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  1. "Tried Paris once, was poorly run and failed so scrap the idea from ever being bought up again ever.." Such a typical RL point of view. Paris may never have a pro RL club again but to say it couldn't ever possibly work and we can't try because of a rubbish attempt 20 years ago is backward thinking.
  2. The self interest is killimg it for me. Most competitive world cup ever on the field and the follow up has been nothing short of depressing. Watching so much potential be waved right in front of the administrator's faces only for them to say "that's nice, good ideas and all but we're going to stick with what works for us and keep Internationals in their little box out of the way.. but you get another NZ tour of England and the GB jersey back, be grateful".
  3. That's what I thought, if they became unfit in a World Cup training camp I doubt a stint in Bali would have done them much better. Ricky Stuart is a massive whinger and it has filtered down to the fans by the looks.. wonder how many "texes" of outrage he got about Hodgson's injury.
  4. If you're going for a club trying to reach SL based out of Italy it doesn't need all Italian heritage players.. it needs millions in backing. Toronto were just as wild of a dream in saying that.
  5. Absolutely, I would look at aiming for the following Stadium owners permitting: France game 1 - Municiple Stadium, Toulouse, Capacity 37k, Aim - 25k+ France game 2 - Park des Sports, Avignon, Capacity 17.5k, Aim 17k+ Then either get adventurous with a 3rd game if guarentees can be made, or leave it at those 2. Options for game 3: Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Marsielle or Bordeaux. Aim for 20k+ again. If all that is too unrealistic then the games should stay in England.
  6. If the WC organisers are to give games to France they should absolutely be aiming for big events to match their goals for the England based games. How they do that is up to them but it should be big or nothing, 17k at Avignon would be pass mark, prefeably with bigger crowds in Paris, Marsielle, Toulouse etc to go with them.
  7. I agree with the last part, but honestly I think he proposed targets for 2021 are very ambitious and probably unlikely as much as I'd liked to be proved wrong. Do we deny France games as their likely attendances don't live up to the unlikely average attendance goal? Or will the 21 team take control and play ambitious venues in France and take control of marketing etc?
  8. I'd call 20k unrealistic, Australia, NZ and England get plenty of crowds under 20k and I don't any other nation has drawn above 20k in recent history, probably going back to France in the glory days when they were up there with the best.
  9. 20k crowds are the minimum standard now? Well that "files" every country in the world in the RL 'bin'.
  10. Intereeting to see if the bid team change their stance because at the start they seemed very set on England being the only host with some massive goals stated.
  11. Look at some of the crowds in Australia we've just had for a bit of perspective.. Considering previous crowds, the profile of the game in Ireland and weather I would consider it a decent effort really.
  12. Would it be possible on 'tour years' for a 3 match series and a local regional comp to run at the same time using a full England/Australia/NZ for both? For example when NZ tour next year we could have: Australia V NZ (2 weeks from NRL Grand Final) Week 1 (2 weeks from SL Grand Final) EC A - England V Italy EC B - Scotland V France Tour - NZ V Tonga, Ireland/Wales V NZ or NZ Rest week. Week 2 EC A - Ireland V England EC B - Wales V Scotland Tour - France V NZ Week 3 EC A - Italy V Ireland EC B - France V Wales Tour - England V NZ - Game 1 Week 4 EC Final - A V B Tour - NZ V Local club/International Double header with a SL club at a near to home ground could be good and provide a big crowd. Leeds at Elland Road, Wigan at Manchester, Catalans in Southern France etc. Week 5 & 6 Tour - England V NZ - Games 2 & 3. Use a 30 man squad and 'strategic selections'. Decides a full Euro Championship and 3 match series and clubs still get their players back in late November, earlier if games can start the week after Grand Finals. When England/GB tour in 2019 just swap the names around. Would certainly beef up tour years.
  13. I've suggested before that by adding a few simple games you could have an annual Pacific Challenge, Melanesia Cup & Shield & Polynesia Cup & Shield sorted in 2 weekends a year. Winners in bold for easy demonstartion. Mid Season weekend: Melanesia DH - Cup - PNG V Fiji, Shield - Vanuatu V Solomon Islands Polynesia DH - Cup - Tonga V Samoa, Shield - Cook Islands V Nieu Post Season: Pacific Challenge Final - PNG V Tonga Melanesia Promotion playoff - Fiji V Vanuatu Polynesia Promotion playoff - Samoa V Cook Islands. For arguments sake you could always expand it to have Australia play the Melanesia Champs and NZ play the Polynesia champs post season in 'semis' then winner of each plays for Pacific Challenge before major International tournaments even begin. 10 teams involved and only 3 weekends to conclude.
  14. So a shameless off season gap filler thread. With the 2017 season over and Internationals fresh on the mind, given what we already have confirmed how would you like to see Internationals play out in 2018? Some of the confirmed games aren't ideal. Mid Season Weekend PNG V Lebanon (Confirmed) Tonga V Samoa (Confirmed) NZ V England - Denver Fiji V Cook Islands USA V Canada France V Ireland Wales V Scotland Italy V Jamaica Post Season W1 - NZ V Australia (Confirmed) W2 - France V England, PNG V Australia (we can hope right?) W3 - England V Ireland, France V NZ, Pacific Cup Starts W4-6 - Pacific Cup, Euro Cup, North American Cup and England V NZ × 3 W7 - Euro Cup final, NZ V USA/Canada (NZ on the 'way home'.. unlikely). Pacifc Cup - PNG, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, Solomon Is/Vanuatu (Divided in to Melanesia and Polynesia pools with a final) Euro Cup - France, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy, Serbia (2 Pools of 3 and a final) North America Cup - USA, Canada, Jamaica England Knights tour France playing Elite Select, Under 23's & Regional Select sides. Throw in whatever warm ups any nations can muster, this obviously doesn't include lower ranked sides which would make it far more complicated.
  15. Sx Nations with England Knights

    To play PNG PMXIII you mean? Dig past Australian media and you will find it is infact a PMXIII side the PNG fields as well, they aren't the Kumuls. All Aussie media reports just say 'PNG'. Honestly not 100% sure if this was always the case going back to the early years of the game but it certainly was this year.