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  1. Just Browny

    Independent Group

    Isn't this what the Lib Dems thought they were doing when they were hugging and kissing Cameron and co in 2010?
  2. You should come and join us on the Brexit thread.
  3. You should come and join us on the Brexit thread.
  4. Just Browny

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Poorly run business.
  5. Just Browny

    Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Is that party politics in a nutshell? Shouldn't it be open for people to try to stay in a party, or indeed any organisation, and try to change it for the better? I don't think leaving is necessarily the answer, although it should always be open as a last resort. I'm not making any judgement on the seven MPs yet. I can't quite understand what they will be able to do now that they couldn't do before, but we will have to see what unfolds. My overriding suspicion is that, as ever, the Tories will benefit from another own goal.
  6. Why does it bug you? I always see folk getting apoplectic but it has never bothered me provided they stay out of the way of the play.
  7. I would love to understand the 'yet again' a little more.
  8. Just Browny

    Racial hatred in Salford

    When I went to the US in the 1970s there was racism there too.
  9. Why does the Sydney right winger keep doing random kicks? Where did they find him?
  10. Some incredible headshots ignored in that last Roosters set.
  11. I haven't watched Wigan that closely this year, but my impression is that Gildart hasn't been great. Certainly not the standard he set last year.
  12. Did you even read my post? I haven't said anything about the game.
  13. #### me, Eddie has already exhausted the playbook tonight: two tantrums about the shotclock and now a whinge about bad language. What a sad old windbag he is.
  14. Does it? If this was a Toronto match, think you would have spotted the tarpaulins covering the edges of each stand. Still looks a good crowd and sure it will be a good atmosphere.