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  1. John Drake

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    Well, if you look at the opening post of this thread, it's just a moan. And it's a moan about people having nothing constructive to say, whilst at the same time saying absolutely nothing constructive whatsoever. Constructive feedback is always welcomed.
  2. John Drake

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    It's a given. RL fans just love to moan. If they dislike something, they'll be all over the forum telling everyone in precise detail exactly what they hated and you'll get a long thread about it. If they enjoy something, generally, they won't bother to tell anyone (perhaps out of fear someone else will tell them how unutterably stupid they were for enjoying such unspeakable rubbish). No one slagged off last week's Back Chat, btw, there's a very short thread on here about it. Kudos to Matt Shaw, Mick Hogan and Martyn Sadler who were on it, I guess, must've been a cracker!
  3. John Drake

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    You'd have to ask them that question. Worth pointing out though, that Sky's Golden Point didn't actually exist until Back Chat started airing regularly on Thursday evenings on Freesports this year, so who's spoiling who...???
  4. John Drake

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    We don't host the stream on TotalRL. It's just a link provided to us each week by the producers of the show.
  5. John Drake

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    28 million (according to my rugby union calculator ) I don't know the actual weekly viewing figures, Martyn might have them available. I seem to recall some were posted on here a while back, one episode got 50k-ish, others around 30k, something like that.
  6. John Drake

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    That's a bit, er, bitter.
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