series v NZ

    I think we all know that, but it is what the aim should be for any tours, likewise PNG, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa & Lebanon all getting games against quality oppossition when England tour Aus or NZ. Another 3 game series between NZ & England with tour games against club sides holds very little interest for me.. This is supposed to be the highlight event of the year for International RL supposedly, let's act like it.
  2. 2018 Series v NZ

    Not playing London is a joke. I'm just as interested in what pre series games there will be. I'd like to see each team play 3 games in the lead up: Week 1 - NZ V Australia (Or Tonga if the Aussies are too tired) Week 2 - France V England Week 3 - Italy V NZ, Wales V England Week 4 - Ireland V England, France V NZ Week 5,6,7 - England V NZ × 3 These are the kind of tour schedules we should be aiming for, use squads of 30+ if needbe to rotate players. If we end up with NZ V England x 3, NZ V Wigan and an England warm up V Cumbria I won't even bother taking an interest.
  3. I don't think it will be anywhere near as easy as some on here seem to think for England. They should get the job done but PNG are definitely an outside chance I think, remains to be seen how they step up.
  4. See the post above plus they beat them 4 games in a row a few years back. Pretty bad memory.
  5. No reason why the kiwis can't knock them off as we've seen plenty of times before. Still Australia are strong favorites for a reason.
  6. Mal has just bought up the idea of an 'A' team to play against teams not too far off England's level.. This is from the same country where high profile people have suggested NSW & QLD play in Internationals to 'even it up'.
  7. While the Kangaroos do what though? We're in the midst of seeing the Pacific nations as competitive as ever and one of them just knock off NZ.. so the solution is to send them a B team while the "big 3" keep it amongst themselves yet again, if they don't need a rest of course.. Progress.
  8. That kind of falls in to the "No time in our 57 week club season". I didn't actually mention mid-season but for arguments sake you could easily have Catalans play somebody a week before the season so they have a week up their sleeve. Very achievable if we're not looking for excuses.
  9. Will it be disrespectful when Australia send a B/PMXIII to play England because England or GB hasn't beaten them for over 10 years? Difference is Australia PMXIII doesn't play the Kumuls, they play PNG PMXIII.
  10. Too many reasons to list why an annual France v England game (or 2) should happen. Excuses why it probably won't. "We put 84 on France 3 years ago, waste of our time ever playing them again unless we have to" "No time in our 57 week club season" "We only want to play teams better than us" "We'll give them the absolute honour of playing our B team instead if they're lucky"
  11. Think we have an outside chance of an upset in 3 games these quarter finals which shows to me the weakest teams are no weaker than past world cups, but the middle teams are a lot stronger. NZ V Fiji - If everything clicks for Fiji they have every chance of an upset, they have a solid team with a few X-factor players. England V PNG - Same as above, PNG have to be able to step it up which remains to be seen but they look as good as I have ever seen them. Tonga V Lebanon - Lebanon would fancy their chances if Tonga get complacent after their big win, eyes may already be on an England semi final. Lebanon have looked solid if not spectacular. Australia V Samoa - Virtually no chance of an upset here IMO, Samoa should keep it respectable.
  12. Assuming NZ tour England next year I think there would be plenty of room on the calendar to get France, Ireland, Wales & Italy involved, Scotland can get their house in order before they are rewarded with big games. NZ playing Australia, Italy & France on their way to England whilst England face off against Wales, Ireland and France would be ideal scenario before Eng V NZ × 3 and any Euro Cup. All the shine is on the Pacific islands after the World Cup which should see them host England tour games. We can't let bad results (by understrength sides) rule out games being played by touring Aus/NZ teams against France/Wales/Ireland/Italy. National teams should be seen as the best tool we have and using them by playing home games full strength is vital no matter if the crowd is 500 or 50k.
  13. No show in the last game for Italy. Kinda blows any chance of getting any sort of coverage in Italy even if it was novelty factor. Very dissappointing from Ciraldo.
  14. 2018 fixtures

    They're going to finish 11th in Super League?
  15. England play like that and I honestly believe PNG (probably) are a good chance to roll them in the quarters. NZ ref for NZ and English ref for England while the Australians twiddle their thumbs just shows how much the organisers of this WC have pocketed their precious Government money and now really don't give a sh!t.