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  1. Hardly too big an impact. We could have more of these a year.
  2. Yeah I know they're nothing alike; I'm just making the point that the ball carrier has some responsibility too. It can't all be on the tackler. I'd expect an accidental call on Watts too. We'll have to agree to disagree.
  3. This time last year, people were saying "it'll be all the same, no one will go down" etc. Now everyone's looking over their shoulder. Just how it should be. No room for complacency.
  4. Didn't National League 2 Hunslet beat Super League Huddersfield in 2003? That's a big shock.
  5. I've not disputed it being a high tackle. I'm disputing it being a red card. You could risk giving a head high tackling around the waist if the player ducks quickly enough. And I don't agree that the ball carrier has the right to have his head where he likes either. He has a duty of care to himself also surely? If a player positions his head in a prone position (e.g. Ducking into a tackle), then that's his own fault. Not saying that's anything like what happened, but some you can't put all the onus on the tackler; sometimes there's nothing he can do.
  6. Can't say I agree at all. It's a tough game, people can get knocked out in any tackle by poor positioning. There's sometimes nothing you can do to avoid it if going in to a tackle. Players will dip. But how can you anticipate that? A red card is for reckless, careless or deliberate foul play. I don't see how having your arm low, aiming low where the ball was originally when committing to the tackle and connecting with the ball first is any of those. The only way he could have avoided that would have been either to have actually aimed high (and missed) or to have not tried to tackle him which could have led to a break.
  7. You also said "You couldn't say Watts had no time to react," so let's not pretend there's no inference to your writing. If you think someone has time to react, but doesn't, would that not be down to choice? I don't know why you think I'm angry? I'm just intrigued in your opinion. We just beat top of the league with 12 men, I'm pretty happy!
  8. I suppose the Canadians like that style though. Have you seen NHL?!
  9. So if you're saying he had time to react, are you saying he did it intentionally?
  10. Not the clearest of pics, but you can see the height of the player's head at impact. Not much Watts could do there.
  11. Never a red. His arm is below his chest pretty much. Clearly fallen into the tackle. Penalty for contact to the head and just an unfortunate position.
  12. That was an amazing effort! Seriously, Cas must have had 60 minutes of possession in our half. Every set they had, they finished near the line. How on Earth they didn't manage a win, I have no idea! Well done Hull. I'd say Cas were unlucky, but to be 18-0 down so quickly in the game before the red card, it could have been a lot more. They were lucky to be in the game at all.
  13. No way can we hold out this pressure for the full game. Cas fans sound like they're winning as their team come off for half time. They know we won't hold it too. Robbed of another decent game it seems. Whether it was a good decision or not, I'll wait until I can see it properly. If it was deserved, then that's another loss Watts has (probably) caused. Such a shame because he's a great player outside the odd stupid decision.
  14. Well, this game has changed. I couldn't see what happened from where I was so don't know if it was as bad as the injury looked. Watts felt like he was hard done to. Can't see each Hull win now.