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  1. Surely no coincidence, I had the same thought when I saw Boris had been sent to Aus/NZ, hopefully on an aircraft carrier old-fashioned-rugby-tour-stylee.
  2. They are fast-rising in the Lib Dem sense, i.e. they got slaughtered in a previous election due to being a junior coalition partner and are creeping up a bit since they became free again. But like the Lib Dems they remain irrelevant really.
  3. While that is undoubtedly true, as a policy aim it is undoubtedly a million times better than crashing out in March 2019 which was Plan A until a few weeks back. I just hope the nasty rhetoric prior to this point (pre-election and anything Boris and Fox have come out with) hasn't already poisoned the negotiations.
  4. Ouch, that sounds awful.
  5. Please, no. I already noted that phrase and have discarded a number of draft posts which would have seen me taking an enforced break from the forum.
  6. Unhelpfully flippant comment. There is the whole blue passport thing which is arguaby even more important.
  7. Did you hear the Immigration Minister on Today this morning? I for one was left with a 'very clear' impression that all is very much in hand.
  8. Do they? As far as I'm aware, a club like Lancashire remains viable because it has significant legacy assets, a small hardcore of members and wealthy individual backers, and on account of bagging a test match most years. I don't think it is the thousands of punters rolling through the turnstiles every week who keep the bills paid.
  9. Please, no. We have a few nice international teams we keep locked away in a box for 11 months a year who could play games with greater meaning, visibility and intensity than a couple of teams brought together at two days' notice representing in one case an entity that hasn't existed as envisaged in many of our lifetimes. The clubs will cling jealously to their million or so league games per season and this would be tagged on to either end of the calendar with little fanfare or interest.
  10. It's a ###### disgrace. Dave Woods would do better to cover this than bemoan the lack of a circle-jerk over Cas not yet having the LLS. Thanks Scubby for uncovering the secret that this game was even taking place.
  11. I have nothing but admiration for Danny Houghton and the way he plays the game and conducts himself. If he played for my team he would pretty much be my god. Trying to be objective though, there is probably an argument that if he knocked 15-20 tackles off his normal rate per game, and over his career had used that gametime to improve the attacking facets of his game, he might have had the sort of threat with ball in hand to be a top, top player. And again I will say that is not in any way to denigrate his career as a tough, honest rugby player with an incredible engine.
  12. Nah, I'll just back whichever side happens to be doing better at that stage and blithely feign indifference to the other team. Then review matters at half-time.
  13. Tricky start for us with Widnes away and Catalans at home, but those are fixtures we have won this season so no need for panic. Quite excited about London v Wire at the Trailfinders on 2nd September, even with the odd 8pm on a Saturday kickoff which makes it impossible for away fans without an overnight stay.
  14. I stumbled upon this myself when looking for something else on the RFL site this morning. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
  15. Well, we already know who has taken over from Leigh as the team whose fans who somehow think the order of games amounts to a conspiracy.