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  1. I'm going to be away on annual leave for a few weeks, taking a trip on the Trans-Siberian Express from St Petersburg to Beijing, via Moscow, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Ulaanbataar in Mongolia. That's an awful lot of visas and vaccinations... I'm leaving the forum in the capable hands of ckn who I'm sure will exercise his absolute power in the style of a benevolent rather than a ruthless dictator (unless you break the rules in cross-code), and Old Frightful who has kindly agreed to keep posting the match threads on the main forum in my absence. Please be good and follow the rules, and use the report button to flag up any problems as they arise, not that they will if everyone is good and, er, follows the rules. If I find any wi-fi while I'm on my travels, I may pop in and post an update, but otherwise I'll be fairly quiet on here between 1st to 25th Sept. I've left instructions with LPL colleagues on how to fix things if the forum falls over, but hopefully we've caught all the bugs following the recent updates and stability will reign. I'm taking a copy of Rugby League World with me, as I spend a lot of time nagging readers to do likewise and send in pix with the mag in front of local landmarks when they go on hols, so it would be remiss of me not to lead by example.
  2. 'Site Going Down

    We marry in November
  3. 'Site Going Down

    I did! I did! The original update was issued weeks ago, and I ignored it. Two patches were then added to it, and I ignored those too. Then, cos it was Bank Holiday and I was working and it was fairly quiet on here I thought I'd go ahead, and.... CRASH!!!!!!! Several support tickets later, and after much fretting, hair tearing out and banging my head on my desk, I'm told all will be well from now on. Let's see...
  4. 'Site Going Down

    Forum software was updated this morning. Usually leads to a few problems till the bugs are ironed out of it. I knew I shouldn't have hit the button that said 'upgrade'.
  5. RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD ISSUE 437 IS OUT NOW! In shops now / Click here to read it online / Click here to order a copy by post We’re reaching the business end of the season when the big prizes start to be claimed. Our cover stars Danny Houghton (Hull FC) and Anthony Gelling (Wigan Warriors) have already made it to Wembley and both will also have their eyes fixed firmly on Old Trafford too. Will we see a club claiming the double this year? League leaders Castleford Tigers will have something to say about that, as will the rest of the clubs still in the mix for Grand Final glory. One player who knows all about winning silverware is Rob Burrow, who is calling time on his highly decorated playing career with Leeds Rhinos and he talks to us about his decision to retire. In the first of a two part feature, Michael Carter reveals the story behind his takeover at Wakefield Trinity and how he’s turned the club from relegation battlers to top four challengers without breaking the bank. Further down the ranks, we investigate the future of League 1, where Rugby League tradition and expansion currently sit somewhat uneasily together and several clubs are finding the going particularly tough. Does it need to change, and if so, how? Tough questions with no easy answers. In the Championship, we hear from John Duffy on his move from crisis-torn Swinton to promotion-chasing Featherstone, and Neil Kelly at Dewsbury who has turned the Rams’ season around since his return to the club. Looking back in time, we chat to Featherstone Rovers legend Ken Greatorex who was a Wembley winner 50 years ago , when Queen Elizabeth II presented the Challenge Cup. For something a little different, we have coverage of the Wheelchair World Cup in France and the story behind a new Rugby League-themed play hitting the stage this month. We’ve also got two great competitions! You could win a 2 x £50 tickets to the Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford courtesy of National Holidays, or a copy of Simply The Best by Frank Malley, the story of Wigan’s incredible run of 8 consecutive Challenge Cup final triumphs. In addition to all this we have our regular line up of grassroots, women’s and international features to make Rugby League World a great read for the whole game. If you haven’t bought the mag for a while, now’s the time to dive right back in. If you’re new to Rugby League World, give it a try, we hope you enjoy it! Once you had a read, come back and tell us your thoughts, we encourage feedback from our readers via Twitter, Facebook and here on the Forum and we use it to make the mag even better in future.
  6. By the way, some of my previous witterings from RLW's Page XIII editorials can be read (gratis) on the RLW homepage on via the link below.
  7. Publicity that doesn't result in people buying the mag = bad publicity. Did I mention it's available now online at and in shops tomorrow...? If people want to pull my column to bits after they've read it, that's fine by me. I didn't write it to stir up a controversy. It's just what I think about the situation. I'm interested to know what others think too.
  8. In the new issue of Rugby League World, we chat to Featherstone Rovers legend Ken Greatorex who was a Wembley winner 50 years ago, when Queen Elizabeth II presented the Challenge Cup. The new mag is online now at and in shops from Friday. It can also be ordered from
  9. I'd prefer to direct people to the article he's commenting on in Rugby League World, as it's me who wrote it and a lot of people who haven't read it seem to be getting the wrong end of the stick about what's been written. Online now at and in shops tomorrow...
  10. The TV Thread

    Well now, this is both unexpected and exciting! The League of Gentlemen to return to BBC Two
  11. Man gotta mag to sell!
  12. I hope everyone commenting is going to rush out and buy the new issue of Rugby League World to see what I've actually written on this subject...? It will be in shops tomorrow but if you just can't wait that long, it's online now at - full of good quality reading and (ahem) thought-provoking comment.
  13. We featured North Wales already in our April issue, discussing exactly those topics, and we have a regular monthly feature in the mag called 'Breathing Fire' focusing on Wales, which this month has an interview with Andrew Thorne talking about his takeover of South Wales Ironmen and the move to West Wales.
  14. We interrupt this thread to bring you a short advert... There's a six page feature in the new Rugby League World mag (online now at & in shops tomorrow) on the future of League 1, what's right with it, what's wrong with it, with thoughts from a selection of club coaches including Tom Tsang (Coventry Bears), Gary Thornton (Hunslet), Lee Greenwood (Gloucs All Golds) and Carl Forster (Whitehaven). Also in the mag, an interview with Newcastle Thunder coach Jason Payne on how they turned their season around, and Hunslet's Matt Carbutt explains why he's hung up his boots to focus on his career as a head teacher, so plenty to interest League 1 fans in this issue. Rush out and buy, etc...
  15. Decline in TRL Messageboard use ?

    This one will probably come in handy after the official attendance is announced at Wembley on Saturday...