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    Aaaaand locked.
  2. John Drake

    watching england v france?

    Please use the pinned thread to discuss this match, thanks. Gets messy when same questions are asked in multiple places.
  3. John Drake

    England v France

    Please use the pinned thread to discuss this match. Thanks.
  4. John Drake

    85000 at Wembley

    Probably time to punt this across to AOB now...
  5. Workington to head to Swinton with 12 players after dispensation appeal rejected
  6. John Drake

    The TV Thread

    Don't go blaming the Draconians... it could start a war!
  7. John Drake

    The TV Thread

    You have the right to turn the telly to another channel when Matt Baker's on, but as you're only one of several millions of licence payers, why should you have the right to sack him? My mum thinks he's lovely.
  8. John Drake

    The TV Thread

  9. John Drake

    The TV Thread

    I thought it was really, really good. I’m a generally uncritical audience anyway (I survived Time and the Rani, Sylvester McCoy’s godawful debut story) but I liked the look and feel of the first episode. It delivered what it promised: a stepping on point for people who haven’t watched it before and a returning point for people who had given up on the timey-wimey, confusey-woosy Steven Moffat era. I know at least two people who fall into the latter category who watched the new episode and said they loved it. It definitely had a more Russell T Davies vibe about it and I thought Jodie Whittaker was great, a very assured debut, very 'Doctor-ish', brushing off the gender change in a throwaway line as if it didn't really matter (because y'know, it doesn't really matter). The straightforward storytelling was refreshing. The closing credits were unusual, bigging up the forthcoming guest actors by name, but I guess it’s a statement of intent about how they are doing things quite differently now. Overnight viewing figure of 8.2 million and the generally positive reaction on social media suggests this show still has a good few years left in it yet.
  10. Discuss the Championship/League 1 Promotion/Relegation play-off game Swinton Lions v Workington Town here.
  11. Discuss the Super League Grand Final Warrington Wolves v Wigan Warriors here.
  12. John Drake

    TRL on my PC

    Including me, trying to fix the damn thing!
  13. John Drake

    Forum server problems...

    A bit of maintenance that took way longer than expected and with several unscheduled breakdowns (technical, plus mental and emotional on my part whenever this happens). I think it's all ok now. (Famous last words)
  14. John Drake

    TRL on my PC

    Ok folks, I think it's fixed now... (runs and hides)