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  1. 3,081 the crowd. Let's scrap it and do a 9s weekend instead.
  2. Catalans treated to one of those utterly farcial obstruction penalties.
  3. Alan Hunte on t'radio thought Morgan Smith was worth a shout.
  4. Probably wise not to allow this to be streamed pre-watershed. 52-0 now.
  5. Yes, it's been an interesting talking point. I don't mind Price going for continuity and using the game to ensure we don't lose momentum. But at 22-0 after 20 minutes, perhaps he might feel he has paid Bradford a little too much respect. I just hope we don't get sloppy later in the game, as that is when you run the risk of an injury.
  6. Our new position in the EU

    They did all of the things you list, albeit six months after the vote but still before Article 50 was invoked (and therefore before the EU even started discussing Brexit meaningfully). On the highlighted part, it has been explained at length (including by SSoutherner a few posters back) that this would have meant declaring, in the same breath, that we were going to pursue our own independent trade policy and break the most fundamental pillars of the rules-based trading system.
  7. He is spot on. The particular incident he alluded to - when the Hull attacking player ran into Myler with the shoulder after the tackle, lifting him up - was ridiculous. He probably shouldn't have mentioned the crowd: I think that is inconsequential. The problem is too many players - especially attacking players - trying to win a penalty, and too much reward produced by continually giving them one.
  8. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    If we keep applying the obstruction rule as it has been applied over the last few weeks in Super League and in the NRL, I might pack in too. We seem to have banned passing.
  9. Simon Woolford

    Kidwell has left the Kiwis.
  10. Clearly it is a yes yes because the ref cowered in front of them again.
  11. Our new position in the EU

    It'll be because of the weather.
  12. It's a farce isn't it, watching Wigan. Penalty, penalty, "another penalty, Sean?" , "Yes, please sir", penalty.
  13. That is shocking play by Leeds. It isn't tick and pass in the back yard, you have to try and build something.