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  1. SATURDAY 29TH JULY 2017 Ladbrokes Challenge Cup - Semi Final Hull FC v Leeds Rhinos KO 2.30pm (TV) at Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster Discuss the game here.
  2. SUNDAY 30TH JULY 2017 Ladbrokes Challenge Cup - Semi Final Wigan Warriors v Salford Red Devils KO 2.30pm at Halliwell Jones Stadium, Warrington Discuss the game here.
  3. Discuss all this weekend's Kingstone Press League 1 games here. SATURDAY 29TH JULY 2017 Kingstone Press League 1 Shield South Wales Ironmen v Gloucestershire All Golds KO 3pm at Stebonheath Park, Llanelli SUNDAY 30TH JULY 2017 Kingstone Press League 1 Super 8s Doncaster v Keighley Cougars KO 3pm Newcastle Thunder v Workington Town KO 3pm Whitehaven v Barrow Raiders KO 3pm York City Knights v Toronto Wolfpack KO 3pm Kingstone Press League 1 Shield Hemel Stags v Oxford KO 2pm Hunslet v Coventry Bears KO 3pm North Wales Crusaders v London Skolars KO 2.30pm
  4. Indeed we do! Hopefully Salford fans will enjoy it, and who knows, others might learn something from it too. On sale Friday... rush out and buy, loads of good stuff inside, etc
  5. Just removed one libellous post from this thread, which is now starting to veer off into personal argy bargy too rather than on topic discussion, so locking it now to prevent further deterioration.
  6. I've done some judicious editing/locking to try and resolve this matter. I think it is understandable that there are more threads on Toronto cropping up at the moment because it is of great interest to a lot of people for many different reasons, and we also have new forum members from Canada too who are keen to talk about the game, all of whom are very welcome on TRL. However, I take the point that some of these threads end up going down the same route of discussion, regardless of how they started, and that can get a bit boring/irritating if you're trying to follow them all. It would help if people used the report button the moment they see a post likely to send a thread veering off topic, as we can then try to stop that happening before a thread is ruined or becomes a duplicate discussion. It would also help if people chose not to respond to posts which are off topic, as that also helps keep the thread on its original trajectory rather than heading off down a cul-de-sac or into a personal argy bargy. TRL is big enough to accommodate all shades of opinion, but it is easier to follow when threads are kept on topic as much as possible, and people don't repeat the same arguments in every thread just for the sake of it. Let's see how we go from here. I'm locking this thread too, btw! PS: I should also point out that TRL has a dedicated Toronto Wolfpack club forum, which might be a good place to kick off a few Wolfpack related discussions in a more peaceful atmosphere.
  7. Several posts covering off-topic digressions already covered in a dozen other threads removed to attempt to salvage this one for ongoing on-topic discussion. Also changed the thread title to make it more obvious this is a thread about the history of RL in Canada, not the future, so no banging on about the Wolfpack in either direction please, or this'll end up locked n'all.
  8. Locking this as it is off topic now and heading for the usual cul-de-sac.
  9. The mailbag is the mailbag, written by the fans, and not a reflection of the editorial stance of the publication. It can only publish letters that people write, so if people write more moaning letters than positive ones, whose fault is that...? However, given that this thread began by someone commenting on a negative letter about Toronto in the mailbag, it's worth pointing out that this week's issue has several letters putting the opposite point of view, as will often happen. On that note, I'm going to suggest that (a) people rush out and buy League Express every week - of course! - and (b ) write more positive letters of their own to the mailbag rather than complaining (natch) about the negative ones. And (c) - I'm locking the thread as people are complaining there are too may Toronto threads on the go, all disappearing up the same cul-de-sac.
  10. Discuss Warrington Wolves v Widnes Vikings here.
  11. Discuss Hull FC v Huddersfield Giants here.
  12. Discuss Leigh Centurions v Salford Red Devils here.
  13. Discuss Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos here.
  14. Discuss Wakefield Trinity v St Helens here.