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  1. It is a vile rag and I would rather bleach my eyes out than read it. But sometimes we need to pinch our nose and do what is needed for the good of our sport, like let vile rags report on it. Not this time. This boycott is vindictive and pathetic, and entirely characteristic of the Sun. Not only should we not go kowtowing to them, but we should be far braver and go public about what has gone on and why we won't be apologising. Giving in to bullies, as JohnM would prefer, never works.
  2. Apparently they were expecting a billion to tune in. Still a fair way short of the union world cup.
  3. Impeccable connection there. Random relative works for a non-EU institution. You are practically Juncker himself.
  4. Not sure how you can say anyone gives you the creeps before bigging up Raab, the man who looks like he has a freezer full of body parts.
  5. Anyone here to talk about the rugby? I thought it was a remarkable performance. London always seem to be being outmuscled, but they find a way to cling on and create space to run into and create forward momentum. It's great to see Morgan Smith doing so well.
  6. Lord give me the confidence of a Hull fan after back-to-back wins.
  7. Desperate, negative tactics all afternoon and ###### execution. Fully deserve to lose.
  8. Ferres should be taken around the back of that rubbish stand and put out of his misery.
  9. To be fair, most Brexiters thought that the Irish would be coming with us, alongside Rhodesia and West Bengal.
  10. The EU had to come up with a deal that 27 national governments and parliaments could coalesce around, and did.
  11. Indeed. May's responsibility, as PM, as in all international agreements, was to negotiate a deal on behalf of the UK that Parliament - representing the people and the country - could sign off. That she thought she could do it in an airless room without consulting anyone or sharing any information on what she was doing is blatant maladministration. And there are a lot of Cabinet Ministers who share the blame for that.
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