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  1. Sorry mate, I wasn't very clear. I know all about those projects; my question was really about whether those Tories really were sitting back and doing nowt, or (as I suspect) they were very much leaning in and pursuing an aggressive, ideological agenda which has done enormous damage.
  2. I need to understand this a bit better. Three Tory Secretaries of State came in with 'big ideas' to fix their area of responsibility: Lansley at health, Gove at education and IDS with Universal Credit. I am not saying any of those were a success, but were they in the 'fiddling with the workings' category or the 'lunch' category? I am not sure either fits.
  3. If that happened tomorrow, the ref would go for the screen and an obstruction would be given for Long stepping behind his own man before his crossfield kick.
  4. Very nice. The Sunday games are a repeat of the 2009 semis: repeat results would be lovely.
  5. I will see who the candidates are in my region (London). At the moment, two of the Labour MEPs who represent the region are very good MEPs, and I don't know a vast amount about the other two. If they pick good, pro-EU candidates, they have a good chance of getting my vote, as do the Greens.
  6. If French tycoons are willing to give hundreds of millions of euros, strings-free, are you saying Macron should turn them down and charge the taxpayer? You seem very angry about all this.
  7. Help - my moan about repeat fixtures has been repeated...
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