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  1. He would make rugby league great again though...
  2. How can you prefer that over the Bilgi Badgers?!
  3. Can they not play at Orrell anymore?
  4. I wouldn't exactly call their new system an improvement on ours either. For us to emulate there's, we'd have to have a "Super 6" stage instead, play everyone in that once (so 28 fixtures if you include Magic). Bottom 6 wouldn't be able to qualify, instead having to pay 5 games to avoid relegation. Then a small relegation series. I can't imagine the bottom 6 being an enjoyable and watchable competition.
  5. Bradford were stuffed due to straight relegation, not this system. The Hull derby has gone, but the Wigan-Leigh derby returns, as do other derby games in the area involving Leigh. Swings and roundabouts. And don't big TV ratings convert into money via the TV deal down the line? High ratings are what the future is.
  6. I see they've ditched the blue in the Broncos badge? Makes sense if they're not playing in blue anymore! That kit rebrand lasted long!
  7. And you called him obsessed... I suppose he's not quite at the level of buying a registration plate of the other side yet.
  8. If people are willing to turn up and pay, why give it away for free? It costs to open up a stadium to the fans, you know. A quite ridiculous comment really.
  9. I'd hate for London to go up this year. They clearly aren't ready for it. Where would they play? I'm pretty sure their current ground is not SL standard. If anyone, I'd love Toulouse to go up. Far better for the game if the happened.
  10. I don't blame you. Can someone please quote where any Bradford fan has said they deserve special treatment? Or that it wasn't their fault? Or that they think they should start in the Championship? Or that they don't think they should have points deducted? I've never seen one suggest otherwise. Ask any Bradford fan what they'd want and this wouldn't be it.
  11. Good God, I hope not!
  12. I wonder if it would be a better option to promote another club from League 1 with exemption from relegation due to short time frame? Surely that would look better than a new Bulls with -12?
  13. The RFL can't just add an extra spot in League 1 for Bradford at 4 weeks notice. It's just not possible. When people are saying that they shouldn't be allowed to enter the Championship, then there are only two options left: swap them with another League 1 club to make room for them, or wait until 2018 and play with 11 in the Championship. The former requires a club to volunteer to step up (something that no League 1 club has made any sounds about doing throughout this whole fiasco) so is unlikely. The latter will ruin the fixture list for the Championship as the Blackpool Summer Bash cannot work with an odd number of teams so (unless they add an extra fixture to the season) they'd have to cancel the event or change it to a Nines event. One of the League 1 clubs stepping up would be the preferred option for all, but who's going to want to? Toronto definitely can't. It's a logistical nightmare at this stage. Only Worky, Haven or Barrow should be offered, and I doubt any would want to at short notice. Oh dear.