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  1. Not sure about anyone else, but I've never found a debt exciting!
  2. I've anyways thought there was huge potential at York, ever since they reformed in the early 00s and started getting the occasional 3k crowd. Hopefully this is the start of something big for them.
  3. If Hull or Wigan qualify for the WCS, then these can be warm up games for it and they can play it over there.
  4. I think the ones that fear their club will be replaced are doing so because the strategy for expansion is not clear. For me, the thought of 6 English clubs and 6 foreign clubs is ridiculous. If we have the ability to have 12-14 full time English clubs, why ditch them? If we see so many foreign clubs, then they can break off into their own comp like in union. In theory, if we let a few in now, eventually there'll be enough to break away. Then expansion will never be in issue for the English league. Expansion clubs can join that league (and come together in a separate competition with the English clubs).
  5. Complete non-starter. If a club makes the semis of both competitions (which has happened in the past), then you're screwed.
  6. So how come Toulouse have suddenly sprung back to life? Do they have their best players back again? If so, I really hope they can turn it around next week. Should they win, I will actually cheer for a Rovers win at Halifax. I really want to see a French derby! Out of interest, should Toulouse make it to 4th place, and now Catalans are confirmed 10th, who would be at home?
  7. When you are outwitted and then complain others are obsessed, you can't then claim they have thin skin too 😂 Couldn't make it up. If you can't take it, don't try and give it 😂
  8. Posts on a Hull match that, has a cheap yet obvious dig at Hull's current league position, yet the response to this is obsession? 😂 Don't play the "I wasn't sure" card. You knew exactly what you were doing but didn't think about how easy that comeback was. Think harder next time 😂
  9. You can't make it from the Championship, I know that 😉
  10. What an awful game that sounded on the radio. Sounds like the same issues for Hull recently. Cannot hold on to the ball. We're our own worst enemies. We seemed to be building all the time and then an anti-climax. Would like to hear more about this no try though against Hull in the last 10. Seemed to be a long delay before turning it down. Fair play to Leeds. 2 early injuries so they've had to dig deep to get that win. Think we all know that this isn't the one that matters though and that both sides will want the one in 2 weeks more.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking.
  12. Yes, that is exactly what they're saying. 9k is not good enough for an international. And so they should be saying that. Don't be so incredibly selfish. Think about the entire game, but just the needs of your town.
  13. Let's not forget that there are loads of players in Australia and NZ that these be clubs could take, not just British.
  14. That was my thoughts. Although I don't like the name "Alliance" anymore because it sounds like the old reserve league. The Confederation Conference, or the Coalition Conference (because it won't be permanent as the hope is to expand it into a French and North American Conference in the future). But it would be far easier to get the likes of Catalans, Toulouse, Toronto, Avignon and Montreal into a new full time conference if the already exist, are already recognisable and are already fairly competitive. That's why I don't mind this system of entering overseas clubs into the British system as a means of producing suitable expansion clubs.
  15. Conferences. The only way you'll get to protect some clubs (in a separate conference) whilst being able to relegate others. We just need 6 clubs in order to create an expansion conference. We've only really got 3 (four of you include London).