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  1. The response I gave could be expected because it is the truth, not an excuse. Your better half has basically confirmed that Royal Mail do deliberately delay post based on their own internal decision making processes, and with no regard to the customer who is paying them to deliver their product at standard rates which they do not discount when they fail to deliver on schedule or at all. That situation is as frustrating to us as it is to our customers. It is absolutely not in our interests for subscriber copies of any of our titles to arrive late or not at all, but we have no alternative means of delivery open to us other than Royal Mail. Whenever a subscription copy of any of our titles goes astray, we are happy to re-send it, entirely at our own cost. Royal Mail do not recompense us in any way for the additional cost or the lost goodwill of our customers who choose to blame us when their magazine or newspaper doesn't arrive. League Express is handled differently because it is printed on a Sunday night, then packed and posted manually every Monday upon publication and sent first class. The ability to mail direct from the printer is unavailable and to send it second class would mean copies may not arrive for several days after the date of publication. In contrast, Rugby League World is printed several days in advance of its on sale date, and distributed by the same company. We use their industry standard mailing house services to despatch subscription copies, by second class post to keep the overall cost of the subscription as low as possible (ie, marginally cheaper than buying each issue in the shop). To use paper envelopes and first class postage for all RLW subscription copies would significantly increase the overall cost of a subscription, at a time when the market for print publications simply wouldn't stand such an increase, and would probably not be worth the cost when the vast majority of subscriptions are arriving normally. I appreciate that is no consolation to yourself, if you have had repeated occasions of late or non-delivery. However, having been LPL's Subscriptions Manager for the past 15 years, who deals with all such incidents, I can say it is quite an isolated case for this to happen. If you contact me directly with your name and subscription address, I will personally outsort future deliveries to you on a manual basis, and take all measures available to me to ensure they arrive in a timely manner. Unfortunately, my influence does not extend to being able to get Royal Mail to change their own internal procedures of delaying the delivery of polybagged mail whenever it suits them to do so. One thing I might investigate with our distributor is copying the example of Private Eye, which as a subscriber myself I know is sent polybagged like RLW, but the bag is emblazoned with the words 'THIS IS NOT JUNK MAIL' in typeface big enough for Royal Mail to get the message.
  2. Limoux v Lezignan Live Stream

    Yep, I can vouch that it looks pretty good watching on the YouTube app on Apple TV. Also works with Chromecast.
  3. The 25% discount applies only to the digital copy. This is an extra discount, on top of the already heavily discounted digital edition.
  4. Subscription copies are always posted out on the Tuesday prior to the Friday on sale date, literally as soon as the mag rolls off the presses. They should usually arrive with subscribers on the day of publication or earlier. Unfortunately, we have no control over the quality of Royal Mail's delivery service in different parts of the country, which we know can be variable.
  5. Sorry but there are likely to be a lot more threads on here in future plugging Rugby League World now I've discovered there are forum members who don't know it exists. I'm gonna beat you all into submission until you all become subscribers!!
  6. Not my call, that'll be up to the new editor. Without wanting to second guess them though, I'd say the League 1 squads are likely to be published in League Express and also online well before the March issue of RLW comes out, and as the League 1 previews are in the Feb issue, the squad lists might look a bit random appearing a month later on their own.
  7. Old RL paper

    There are times when I feel like chucking myself under a bus... but before I do, I'll be taking a critical look at the way we promote our publications on TotalRL, if there really are forum members on here who don't realise that in addition to running this website, we are also the publishers of League Express, and of course, Rugby League World, which was previously known as Open Rugby. We are clearly doing something wrong. Yep, indeed, sir, the magazine you refer to above is still going. It never stopped, it just changed its name in 1999 to Rugby League World. Issue 442 is out on 26th January and will contain a full club by club preview of the new season covering Super League, Championship and League 1, plus a veritable goodybag full of other stuff from international to women's RL, it's all in there, and a snip at £3.99, or even cheaper if you subscribe! You can order a single copy (now with free UK postage) or a subscription via the link below: Or, if you are digitally minded, it's also available online at and we've a special offer running on this option till the end of January, get an extra 25% off any online copy or subscription by entering code RUGBY25 at the checkout when you order on Pocketmags. And just to prove I'm not fibbing that it really is the same magazine that started out as Open Rugby, here's a gallery of all the covers from issue 1 to 400...
  8. Yes, for Super League and Championship clubs. League 1 squads more difficult to get in full before our print deadline unfortunately.
  9. Old RL paper

    The publication in question was indeed the forerunner (eventually) to the website you're now looking at! It began life in September 1993 (the days before 'summer' rugby) as League Express Weekend, on sale on Fridays, and underwent three title changes over 8 seasons, overseeing the transition from winter to summer and the Super League era. It made its final bow on 20th October 2000 as Total Rugby League. The print edition was replaced by a website in January 2001. I've dug into the archives in our office and here's a precise timeline and a few covers for you. LEAGUE EXPRESS WEEKEND Issue 1 (24/9/93) to Issue 30 (29/4/94) First cover of League Express Weekend RUGBY LEAGUE WEEKEND Issue 31 (19/8/94) to Issue 70 (19/5/95) Issue 71 (18/8/95) to Issue 93 (26/1/96) - End of Centenary Season First cover of Rugby League Weekend SUPER LEAGUE WEEK Issue 94 (29/3/96) to Issue 118 (13/9/96) - First Super League season Issue 119 (14/3/97) to Issue 148 (3/10/97) Issue 149 (27/3/98) to Issue 180 (2/11/98) First cover of Super League Week TOTAL RUGBY LEAGUE Issue 181 (5/3/99) to Issue 209 (17/9/99) Issue 210 (3/3/2000) to Issue 242 (20/10/2000) First cover of Total Rugby League ...and the last cover of the print edition of Total Rugby League
  10. The always hotly-anticipated season launch issue of Rugby League World will be on sale a week today, Friday 26th January (or the day before for those who prefer the online edition). It will feature every club in the Super League, Championship and League 1 in a bumper season preview, plus plenty of other top notch content to whet your appetite for the year ahead. There's a new editor at the helm too. Who can it be? You'll have to buy the mag to find out! Still only £3.99 for 84 full colour glossy pages of Rugby League goodness, even cheaper if you subscribe and have it delivered to your door. Click here to order your copy now (print edition) - single issues or subscriptions available. Click here for the online edition and use the code RUGBY25 at the checkout to save a whopping 25% off any Rugby League World digital subscription or issue. Don't dilly dally though, this offer only lasts till the end of January.
  11. Those nice tories

    The way this thread generally works is: Someone posts something anti-Tory. Someone defends the Tory position. That person gets personal abuse aimed at them. Moderators step in to remove the abuse and ask for people to stop posting personal abuse. Cycle repeats itself for another dozen pages.
  12. Those nice tories

    Plural? There only appears to be one left in this thread. I'm sure others exist (the Tories are still at 40% in most polls) but when you see the sort of personal comments that get posted in here it is little wonder they can't be bothered engaging anymore. I've lost count of the amount of it I've had to remove from here, and those posting it still don't see the problem. If you engage reasonably with opponents, you never know, you might get a reasoned response.
  13. The TV Thread

    I have to join in the chorus of approval for Inside No. 9. Just caught up with the latest two episodes, both different, both excellent. Incredible creativity and talent on display from Shearsmith & Pemberton.