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  1. Due to it being a snap election, there are lots of seats where the parties - not just Labour - haven't picked their candidates yet. This explains better than I can what's happening in terms of candidate selection with all the main parties due to the exceptional circumstances involved:
  2. Wherever you're going, take a pic with the mag and send it in to us, we like to publish snaps of RLW on holidays. We don't get out much ourselves...
  3. Labour aren't going to win the General Election. There is no prospect whatsoever of Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM. Opinion polls are never that wrong! What there is a prospect of on June 8th is losing a load of good, moderate Labour MPs, because people think they're voting against Jeremy Corbyn when they're not, ending up with an even more enfeebled opposition in this country than we have already and a government with a landslide majority that will be held to account by no one for the next five years.
  4. Indeed. The 'constituency link' is always used by supporters of FPTP as a reason not to have a proportional electoral system (even though there are proportional systems that retain the constituency link), and now we have Theresa May - a supporter of FPTP, like her whole party - going round telling people 'give me your vote' when the only place she is on the ballot paper is Maidenhead. And she became PM in the first place without a single member of the general electorate voting for her to hold that position, and her MPs could ditch her whenever they want, without reference back to the electorate too. It's utterly ridiculous.
  5. I know I'm wasting my time saying this, but unless you live in Islington North, you wouldn't be voting for Jeremy Corbyn if you voted Labour. Nor any of the other party leaders unless you live in their constituency. Find out about your local candidates. Who are they, what are their views. Then make a decision based on that. It'll be them representing you in Parliament after 8th June if they win.
  6. [Off Topic] Can you please shorten your signature file. It is ridiculously long. Thanks.
  7. New issue is on shops today! Rush out and buy, tell us your thoughts...
  8. Would be interested on your thoughts on this year's feature once you've read it. We've done some of the stuff you mention before (places to visit in Newcastle, for example) and if we did the same every year (which we don't - last year we looked at the best ways to enjoy Magic on the telly) regular readers would complain about that, I'm sure. The problem we have as a monthly mag in covering the matches themselves is, we would either preview them at a time when too many things can change between writing the preview and publishing it (injuries etc) or we review them afterwards which would be (a) out of date by the time you read it and (b ) duplicating what's in League Express and all over the internet already. We try to offer something different.
  9. Can we have one month where people don't grumble about what's in RLW or prejudge articles before they've read them ? Of course not! Differing opinions on stuff are what keeps things interesting. Blimey, this forum would be a bit dull if everyone thought the same all the time, as would the mag. The Magic Weekend happens once a year. We cover it once a year. That's not really overdoing it. If we ignored it, we'd get complaints about that n'all. The Magic Weekend piece covers a range of views, from different people involved in the game, not just our opinion. Some want change, others don't. Who knows, you might even agree with parts of it, or even be persuaded to change your view. If you don't agree with a view expressed in the mag, you're free to write in and tell us why, and we'll probably publish it, because we love getting feedback, so long as it is constructive of course. (No one loves a whinger). And we're always open to suggestions as to how we should cover things in future, which apart from encouraging people to buy the new issue, is why me and m'colleague Ash post and participate in threads like this on TRL.