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  1. bird

    Eric Perez

    For Pete's sake, lock it.
  2. bird

    Scotland announce side for clash in Cumbria

    Was that the team for the Belgrade tournament?
  3. bird

    The story behind the Emerging Nations logo

    It still is a terrible logo.
  4. If m Should I have received my copy by this time?
  5. Wasn't the Sevens World Cuo only a month ago in San Francisco a big loss maker?
  6. bird

    Is Rugby League 6 or 7 tackles?

    7 tackles after a kick was one of the rules Super League brought in in the first year in UK and Oz. When the 2 Australian competitions merged to form N R L, rules were harmonised.
  7. Yes. You gave it. We know.
  8. bird

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    I don't know which company did the filming for them but there seemed to no video replay problems when Premier had the Championship rights a few years ago. In fact they were first to Mike up the video ref and talk through the replay. It's not essential to have a big screen or as many camera angles.
  9. bird

    Are the Robots dead?

    Delighted if that's the end of those awful robots.
  10. bird

    Happy Yorkshire Day

    Here's to exiled Yorkies everywhere.
  11. Just watched the rrecording after missing most this thread deliberetely. Very very depressed about the future of the game in the hands of that negative muppet.
  12. bird

    Newspaper coverage

    It's still a precedent. How many Canadian caps does Quinn have?