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  1. It would be a cop out. The UK restaurant industry is worth over £50bn annually. Clearly, it will not sink or swim on the price of chorizo, but you won't be able to replace every product which now costs substantially more with a homegrown alternative. And wages will rise too. I welcome that, but it will have a short-term effect. Just because the person JohnM mentions chose a slightly random example, doesn't make the point wrong or that person an idiot.
  2. The Five Live headline made me smile. "The Government refuses to give any details on an alleged missile misfire, but Theresa May insists the test was a success." It turns out the Brexit press statements are multifunctional, just need to change the tense.
  3. If May had said on Marr yesterday, "Yep, I believe there was a cock-up. This is why we test these things. We investigated thoroughly and have rectified the problem", I and 99.9% of the population wouldn't have given it another thought. Genuinely. No need to disclose dates or operationally sensitive info. I wouldn't even have minded if she had said it was an operational issue and we don't comment on those. As it is, I'm still not that bothered but it wasn't a great look seeing the PM trying to pretend she had heard a different question four times in a row.
  4. Great, we can look forward to four years of this thread being like the Brexit ones then. Forum: Trump is systematically shutting down all free-trade deals and doubling tariff rates on imported goods Saint Toppy: Yes, but we will be front of the queue for a tip-top deal. --- Forum: Trump is breaking up NATO and his defence policy is based on walls and a ring of nuclear subs on each coastline. Saintslass: He is quite rightly putting his people first. I know this because I was once in the US Navy and have seen how they operate. --- Forum: Trump just said something that was categorically untrue. JohnM : It wasn't untrue, just alternative facts. You are leftie Guardian-reading ####.
  5. I will chip in to what was a decent thread, certainly the first three pages. The original 'article' linked to was garbage. It was just a list of things that happened to be annoying the person who wrote it at that moment in time, with no particular cohesion or point being made. Some of his concerns were undoubtedly legitimate, but each of us on here could write a list of things we would do differently if we were in charge of RL, it doesn't amount to a crisis or a farce. However, I'm also quite wary of Dave's point about KPIs. If you look at the NHS England Performance Report for any of the last few years, you'll come across a sea of green and amber/green. I'm sure that if the Titanic had a set of KPIs, all but one would be showing green even after it had hit the iceberg. Ridiculous example, and such measures are a vital tool, but they're not the only one. We seem to direct a lot of vitriol towards Wood and Rimmer, and perhaps that is justified. But surely those who should be holding the RFL Executive to account aren't us, but the non-execs who sit on the board. Barwick has a good pedigree but, without wanting to get personal, the other non-execs listed on the RFL's website don't exactly come across as having significant commercial experience or an eye-catching record. Perhaps I'm being unfair with that. But in any case, they are the ones who have the remit to tell Wood if he is doing a bad job, and in the most extreme cases get rid. It isn't all about board performance. On a personal level, I just feel a bit of a downer about the game at the moment. The season starts in a few weeks, and yet I see little to get too excited about. There is almost no news about the game, which barely exists unless you look for it. The end of the season was good last year, even if my team lost both finals. But prior to that August-October period, it feels like a bit of a waiting game. Likewise the World Cup is an exciting prospect, but in the meantime we will be starved of international rugby and the memory of a pretty disappointing 4 Nations will linger.
  6. Ahh yes, bloody pro-EU Dutch leader, what a buffoon. I mean, why back the EU if you are Dutch? It isn't like your country has ever been obliterated by European war, or risks being obliterated by climate change. It isn't as if their entire wealth is based on agricultural exports to the rest of Europe, or shipping to the rest of the continent. It will be much better if they get a good old-fashioned Dutch-for-the-Dutch chap in like Wilders. Then they will be able to march the darkies back onto the boat and start an exciting new future trading with Suriname.
  7. Aye. We have always blamed the EU for everything that doesn't work in this country. The current rhetoric suggests we are getting ready to blame the EU for anything that doesn't work even when we are out. Trade policy in tatters? EU's fault. Had to revert to an offshore tax haven and scrap the NHS and welfare state? Sorry about that, it was the EU's fault.
  8. Wow, considering how inevitable and obvious it was that we were leaving the Single Market, I feel like I've spent a lot of time arguing about it and being told that German car manufacturers* would never allow us to be pushed out. I see Dutch PM Mark Rutte has said we will pay a 'heavy price' for favouring migration over economics. Netherlands is more or less the only country which agrees with the UK on anything, so that's a bit of a concern.
  9. That is the first post in this thread to contain any bullying and hectoring.
  10. In certain ways it was a good speech. We did get some clarity on what the Government wants, giving the lie to the notion that you don't give away your 'negotiating mandate'. We now know what we are aiming for, and if it all comes together there is a coherence with the result of the referendum (we didn't vote on any particular manifesto, so why not just be out of everything). It doesn't take a genius to know the real test now comes in the delivery. It will take incredible manpower to do all of the proper research, the negotiations, work through all of the decisions, and check the legal, political and operational coherence of the whole package. I'm heartened that the Brexiteers on here have such confidence in our civil servants, because of they pull it off it will be the greatest administrative achievement in this country's history. In 2013, Cameron gave a well-received speech at the Bloomberg offices in London in which he set out a list of moderately ambitious reforms he wanted to negotiate within the EU, with a referendum at the end. As it was, he succeeded in holding the referendum - not much else. Yesterday, May set out how she would reset the legislative framework of our country, deliver a Customs deal with no precedent, negotiate a whole series of trade deals with trade blocs around the world, and negotiate the UK's exit from the European Union. All in two years. Well, she is going to be busy.
  11. This just trolling really. We have some good discussions on here, and there are lots of people with specialist knowledge and experience from whom we can learn a bit if we take the time to read. I don't recognise the behaviour described in the opening post and I would suggest we don't give it too much oxygen by reacting to it.
  12. Thanks. The veto was removed in the early 1980s, and Qualified Majority Voting was extended to almost all legislation in 1986 through the Single European Act. Thatcher would have been well-versed in the Single European Act, since she ordered Arthur Cockfield to author it. So two years before the speech ckn referred to, Thatcher not only agreed to but led the creation of the legislation which gave the EU the swathes of new powers you refer to. You go on to say that, post-Maastricht, we were no longer able to opt out of major areas. The example you give is of the Economic and Monetary Union, which (as you say yourself) we opted out of.
  13. Could you unpack this a little bit? Because what you've written there is complete ######.
  14. I've reported you to the mods for mercilessly destroying a fellow forum member.
  15. I'm glad you mention this. I seem to remember the hysteria running to one guy murder in his local MP. I seem to recall you thought it was incidental at the time, so on this particular point I'm glad you're re-writing history.