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  1. Just Browny

    2019. Is it Warringtons year?

    Stick him on ignore mate; he has got nothing sensible to say.
  2. Just Browny

    2020. Is it Warrington's year?

    Funniest thread in ages.
  3. Just Browny

    Our new position in the EU

    "It was completely wrong of the government to agree this so-called Northern Irish “backstop”on December 8 last year, and those of us who had doubts at the time have been more than vindicated. We were told that it was just a form of words; we were told that it was merely temporary; we were told that these were redundant phrases that would never be invoked. As it is, that Irish backstop has been turned into the means of frustrating Brexit, because the alternative is even worse." The words of Jacob Rees-Mogg, perhaps, or some other backbencher? Maybe Arron Banks or one of the UKIP lot? No. The words of the bloke who was Foreign Secretary at the time the Government agreed to the Irish backstop.
  4. Just Browny

    Our new position in the EU

    I never understand this demographic argument. Yes, some old farts will have died, but presumably a significant number who weren't quite old farts last time will now have tipped over the line and developed the requisite Brexity views.
  5. Just Browny

    Grand Final Crowd

    You should try the handy advice printed on the Grand Final ticket envelopes. Hope you get sorted mate.
  6. Just Browny

    Grand Final SOS

    I wouldn't recommend it, have had shirt shrift in there in the past. After Churchills, second choice would be Celtica on Rue du Marché aux Poulets.
  7. Just Browny


    I see Croatia have decided to create a 'Salford-style' atmosphere for tonight's match vs England. 🍐
  8. Just Browny

    Grand Final SOS

    That is just about as damning an indictment of Widnes as I have heard.
  9. Just Browny

    Grand Final SOS

    Sadly the Six Nations (excuse the name!) is shut now - we used to have the rugby on all the time there. The Churchill is your best bet on OF's list - the bloke who runs it is actually a part-time Hull KR fan. I would definitely suggest going in tonight or first thing this morning though and getting your name down - don't just rock up. If you can find an email address I would send them one too.
  10. Just Browny

    Our new position in the EU

    Finally we can invest in the great infrastructure projects we need, unshackled by the EU yoke.
  11. Just Browny

    Those nice tories

    Do these folk not have rich brothers?
  12. All previous history shows which side the very dodgy decisions and 'unfortunate' injuries will hit, and it won't be those in cherry and white.