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  1. John Drake

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    And none of us any the wiser...
  2. Only on my worst days ... We can't please all the people all the time, and we won't please some folk on here ever. Appreciate those who take all this at face value.
  3. You cared enough to open the thread and post a moan in it. Why not post something brilliantly interesting on here for a change, if only to show all us dullards how it's done? Merry Christmas.
  4. Wigan winger Joe Burgess has agreed to subject himself to your questions in our next Quickfire Q & A for Rugby League World so... bring on the duck sized horses, it's over to you! Post 'em below or email to asap.
  5. John Drake

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    All I asked for was a link to the alternative to May's deal. Your post above is long, but it still doesn't contain a link to the alternative to May's deal. I looked at Conservative Home. There are a gazillion things on there, mostly opinion stuff, but no easily apparent link to any actual proposed (and workable) alternative to May's deal. I think this is the main problem with opposition to May's deal from people who voted Leave. A complete lack of clarity or agreement on what the alternative is. It's far easier to attack May as some kind of traitor to the blessed cause than it is to present a workable alternative. 17.4 million people voted leave. But they had 17.4 million different reasons for doing so and there are 17.4 million different expectations as to what it means. It is therefore essentially undeliverable. That's the real problem May has been wrestling with for the past 2 years.
  6. John Drake

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Can you provide a link to these alternative Brexit plans that you've seen? I'm just puzzled why the likes of David Davis and Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg haven't been on the telly every day trumpeting about the details, given they are all so implacably opposed to May's deal. All I've heard is a lot of bluster. Where's the beef? (For the sake of balance, I should point out I think Labour's claim to be able to secure a different/better deal to May's deal is a load of bluster too).
  7. Hi John

    Last few months I've been having trouble with delivery off the magazine. When I returned home from holiday in September  I messagesd to same mag hadn't arrived. You sent me one in an envelope arrived two days later. A week later the subscription one arrived. October's with Zac on cover never did arrive I let it go. November's I received on the 10th. So far no sign of December's.  I think but I'll check Easons in Belfast stock the mag so when my subscription ends I'll purchase from there.

    Thankfully the yearbook arrived today.

    Keep up the good work


  8. John Drake

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    If they did win, then at least we would be proceeding with something that could justifiably be called 'the will of the people' and there would be more chance of uniting the country behind it. There is no chance of that at present. I'm not afraid of the outcome of a second referendum either way.
  9. John Drake

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Hmm, considering the likely chaos of Brexit in any of its forms, and the decades of work that would be involved in mitigating its worst effects, organising a second referendum to see if it is actually still 'the will of the people' would seem to be a bit of a doddle in comparison. If it isn't 'the will of the people' anymore, then why the hell proceed with it? And if it turns out it is 'the will of the people' then we'd all just have to suck it up if a second vote confirmed it.
  10. There shouldn't be any problem with subscription deliveries. All went out as normal on the Tuesday before publication date. If any subscriber hasn't received their copy, please either PM me on here or email me at