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  1. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    That's the one.
  2. They wanted the Summer Bash as well.
  3. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Is it me, or whenever you see the name Tiger-Cats you instantly think of an ill-fated merger between Castleford and Wakefield?!
  4. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Hang on, didn't some people say that Toronto only started in League 1 because the RFL insisted they had to and they'd actually have preferred to start higher up? This suggests otherwise.
  5. Sky sports

    Is that just sports? Or did you have to sign up to other channels too? Between Netflix and other online streaming, I don't even use Sky anymore except for sports. I cancelled it when my contact ran out at Christmas and they offered me 50% off. Would have taken it but don't fancy paying £40 a month for the odd sporting event. I'll wait and see when they offer me a decent package on Sky Q.
  6. What do Leigh offer Super League?

    I can see why Leigh fans get their noses up at people with threads like this. This is basically just an attack on Leigh and an invite for others to attack Leigh as well as bait for Leigh fans to get on the defensive. Had the opening post been presented more neutrally, maybe it wouldn't have the appearance. But the OP has come right out of the box with potshots at the club. FWIW, I think Leigh offer more than a few clubs in SL. I don't think they offer more in potential than some of the new proposals. But should they meet criteria for promotion, they certainly deserve their shot just as much as the Wakefields, Castlefords, Hull KRs, Huddersfields, Widneses and Salfords of this world. The fact I've named half the league as being just as big a club as they are is (despite being sat outside of the tip echelons in the game for so long) is telling in why they might feel hard done to when they say they won't offer anything so shouldn't be in. What do those other six offer that Leigh don't? Until we have all these other clubs with potential ready to step up, don't discount Leigh any more than those other six.
  7. A polite request: Trolls

    I must not go on this forum enough these days because I never saw any!
  8. WCC Scheduling

    With the new direction SL seems to be going in, will they be in charge of scheduling this competition in the future rather than the RFL?
  9. Kato Ottio

    That's awful news. So sudden and so young. Condolences with all that are close. RIP.
  10. It's attention seeking. He obviously doesn't really think that and wouldn't put money in it. Kind of like when Phil Clarke tipped Salford for top spot in 2014.
  11. League Restructure 2019

    Rugby league often innovates for the sake of it. "Club Call" for example. But claiming female touch judges as a rugby league innovation is ridiculous. They'd had them in football for years, as had other sports. Charity shirts have been about in many sports. Mic'd up players happened in the NFL for donkeys. They are not rugby league innovations one bit. Just because we put them in our game before union doesn't make them our innovations. The RFL does try to innovate the sport. But sometimes they try to change what isn't broken and end up breaking it with their "innovations".
  12. League Restructure 2019

    Yes, because they were all RFL innovations. I'll give you Magic Weekend. That's about it.
  13. League Restructure 2019

    I think most SL clubs, if not all, would be in a similar state as those clubs in the Championship without TV money. It is the lifeblood off all professional sport, not just rugby league. I don't think that's the right question to ask as it doesn't prove anything of note. The right question to ask is surely how many Championship clubs would be the size of SL clubs if they were given TV funding? This is were I agree with your last statement. Some clubs are were they are because TV money became available at the right time. Had that happened at a different moment in history, there'd be a few different clubs, some of which may have kicked on a lot more (and may not have, let's keep this balanced). How can anyone fairly select from a group of very similar clubs from similar areas? Why not just let them battle it out? Why can't we have two approaches, like in RU, were they have a P&R league in the Aviva Premiership and a licensed expansion league in the Pro14?
  14. League Restructure 2019

    The only reason I wouldn't support this is because past experience has shown they would effectively try and kill us off to take our assets. At least we have a choice of killing ourselves other not!
  15. League Restructure 2019

    Anything from this century in there?