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  1. Yeah I know but I'm not complaining. The Crass catalogue is owned by Southern Records so probably down to them. There is a fair bit of old anarcho punk on Spotify now.... Conflict, Subhumans, Flux of Pink Indians etc.
  2. Vambo


    I catch 4 buses a day mon to fri to get to and from work. My experience is that the morning buses are usually ok and on time whilst my experience with the evening buses is exactly the opposite of that. I have used the buses in and around Blackburn for the last 40 or so years (since high school) and I am of the opinion that the current service is the worst it's ever been.
  3. Vambo

    The Culture Wars

    Been an interesting year for me so far. First I was shocked regarding 'Incels' a group I had never heard of and now I've been made aware about 'Get the L out of LBGT' due to a very small group (6?) trying to disrupt London Pride.
  4. CRASS - Best Before Crass have finally been added on Spotify.
  5. I played that album to death when it came out 😎
  6. All of us are biased and hold some entrenched opinions. Not sure I have any uncomfortable ones though. Maybe uncomfortable to others though....
  7. Just take them out back and shoot them. Problem solved.
  8. Conflict - There's No Power Without Control
  9. Damn I hate my phone! "Why possibly would people protest against the followers of one religion but not all the others (assuming what you say is true)? What is it about the followers and/or the religion of Islam that stands out from all the other followers and/or religions?" ISIS, Islamic terrorism and child grooming gangs would be my guess. That seems to be the public perception of Muslims these days. Certainly true of my workplace at any rate.
  10. I am of the opinion that ideally no one should be telling people what they can or cannot wear. Obviously some guidelines are needed in terms of public deceny or hateful messages. I could not and indeed would not ever support a ban on face veils in the UK. I see them on a regular basis so maybe I'm just used to them now but I do not consider them in any way to be 'offensive' and I feel the sentence I quoted above from Dave T is very much a reason why some people are so against them. I dislike Religion but I don't dislike the followers of religion. It is very easy to separate the two but it seems that with Islam (in particular) far too many people fail to make the distinction and are more willing to protest against the followers of Islam than they are against other religions. Certainly seems to be the case around my neck of the woods at least.
  11. Vambo

    Tommy Robinson

    Unfortunately one of the (doubtless many) side effects of people like TR is that they make it harder for some discussions to take place. If you are critical of Religion and Islam in particular then it often comes with an added risk of accusations of 'bigot', 'racist' or of course Islamophobia. Those accusations don't come into play if you are critical of Christianity.
  12. Vambo

    The Culture Wars

    Cyclists in London are too male and white? I can't get the link to work?