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  1. Wigan are pushing themselves up to and occasionally beyond the limit to try and contain St Helens. More penalties to come as the pressure increases, I think. The news on Tom Davies is not good at all - a broken leg.
  2. Doesn't look nice at all, and Wigan are already preparing a replacement.
  3. Wigan mascots doing the "Joining Jack". Good crowd. Sun shining. Plenty to complain about, I'm sure.
  4. Did Jake Connor just quote David Kidwell's "war of nutrition" line?
  5. A Logan hat-trick, and KR are going to go home and try to forget that today ever happened.
  6. Ten in the bin for Crooks (shoulder charge) and Taylor (retaliation).
  7. Plenty of time to go, and I can see KR scoring again... but probably not that many points.
  8. Final set - a huge Storm tackle, a sensational break by the new kid, then a loooong DG to seal it for the Roosters.
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