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  1. With the speed that Acton diagnosed Bird's injuries Acton should be working in A&E as the waiting times woukd disappear very quickly. Also the top Barrister (Degsy's description ) should be looking for alternative employment if that's the best he can come up with (or maybe he is a Barista not a Barrister)
  2. You are throwing stones as you are acting like your, so far us-named, club are perfect and have never had any financial issues or support from external bodies etc The only person not acting like a grown up is you So once again which club do you support/ follow
  3. And my post was posting out that bigger errors had been made this season.
  4. Because people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? So who do you support?
  5. Acton is top of appearances in front of the Disciplinary though
  6. Read Dave T's post earlie in this thread
  7. I think having an inexperienced coach who us out of his depth and letting your best halfback go to a competitor were riskier
  8. I could but if you can't be bothered searching for it then you can remain ignorant and can continue spouting garbage
  9. Only the ignorant or biased would say that of the present owner
  10. It's you & your mates who dont know the Laws BTW any evidence found that the tackle was late?
  11. Just look at the cases on the disciplinary section of the RFL site. I assume you can find it as it is Leigh's base for seeing who is available to play
  12. Stop digging No on second keep going as your posts are become funnier as you continue to post garbage
  13. Yes they do.
  14. Only 2 more matches. Maybe that's a win in a Leigh
  15. The Laws pertaining to appeals have been followed