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  1. Hi Andy, I have no involvement with the club so hopefully someone who does will have an informed view. But I do know that they are keen for new players as they are a brand new club and there is information about training etc on their website.
  2. I see SL Silverbacks are playing the North Brussels Gorillas on Saturday 6 May. Great to see this sort of link-up taking place and I'll be there.
  3. I did my first one of these this morning, down the road from me in Peckham. Lovely course, nice weather and I got round quite a bit quicker than I expected given I have never really done any running before. About 180 folk in all.
  4. I have always thought the best solution would be to make the French league part of the same league structure as the English league. So the leagues would stay separate, but the top 2/4 from the Elite would face the top 2/4 from the Championship for the league title or whatever. You could vary that slightly while the Championship was the stronger of the two competitions. I don't think the Middle 8s format need make that unworkable. If your Middle 8 was the bottom 4 SL, the top team from the Elite and the top three from the Championship, you would have a well-balanced competition with a bit of novelty, an incentive for French clubs not to abandon the Elite (unless they got promoted to SL) and reduce travel burdens on the smaller teams.
  5. Not at all, chief. Main reason being that I didn't attack anyone pre-game who dared to predict against my team.
  6. It provides me with scant consolation but we scored our first try before the sinbinning. Congrats on the win, thoroughly deserved. I think we did click with the ball for twenty minutes at the end of the first half, and perhaps if the try at the beginning of the second half had been given it would have been a different game. I don't have a big problem with that decision by the way, but we might have got the benefit of the doubt in a non-TV game. From there on in we were well and truly second best to a well-organised team.
  7. I feel for Patton a bit, his performance has been a disaster.
  8. Every time we lump it aimlessly into the air part of me dies.
  9. Behind on the scoresheet but I am pretty pleased with that first half. Both teams are playing good fast rugby and moving the ball nicely.
  10. It is working though, Child is terrified.
  11. I expect Hull to win this fairly comfortably. Warrington need a big improvement in performance levels compared to previous weeks, and it is hard to imagine we can achieve this in the post-Easter period. That isn't an excuse, I just think you probably need an 8 or 9 day turnaround period to get people fresh and correct the things that have gone wrong previously.
  12. Talk about the matches, suggest places league folk can visit when they are up there, report on the development of RL in the region, report back what locals think about the event, ask the RFL/Super League about the strategic vision for the event. You may well do all of these things; I haven't read it yet. I'm just saying there are quite a few angles besides the tear-it-up-and-start-again approach. Same for the Challenge Cup.
  13. Doesn't that amount to the money being spent anyway? Except in the current case, the ballots will be run by people who (presumably) know what they are doing rather than whoever happens to be at the Job Centree on a given day?