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  1. The first man in Spain?

    Always a good sign! Thanks for ordering, glad it turned up ok. If anyone else wants one...
  2. The TV Thread

    54 years ago today, 23rd Nov 1963, the BBC broadcast this for the first time, and a TV legend was born. Doctor Who - An Unearthly Child
  3. New album by Pete Wylie. Almost worth getting for the title alone!
  4. Things would be a lot better than they are now, just as they were under the previous Labour government, in my view. You're an anarchist, Phil, so no government of any colour is ever going to meet your requirements.
  5. Corbyn sells out the poor in society by keeping Labour in opposition, from whence it can do precisely nothing to help them. In his place, Burnham would have been PM by now, IMO.
  6. The problem isn't with people like me or other Corbyn-sceptics still in the Labour Party, who will obviously prefer a Labour government than a Tory government, and will vote Labour even if we have to do so with a peg on our noses. The problem is that vast numbers of voters who should be voting Labour because it would be in their best interests (and obviously I'd argue also in the best interests of the country) to do so, simply will not vote Labour as long as it means putting Corbyn in No.10. You posted some disparaging comments about Seumas Milne earlier in the thread: "Milne is a disgrace and should never have been allowed near any politician in the Labour party. That alone almost disqualifies Corbyn as a credible leader." How dare you, you Corbyn-sceptic, undermining Labour's chance of winning an election!!! But you're right, and I agree with you! So do the kind of voters Labour needs to win a General Election with a majority big enough to do anything positive. The kind of voters who despite everything going on in the country at present STILL rank Theresa May as their preferred Prime Minister and still have the Tories polling neck and neck with, or even occasionally ahead of the Labour opposition.
  7. Lo & Behold!

    Online edition is available now!
  8. Obituary thread 2017

    My sister was a huuuuuge David Cassidy fan when we were growing up in the 1970s, and as she is three years older than me, she was first in the family to get her own record player. Consequently, I am very well acquainted with his catalogue of work, on record as well as on TV in the Partridge Family, and find myself feeling quite sad at the news of his passing at such a relatively young age.
  9. It is! Great find. I've never seen it before.
  10. Lo & Behold!

    Unfortunately, Readly generates such a miniscule return for publishers, it would be of no benefit to us to put our titles on there. I can see the benefit of it for readers, but we need to generate a reasonable return on the content we create in order to continue paying people to produce it.
  11. Lo & Behold!

    The RLW editor can confirm he does not have the hair
  12. Because anyone who doesn't think the sun shines out of St Jeremy's behind is a Red Tory of course!!
  13. I can't be bothered. Doesn't make any difference to anything. All old arguments, no one will change their minds. What's the point.
  14. What about the other 400+ occasions...? Are you going to list them all?