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  1. Has being wrong ever deterred a whinger?
  2. Watch yourself; some miseryguts will be along soon, to point out that Antarctica still has no RL presence.
  3. Futtocks

    Food and drink thread

    Jy Hitchcox @Jybees 6 hours ago Missus has watched every single episode and season of British bake off, she’s come back with food scales, all the ingredients measuring cups and trays the works. Long story short the entire house has nearly burned down.
  4. Futtocks

    Film 2018

    Ernie Wise is spinning in his grave.
  5. Futtocks

    The TV Thread

    Talking Pictures TV is a treasure, run on a shoestring.
  6. Futtocks

    The TV Thread

    I actually have the DVD box set, but still record and watch when they are broadcast. God knows why, but I do. Pure joy.
  7. Futtocks

    The TV Thread

    Did Johnny Morris die in vain?
  8. Futtocks

    The TV Thread

    That has been recorded for when I'm in exactly the right mood for it.
  9. Futtocks

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Stan Lee - good innings. And it is heartening that he became so famous that he could actually do cameo appearances that were parodies of his own cameo appearances in TV/movies.
  10. Futtocks

    The TV Thread

    Recorded a couple of Laurel & Hardy shorts today, thanks to the marvellous Talking Pictures TV channel. I have just watched 'County Hospital' and am looking forward to 'The Music Box' (the one where they try to deliver a piano) later this evening.
  11. Futtocks

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Douglas Rain, best known as the voice of HAL 9000.
  12. Futtocks

    Headgear to Helmets

    Some good stories there, and well worth a watch, even with the buffering issues I had.
  13. Does it matter what he said? All he needs is to open his mouth and the inarticulate raging will commence.
  14. When you have your foot on someone's throat, it should always be easier to lean forward than step back. England may lack that merciless aspect to their game, but they are still world class.
  15. Futtocks

    Wales v Ireland live on bbc

    A whole actual thread about it already.
  16. James Graham refuses to pick up the trophy 'til SO'l joins him. Classy as feck.
  17. The Kangaroos, leading 2-0 in a three match Test series, would be trying to crush the opposition even more completely in the final match. Ditto the Aussie Cricket team. We didn't look like winners today, even though we were.
  18. You forgot to mention Nigel Wood's BMI.
  19. The Kiwis have been excellent today, while England have been off the boil. Only one team will be taking the trophy home, though.
  20. Entirely ripped off from The Goodies' portrayal of Charles Bronson's variety of acting styles.
  21. It is easy to tell; just look at his face.
  22. Losing a dead rubber is one thing. Getting nilled is another. I doubt Wayne Bennett will be merciful in the team debrief.
  23. England not quite at the races yet, but all the disallowed England tries are 100% more credible than the Sutton brothers' "rising ball" against the Kangaroos.
  24. Golden Boot Boy in touch - no try.
  25. Any lip-readers available to transcribe that JWH/Jammer conversation?