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  1. RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD - ISSUE 435 (JULY 2017) In shops from Friday 30th June - available online now at Also available by post - order online at or call 01484 401895 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm) Scroll down to find out what's inside... RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD - ISSUE 435 (JULY 2017) In shops from Friday 30th June - available online now at Not many people would have predicted Castleford’s exit from the Challenge Cup in a season where the Tigers looked set to sweep all before them. Clearly no one had handed Lee Radford and Hull FC a copy of that particular script as the holders booked themselves a spot in the semi-finals. However, despite the setback, Castleford’s steady rise to prominence under Daryl Powell remains a remarkable story and one we look at in depth this issue. As for the Challenge Cup itself, there were further shocks off the field when it was suggested that the final might move away from its traditional home at Wembley Stadium. We investigate the pros and cons in a special feature. With changes looking likely to the league structure in the not too distant future we take a look beyond Super League and the Championship to see if there any scope for movement between League 1 and the National Conference League. Leigh legend John Woods tells us what he’s up to these days and looks back on an incredible career and we also pay tribute to the late Arthur Bunting as our Time Machine takes a trip back to the early 1980s when his Hull side reigned supreme. There’s plenty more besides (see below) so download your copy now or nip out to the shop to get one and enjoy! John Drake Editor SACRED GROUNDS Stade Gilbert Brutus, Perpignan. MAMO NUMBER ONE Jake Mamo’s worthwhile journey to the Giants. GETTING THE BENEFIT Ted Chapelhow’s positive view of dual-registration. BOUNCING BACK Carl Ablett on the Rhinos’ resurgence. BEAST OF BOTH WORLDS Mahe Fonua swapping Super League for the NRL. STARTING OVER Paddy Flynn’s rediscovered passion for the game. COMPETITION TIME! Win a signed Leon Pryce autobiography. BULL MARKET Can Bradford keep young stars like Ethan Ryan & James Bentley? CANTERBURY TALES Casey’s career revival at Oxford. JOE ON THE GO Workington’s winning winger. ROOM AT THE TOP London Skolars women aiming high. OPPOSITES ATTRACT Can League 1 & NCL link up for success? RISING STAR Callum McGrath of Milford Marlins. TOUR-IFFIC Chester Gladiators inspiring a new generation. LIFE AFTER FOOTY NRL stars coping with retirement. A FILLIP FOR LEAGUE The Philippines gear up. TREIZISTE DIARY Making history across the Channel. BREATHING FIRE What’s going on in Wales? LETTERS FROM TORONTO Paul Rowley’s diary. LAST TACKLE Dave Hadfield is bowled over.
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  7. In other words, from the days when those parties won elections, rather than lost them.
  8. Ok. I think it is a vast over simplification to say 'they're all the same', though I understand many people think it to be true. Speaking as someone who has been a member of a political party for 25 years now, if I thought they were all the same, I'd have been wasting my time actively campaigning for one side against the other. Maybe I was? I doubt it though. I think this country would be a better place than it is now if Gordon Brown's Labour had won the election in 2010, or if Miliband's Labour had won in 2015. Not perfect, by any means, but definitely better than the divided, unhappy place it is now. It's easy to dismiss the middle ground and consensus, but that remains the place where elections are won and lost. For all the misplaced triumphalism of Corbyn's Labour, they lost the election by some distance. The last time Labour won an election, it was because it was firmly in the centre ground. I think the majority of people in this country like it that way and would prefer to see parties working more closely together on achievable aims rather than diverging to their extremes and aiming for greater division and in the case of some in the Labour Party these days, advocating some kind of class war. That's why I am and always have been an advocate of electoral reform and proportional representation. It forces parties to work together on areas of agreement and where there is public support, rather than claiming false mandates for radical programmes that have only been endorsed by a minority of the electorate.
  9. I got the literary reference, but didn't get what point it was being used to make.
  10. I'm not sure I understand what point you're making here tbh.
  11. I remain a Corbyn-sceptic. I think he's selling not much more than a bag of slogans to people. 'Vote Labour, get free stuff' - that's pretty much it, isn't it? It's as essentially dishonest, in my opinion, as 'Vote Leave and get £350 million a week extra for the NHS'. It's effective in garnering votes, yes, but impossible to deliver on if you win.
  12. Has anyone anywhere ever held up the Blair administration as a 'model of socialist thought and success' ? What does that even mean anyway? Love it or loathe it, Blair stood on a platform of 'New' Labour, something that was meant to be decidedly different from what Labour had been before. It would have been dishonest in the extreme to stand for election on such a platform, and then revert to doing stuff that people had explicitly not voted for. In electoral terms, New Labour was spectacularly successful, producing the longest sustained period of Labour government ever. It did some good stuff, and got some stuff wrong, but to call it basically 'Tory' as you did, and others do, is a gross distortion in my view. If Corbyn ever wins an election and gets into government, then we will have the opportunity to compare and contrast its actual achievements, rather than its sloganising.