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  1. Good summary. Tough game in mostly awful weather, a nailbiter right to the finish. Bulls did just enough to hang on at the end. I was relieved to hear the final hooter and see them get out of Cumbria with the 2 points on this occasion, unlike our last trip up there against Workington. It was a good crowd, especially given the weather: 1476. There was the usual decent away following from Bradford, but the Haven attendance was also up on the 1366 at Derwent Park when the Bulls played there earlier this season. Tannoy announcement at the ground said the bucket collection for the appeal fund had raised over £1200 on the day, and the Bulls supporters club had raised an additional £700. All positive.
  2. This week's show is now available to watch in full on via the link below
  3. John Drake

    Dual registration discussion

    Again, you write in terms of there being a fixed pool of decent players that can only be shared out a certain way and there aren't enough to go round. The aim should be to increase the player pool at every level, to increase opportunities for players to play Rugby League. For every SL player taking a spot in a Championship side, you are reducing the opportunity for a Championship player in that side, and so on it goes down through the league structure, until there are so few opportunities for players to play Rugby League, they choose to play other sports instead. Then we moan about how few decent players we have, when we haven't invested in finding them, developing their talent and giving them opportunities to play in the first place. That's not healthy.
  4. John Drake

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Aaaaah, I see.
  5. John Drake

    Dual registration discussion

    The challenge should be to increase the overall pool of players at every level, not just accept it is limited to what it is now and that it can never, ever grow. The SL clubs can't have their cake and eat it too, by wanting to cut the rest of the game adrift from all the cash, as they seem to want to do, but still use it as a dumping ground for players they cannot accommodate in their first teams because they want to save the expense of running reserve sides. It doesn't really improve the lower leagues to have players dropping in and out of it from SL on an irregular basis.
  6. John Drake

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    11.5 places? Does that mean one country only gets to send half a team? (Baffled by football).
  7. I'm off up to Whitehaven. Looking forward to the trip.
  8. Imagine what he'd have thought about streaming all the games free on Facebook!
  9. I have a feeling Bradford's position on this subject now will be a whole lot different from Bradford's position when a certain Chris Caisley was chairman and they were riding high in Super League. I'm off to the tin hat shop. Do they do them in red, amber and black, I wonder...?
  10. Me too! I'm just looking forward to the trip to Whitehaven on Sunday.
  11. I agree that nothing is ever quite as it seems. Politics will be at play on all sides.