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  1. Seconded.
  2. Well done Mike. Delighted for the guy.
  3. Total arrogant ill-conceived shambles from start to finish. Managed to annoy and disillusion Sol Mokdad and then pull the whole concept.
  4. Designated by the World Happiness Report as the least happy nation. They should find a home here.
  5. Lizzie Jones steals every scene every time.
  6. Australia and New Zealand made a joint bid and won. PNG are no different to France and Ireland in 2013.
  7. I don't really care who refs the 3rd test but surely we shouldn't have 2 video ref from the same competition.
  8. Maybe it should, maybe not. Why drag Rugby League into it?
  9. A bit unfair to say he was shuffled off as soon as he started to forget things. It seemed more of a case that the BBC persisted for years after it became apparent that he was ill and these were the years he copped the most criticism and the game got the flack. Maybe it was misplaced loyalty, maybe they wanted the stereotype. In his prime, Waring was light years ahead of his time.
  10. Good spot and good article.