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  1. I suppose being in League 1 gives them a chance to blood a few locals with the knowledge that they've got enough strength in other parts of the field to make up for the initial weakness.
  2. They've signed Kez as well?!
  3. If we're going to add North American teams, why would the ultimate aim be for them to break away and form their own league? We want to keep them attached to us if that's where the money could be in the future. By all means, have a conference for them. But a Northern Hemisphere final could be a bigger sell overall and attract a lot of sponsors. We could have a European final and NA final beforehand leading into a Champions' League style competition that comes under the Super League banner (like the Super Bowl).
  4. Anyone got a squad number list for Toronto? Can't tell who is who from here!
  5. Which part? I've never noticed that. Great episode though 😂
  6. I watched this episode last night. How did I not notice it?! I love this show. If you don't watch it, give it a chance. Charlie Kelly is the best character on TV 😂
  7. I see what you did there. Have an Apple.
  8. A recognisable brand doesn't need its name on the logo. That's the issue really!
  9. He would make rugby league great again though...
  10. How can you prefer that over the Bilgi Badgers?!
  11. Can they not play at Orrell anymore?
  12. I wouldn't exactly call their new system an improvement on ours either. For us to emulate there's, we'd have to have a "Super 6" stage instead, play everyone in that once (so 28 fixtures if you include Magic). Bottom 6 wouldn't be able to qualify, instead having to pay 5 games to avoid relegation. Then a small relegation series. I can't imagine the bottom 6 being an enjoyable and watchable competition.
  13. Bradford were stuffed due to straight relegation, not this system. The Hull derby has gone, but the Wigan-Leigh derby returns, as do other derby games in the area involving Leigh. Swings and roundabouts. And don't big TV ratings convert into money via the TV deal down the line? High ratings are what the future is.