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  1. It may have been in the past, but the signs are not good...
  2. I'm not arguing that we should directly elect Prime Ministers. I'm arguing that if MPs choose to get rid of one and choose another who wants to follow quite different policy objectives, they should be subject to a General Election, so the public can decide whether that's what they want or not. I mean come on, there's been a lot of wittering on about democracy on here over the past three years, and raging against unelected this and that, but here we are watching as bystanders as the leader of our country is changed without any public endorsement whatsoever, and not for the first time. It's fine to argue 'oh but that's our system, that's how it's always been done,' but I look at the abject state the country is in and think: Really? All this is just fine and dandy, is it? Processes that may have served us well in past centuries damn well aren't serving us well now, IMO. The proof of that will be seeing a complete political fraud like Boris Johnson being anointed as Prime Minister. (I should add that I'm not arguing for a General Election because I want Jeremy Corbyn in No 10. That prospect terrifies me equally as seeing Johnson in there).
  3. Our next Rugby League World Quickfire Q & A will be with Leeds Rhinos player Brad Dwyer. Post your questions here. We'll pick the best and publish the answers in our next issue!
  4. Tell all that to our probably-soon-to-be Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He's the one who thundered on about Brown replacing Blair without an election! I know all about the existing constitutional arrangements. I think it is time they were updated to take account of present day realities. Personally, I regard it as ludicrous that the de facto leader of our country, who selects the Cabinet and determines the direction of the entire government, can be changed on the whim of a handful of MPs and a bunch of cranks who happen to be members of a particular political party at any given time. May was the leader of the Conservative Party in the most recent General Election. If you voted Tory, you were voting for her to become PM, even if you didn't live in her constituency. Now she's been forced out of office by her party (she clearly didn't go voluntarily) and will be replaced by someone who wants to pursue a completely different policy agenda, and the country has absolutely no say in the matter. Whatever that may be, it isn't democracy.
  5. On this week’s Rugby League Back Chat: Toronto Wolfpack majority owner David Argyle ‘fires’ himself as CEO after acknowledging his racist comment. The Golden Point saves London but did it really rob St Helens? Is this a step backwards, after all the game is supposed to be played over 80 minutes? The man hired to solve all the problems at Hull KR is the same man who walked out on the game in 2017. So this should be interesting Mr Smith. And all the facts on the Giant who’s decided he wants to be a Rhino. Host Matt Shaw discusses all the above with Yorkshire Post journalist Peter Smith, departing Giants player Alex Mellor and former Widnes Head Coach Francis Cummins. Watch Rugby League Back Chat this Thursday 13th June at 5pm on Freesports TV. Check the Freesports website for full schedule and details on how to receive the channel. Back Chat will also be available on YouTube and via TotalRL.com from 9.30am each Saturday following its original TV broadcast.
  6. The Total Rugby League Show is back this week as we preview this weekend's crucial matches in Super League. On the show this week, host Ben Hughes is joined by League Express Editor Martyn Sadler, Rugby League World Editor Matthew Shaw and The Guardian's Rugby League correspondent Aaron Bower. We're also joined this week by French Rugby League reporter and author Mike Rylance to discuss Carcassonne's success in the Lord Derby Trophy Final over the weekend.
  7. Aside from whichever of this bunch of lightweights and liars gets the job this time round, one of the (many) constitutional changes I'd like to see in this country is that whenever a sitting Prime Minister is removed (unless they die in office or the country is at war as when Churchill replaced Chamberlain) there should be a General Election to give the public the opportunity to either endorse or reject their successor. I think the parties would be less keen on playing musical chairs with the top job if that rule were in force. Let's call it, hmmm, let me think...yes, why not 'taking back control' ... Boris Johnson huffed and puffed about Brown replacing Blair without an election. He was right. There should have been an election. Brown would probably have won it, got himself a minimum of five years in office instead of three, and history might be very different right now. Johnson must suffer from amnesia if he's forgotten that Major replaced Thatcher as PM without an election, Callaghan replaced Wilson without an election, Douglas-Home replaced Macmillan without an election, Macmillan replaced Eden without an election...
  8. Indeed. There's no need for it either. Just be civil, everyone, it's not difficult. Locking this now.
  9. This thread has drifted way off topic, particularly as the original point of it has now been denied by London Skolars anyway. Time to lock it.
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