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    Rant thread

    Fair enough. I found, during my period of unemployment, that the jobs I went for that I really wanted were always good at communication, including unsolicited feedback about how I'd done. The jobs I'd gone for just because I absolutely had to - they never got in touch except with rote rejections. Something of a relief, as it turned out, but still cheap behaviour.
  2. Futtocks

    Rant thread

    Better they let her know, instead of having her waste her time and money on a fruitless journey. The latter has happened to me once, plus another occasion when I phoned to confirm the interview on the day, only to receive the news they couldn't be bothered to ring up/email and tell me.
  3. Thanks for volunteering!
  4. Having lost or damaged various of the volumes over the years, I bought the complete set of 'Flashman' books on Kindle*. First up, 'Flashman and the Mountain of Light', which concerns the first Anglo-Sikh war (1845-6). *with a Kindle, you can tap from the text to the historical notes and footnotes, and back again, which is very useful for these books.
  5. https://powermerifilm.com/
  6. I'm sure there was one before, but I went back a few pages and didn't unearth it, so here we go. Radio 4 Extra tonight at 11pm: An Eric Idle solo show from 1974 that hasn't been broadcast since. Eric plays all the characters in a series of sketches.
  7. Futtocks

    Challenge Cup

    The fans know exactly what they want - for everything to collapse and die, just so they can stand in the smoking rubble and scream "I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! "
  8. Seriously, is this a parody post or a genuinely ignorant one? I used to be able to spot the difference, but the dementedness has become so strong that I just can't tell any more.
  9. Futtocks

    Obituary Thread - 2019

    Yes, I've been following this online, and if they haven't yet been picked up in such a busy shipping channel, the chances of rescue have gone from slim to none.
  10. Hello, Rihanna! I didn't realise you were a TRL member.
  11. A short walk from the station to my front door (via the Co-Op), and all the parts that weren't protected by my umbrella got soaking wet. The most disappointing kind of snow.
  12. Wet flakes falling in That There London, but not settling. This may well bump Brexit off the top of the national news headlines.
  13. Futtocks

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Izal was the standard bogroll at school. While unpleasant when used for its intended purpose, it was a useful supply of free tracing paper for us.
  14. Well, in an ideal world, that'd be great. As it is, we are making the most out of the current circumstances and contracts, which equals more RL shown across all available platforms than last year. But we'll probably have to wait 'til the season starts to see if Freesports TV are showing anything this year.
  15. OurLeague is part of the RFL's website. Membership is required to watch live streams, but it is free. Depending on what device you use to stream video, you may not need the app at all. I don't; I just stream straight from the website to my TV screen. https://membership.rugby-league.com/
  16. It is better than what we had before, so three cheers for progress.
  17. Futtocks

    Rant thread

    Passive/aggressive? I assumed it was mere imbecility. I look forward to the few days per year when the cubs/scouts/guides have a bag-packing fund-raiser. They get the job done and I always donate generously - not for packing my bags, but for doing the same for the customers ahead of me in the queue.
  18. Futtocks

    Rant thread

    Something that seems to have become much more prevalent in the last couple of years. People who don't bag up their purchases as they come down the conveyor belt until they've paid. They watch everything pile up, take their usual time paying, then slowly start to put things in the bag while those behind them watch. This applies to regular tills and self-service tills. The stupid people of the world have discovered a way of more than doubling the amount of other people's time they can waste. High time we means-tested any demands for oxygen.
  19. Futtocks

    leeds v cas

    Hurrell is an entertainer, but his consistency, fitness and application have always been concerns. Enjoy him on his good days, because he's pure box office. I'm really looking forward to seeing him go in SL, but don't expect his absolute best all season.
  20. Futtocks

    salford v wigan

    Yes, this was available to anyone with a Wigan TV subscription. I don't have one, so I can't say what the production values are. Anyhoo, the rest of us finally get our fix next weekend with two free-streamed Challenge Cup ties.
  21. It seems to be a tough time for both approaches to eating out. Late last year Rayner gave a very positive review to an independent restaurant... which closed its doors before the article was published. And we've all seen the news stories about the likes of Jamie's Italian and Prezzo. There's a bit of a buffer in some small towns because of less competition, but the restaurant business in a large town or city of any size is a precarious existence, and one I'm glad I'm not part of. That Carluccio's has committed to this expense on behalf of their staff would be a fine gesture if they were flourishing. Announcing it while their organisation is retrenching and contracting is remarkable, even though there are other things I don't like about the chain.
  22. I used to walk to and from the nearest Tube station (Moorgate) as part of my commute, right past this place every day. Then, the year before they started doing the Capital Challenge, we moved offices right out of town.
  23. They've closed quite a few branches recently, but are still going. Mind you, plenty of chains and independents bite the dust in the restaurant trade and this year will be no exception.
  24. Futtocks

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    There's a good way to solve this; play in purple.