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  1. How are you going to build trust again? GL: "Just because you sit up here, people shouldn't just nod their heads. We're well aware we have to earn their respect and trust." GL: "We haven't got a magic wand. We can only win people over by being up front." Correct.
  2. I'd say that the club's remaining fans would want the club to survive, first and foremost. Trust me, it is no fun whatsoever when your club goes into administration at the end of every season. Considering that many Bulls fans had expressed hopes the new club would reform in League 1, rather than be pitched unprepared into the Championship this season, I think they have a pretty realistic set of expectations, and are not demanding or expecting outlandish promises of a return to the glory days of Super League any time soon. If the new owners were to make such promises, the only question Bulls fans would be asking is 'who's paying for it?' and if they can't produce a believable, verifiable answer we all know where it will end. And that won't be anywhere near Super League, it'll be in another administration. What's the point of that? If this incarnation of the club is still a functioning business at the start of next season, whatever happens this year, that can be regarded as genuine progress. Honesty will reap them more dividends now and in the future than any amount of false promises.
  3. Haven't heard that in a long time...
  4. Well the AGM went ok. No heads were banged, no desks were damaged. I emerged intact as the Branch Secretary (no one else wanted the job, basically) as did the other office holders, and the whole thing was very convivial. We have three very good, very committed, hard working local Councillors in our ward, and all the talk was about planning street surgeries for the year ahead (we have no scheduled elections, thankfully) so we can help them get out across the ward talking to as many local residents as possible to offer help with any issues they may have. Fairly sure the bulk of those issues will be about parking, wheelie bins, the local library, anti-social behaviour, litter and dog poo. Our branch feels like a little oasis of calm amidst the madness. It keeps me going. It gives me some small hope that one day, some kind of sanity will once again return to the upper echelons of the Labour Party.
  5. I genuinely don't know how anyone can feel well qualified to comment about how a club with no staff, an as yet unknown coach, not enough officially signed players to make a 17, an as yet unknown amount of funding and a twelve point deduction will fare in the Championship with no pre-season and less than two weeks preparation before their first match away to the strongest side in the competition. It's an unprecedented situation. It can only be guesswork. Bradford have started seasons in much better shape than this, but still ended them in administration, so who the hell knows how this one's going to unfold. This isn't negativity, it's just realism.
  6. I used to be an optimist but I've had it crushed out of me.
  7. Agree with all that.
  8. Precisely. As for the 'RFL's obsession with recruiting people with RL experience' (if that is the case) it is probably a result of them previously allowing Omar Khan and Marc Green to take ownership of the club, those gentlemen having zero RL experience. When you've had your fingers burned twice, it would be really stupid to stick them back in the fire a third time. But all this simply illustrates the caution being displayed by Bulls fans as to what is going on at the moment, a caution that so many people seem to find really difficult to understand.
  9. As you say, the old club went bust owing a couple of million quid. But you want us to stick our heads in the sand, pretend everything is just hunky dory, not complain, not criticise, not ask any difficult questions, be grateful even, and just basically shut up and (here it comes again) 'move on'. Such complacency is, in my view, what allows these calamities to keep befalling the club. I don't think people should just accept what they're told, because you know what we've discovered over the past decade in Bradford? People don't always tell the truth.
  10. You think I'm being confrontational, I am simply weary of it all. Weary of being told how to feel. Weary of being told to be grateful. Weary of being expected to accept any old tut so long as it bears the name 'Bradford Bulls' and keep shelling out the cash like nothing's happened. Have you any concept of how patronising your above post is? I guess not, or you may have thought twice about posting it.
  11. I think we're done with people offering advice, tbh. Seems everyone knows better than Bradford fans themselves how they should feel and what they should do, and will never tire of telling us.
  12. If Bradford are able to throw a squad together in a fortnight, under a new as yet unnamed coach, overcome a twelve point deduction and survive in the Championship this season, as some (non-Bradford fans) are suggesting is perfectly feasible, it makes me wonder why all the other clubs bother with such nonsense as pre-season training. I mean, why bother, if it's all so easy anyway? And why didn't the RFL just chuck Toronto into League 1 last season instead of making them wait a year, when apparently it's now possible to set a whole club up from nothing in two weeks?
  13. Are you defending the Beeb, John...?
  14. No need to take your bat and ball home. Comment away. Just don't be surprised if Bulls fans get narked by being told to move on.
  15. Here's the reply from who monitor the site for us: I was not able to replicate the issue regarding the Kaspersky warning at the moment. I've checked that the page is not blacklisted anywhere: And I also tried openning this page on the computer with Kaspersky Total Security installed - and I got no reaction on this page. Can you please provide more details regarding this issue so we can try to replicate it and find the reason?