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  1. Just Browny

    Our new position in the EU

    It is directly applicable law, so it doesn't matter whether 'we' decide to adopt it or not - it exists. Therefore any company not complying to those standards would be breaking the law if it tried to sell non-conforming products anywhere in the EU. To a thick person, that sounds like the EU 'imposing' rules on honest tradesmen. To anyone else, it is a sensible way of ensuring companies know what the rules are, with the comfort of knowing they can now sell their products to a market if 500m people without having to look up what the rules are in each of the 28 countries in it. They might dislike one or two, but since they have gone through a process involving the Governments and elected representatives of 28 countries, they pretty quickly get on with it.
  2. If he were, he would have spent five years hankering over one of these rather than a mug.
  3. Just Browny

    Qualifiers Predictions after R2

    I will bet the house on them not doing.
  4. Just Browny

    Best time for CC final

    That's true, but it was also a period in which the SL season didn't start until March/April. You could comfortably have R4 early March, R5 end March, QFs mid-April and semis first weekend of May. I think I would be happy with early June but May could be done without it being a pre-season comp.
  5. Went off with a fractured voicebox after whooping and squealing all afternoon.
  6. Agree - I think there have been holes all over for London to exploit here, they just haven't given themselves a chance.
  7. That would imply there was a point at which they were defending.
  8. It was about that. Was in ground for 10 to 3 though. Meant I didn't miss the 15 seconds in which it was a contest.
  9. Utter garbage from Broncos, literally from the first play to the last. Totally flawed gameplan too: they have refused to send a single play to their much more creative left hand side all half, presumably because Hall is missing and they are trying to get at Luke Briscoe. He has responded by not putting a foot wrong and scoring a length of the field try following a kick by Sammut that was so bad he should have voluntarily withdrawn himself from the field afterwards.
  10. Just Browny

    Best time for CC final

    I don't see why it has to be on a BH weekend. It is one game played on a Saturday: I can't imagine many folk travel home on the Monday. A weekend or two after the FA Cup final would be fine. Any later than that and you risk clashing with the football World Cup/Euros every two years.
  11. En route, not confident of a London victory. But then, I thought they had little chance last week. Keep it tight, no interception passes, take your chances. Leeds will get more nervous the longer it goes on, provided it stays tight.
  12. Just Browny

    Pitch markings at Lamport Stadium

    I didn't notice the pitch markings. The rugby markings were in white. I watched the rugby and quite enjoyed it.
  13. Is it a sport thing? I just think we are becoming a nasty, inward-looking little country overall and the abuse/vitriol you rightly highlight is a reflection of that. It is bloody depressing.
  14. Both times I have seen this guy he has been hopeless. I am stunned by the idea that this bloke has played 150-odd NRL matches. I don't know if it was a case of Toronto being insufficiently 'creative' - there are one or two unimaginative SL sides who get on just fine. The problem was more the inability to cause any disruption in the Rovers defence, with honest duffers like Buchanan, Emmitt and Paterson running the ball in, getting cuddled to the ground and playing the ball to a set line. When you start throwing the ball around in front of a set line, you either make no progress or, worse, you get picked off like Toronto did in the first half by Hall. Ackerd and Dixon showed what can be achieved in the 2nd half.