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    Obituary Thread - 2018

    This obituary is worth a read, especially the opening bit about Bergen-Belsen: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25738224 A Jewish Allied soldier, faced with the results of such very human brutality, still giving away his rations to hungry German children.
  2. Futtocks

    Golden Point ?

    I think, with the already busy fixture list in SL/Champs, we do need a good decider strategy for cup games. Draws in regular league fixtures are fine, and actually make the end-of-season mathematics a little more interesting. Now, how about an "off-clock" for card offences? If a sin-binned player doesn't get off the field of play within a certain time, his card's upgraded to red. If he's actually been red-carded and meanders off slowly, have that fact added to the disciplinary board's considerations on the following Tuesday (I think this might prove popular...)
  3. Futtocks

    Food and drink thread

    Just been to both of these for the first time. McKanna: Gloucestershire Old Spot sausages, a brace of pigeon and a bag of their own glorious pork scratchings. Real pork scratchings, not those disappointing puffed skin ones you get increasingly more often these days. Terroni: Taleggio, fennel salami, a bulb of smoked garlic and a cheese with flecks of chilli in it. Not a bad haul.
  4. Futtocks

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Sorry to hear the news, John.
  5. Futtocks

    Golden Point ?

    My two penn'orth is that shot-clocks are a good idea. As for Golden Point, if we have them I've suggested before that the first try in extra time should be an immediate winner, but any kicks (DGs or penalties) just go on the scoreboard 'til the end of that period and don't decide the match 'til then. You will still get teams going for early kicks to gain a lead, but also looking for that try which will seal the game there and then. More options, more variety in extra time.
  6. Having lost or damaged various of the volumes over the years, I bought the complete set of 'Flashman' books on Kindle*. First up, 'Flashman and the Mountain of Light', which concerns the first Anglo-Sikh war (1845-6). *with a Kindle, you can tap from the text to the historical notes and footnotes, and back again, which is very useful for these books.
  7. Do I respond to rude/selfish people? I live in London, and life's too short to bother every single time. Most people like that are too stupid to understand that they're not the centre of the universe, so you're wasting your breath on them anyway.
  8. Futtocks

    anyone taking time off to watch ENWC?

    Very much looking forward to this, and hope to catch as many live-streamed games as I can.
  9. The picture's fine, viewing via my TV's browser.
  10. Sunday 16th September, 2:30pm League 1 North Wales Crusaders v Doncaster
  11. Futtocks

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    I don't buy sweets very often, but sometimes there's nothing that'll do but a bag of Tangfastics.
  12. In North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has a museum that includes a Wigan shirt among its exhibits! https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/kim-jong-uns-mad-museum-13249470 Proof, if Just Browny or anyone else needed it, that the Warriors are part of the Axis of Evil. Or something.
  13. Tried any Gregory Benford? A proper actual scientist who also writes SF. My first, and favourite book of his is 'In the Ocean of Night' which spawned a whole bunch of sequels in the 'Galactic Centre' series. There are a few passages about sex which are a bit clunky and naff, but they are mercifully brief and the central character is strongly written and the sub-plots integrate well. It also builds a scenario that the sequels expand upon, if you liked the original book. Mind you, some of the science in the later books is seriously weird, but he's the expert.
  14. Futtocks

    NRL Women's League - Round 2

    The highlights packages from the NRL on Nine YouTube channel for WNRL are over 7 minutes for each match. That's more than UK fans get per SL game on the BBC. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBVrn_SGKAOv3yKPi4Oc3-A
  15. Futtocks

    Tom Johnstone

    Charnley's played both left and right on the Wing. That makes him a good pick for internationals, when you need a guy who can fill in where necessary. TJ will get his chance if he carries on performing like this. It is so much better for England or GB to have multiple contenders for any position than just one obvious name.
  16. Futtocks

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    The actor Dudley Sutton, aged 85.
  17. Conversion hooked wide, so it looks like it'll be level scores at the hooter.
  18. But they talk some funny moon-man language, while you can understand a Canadian.
  19. This must be a tough watch for the anti-expansionists. Who should they back, given a choice between the foreigners and the foreigners?
  20. Yes, but that's an optical illusion concocted by those devious Canucks. There are only 20 people there really, and 18 of them have free tickets.
  21. And Toronto take advantage with a try for Rawsthorne.