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  1. I do agree on this front though, that I'd have preferred the order to be the other way around. Do the other clubs have other commitments the week before? I don't know. Perhaps scheduling of grounds was an issue? I can't say.
  2. Does it show that we have great clubs worth watching? Sponsoring? Playing against more regularly? Having only a dozen or so players in the NRL actually makes our competition seem really weak.
  3. Exactly. You can't do that in a non-RL area. It'd just be a jolly. Here, there's a real chance to showcase our league and strengthen its footing on the world stage against the best.
  4. That's like saying the NFL wasn't new to the UK because they already knew what it was. That's like saying it's pointless trying to sell PL games to China, etc. because they already know what football is. Unless it's being sold to them, a live SL game is a new product, and cross-league games are new products (only one in 20 years over there I believe). Are you intentionally missing the point? Or just not reading others posts? This has nothing to do with exposing rugby league to a new audience. Nothing to do with non-RL fans. It's all about exposing SL to a ready made market of RL fans. Ones that love their rugby league but might want it in a different flavour from time to time. It's not about getting Sheila from watching cricket and checking the RL out instead. It's about changing perceptions that Australians have of our league, our players and our clubs. It's about forging links with players, agents, sponsors, clubs, coaches and executives over there and expanding our (whether that be SL's, Hull's or Wigan's) network. It's about making money. It's about strengthening our current clubs and strengthening our current product, not changing it every two minutes. I have faith that two of our biggest clubs will be able to attract a decent crowd in the biggest rugby league market in the planet. I hope it's the beginning of more cross-league games and cross-league relations.
  5. I agree that there seems to be no real strategy. However, whether people want to admit it or not, this current system has seen a lot of expansion and allowed backers to work their way through the system. The issue is they haven't thought about where all these new clubs will go if they all make it. Perhaps if there's an open strategy, say "when x amount are fully professional, we aim to create a second top flight league parallel to the English league." That could encourage more foreign clubs to enter and try and become part of it, and at the same time avoid discouraging other English clubs who see their path to the top shrinking.
  6. Which is why I don't think people are understanding the point of this. For people to keep suggesting Perth defeats the point of the trip. Playing in Perth will not spread Super League's awareness and appeal in Aus. Playing in Sydney will.
  7. And that depends completely on the restructure of the other leagues. We currently have 40 (12 + 12 + 16) in our system. Four more would make an ideal 12 + 12 + 10 + 10. If they go to 14 clubs in the top 2 divisions, that leaves 14 + 14 + 12 and no need to add extra clubs, although there are more wanting to join. Two more would make 3 even leagues of 14 and your biggest four clubs out of League 1.
  8. Err... Money for the clubs? Money for the local economy? An atmosphere at the game to improve the experience for the new market? A new experience for the current market to increase their investment in their team/sport? When we take games on the road, do we only sell for one market? Absolutely not.
  9. Unless they create a League 2?
  10. Which Featherstone fan came up with that one? If people are going to pick and choose teams, Toulouse would surely be above Fev in the pecking order in terms of potential growth. Either way, it ain't gonna happen unless the split into conferences.
  11. That's assuming that only people from the local area will attend. For novelty value alone, others will travel. Not to mention ex-pats and tourists traveling down from England.
  12. Who is this we you talk of? Rugby league or Super League? Or Wigan? Or Hull? Australia is not the same market for Super League. Nor Wigan, nor Hull. These are new markets for them and areas in which they can and probably will see growth after this. Super League is also a new product for NSW to sell and one that many who like rugby league will take an interest in. Awareness is only one step. You don't just stop there and decide that's it or not. Wigan and Hull have already made gains through links Down Under. If people cannot see what can be gained from this they either aren't looking hard enough, don't want to look or don't know what they're looking for. It's so much more than just a couple of games. Which event?
  13. Why do people keep looking at this from a "rugby league" point of view. This isn't about expanding the appeal of rugby league, it's about expanding the appeal of Super League. It's about bringing more money in to the league and creating awareness of the league. You're not going to achieve that much by going to China or New York. It'd take a huge effort to do that there. By bringing our two closest leagues closer together, they can then work collaboratively to expand the footprint. If Wigan v Catalans can draw 8k in London but 20k+ in Sydney, then that tells you all about which market is ripe for picking. More financial benefits will come from this venture than going into unknown territory (which could probably end up costing the game money).
  14. And if they're scheduled against each other on the Magic Weekend also, then at least Wigan fans will get to see two games against Hull on the shores. Would make sense...
  15. Any changes being discussed are surely for 2019? How on Earth could they expand the league next year without prior warning? They'd open themselves up to too many lawsuits.