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  1. Nine Dead in Toronto

    Just ended up on an incel message board. Never going there again!
  2. Nine Dead in Toronto

    Yeah that's what I read that this morning. Will research it further.
  3. Nine Dead in Toronto

    I'd never heard of 'Incels' before. People are weird and pathetic. No wonder I don't like them.
  4. Film 2018

    Really enjoyed Annihilation
  5. Video Games

    Picked up God of War yesterday after it's incredible reception amongst reviewers. Fantastic series reboot. If you own a PS4 then this game is well worth your time.
  6. Football

    "We all know that the Stanley are going up"
  7. Safe Standing

    Undecided. Depends how the league is looking. If we're still fighting for top spot then it'll be tempting.
  8. Safe Standing

    I stand behind the goal at Accy Stanley. There used to be a few rows of seats there but it was felt they lessened the atmosphere from what it used to be like. Since removing the seats the atmosphere created by the fans (small in number but loud in voice) as definitely improved. It could be an improved gameday atmosphere that some clubs may find beneficial.
  9. Video Games

    It certainly did not. EA however made a massive misstep with the most recent Star Wars game. So much so that they have been peddling in reverse over it since. Disney not happy with their Star Wars franchise being linked with predatory monetry practices that arguably saw the biggest backlash from gamers that I've seen.
  10. Video Games

    I'm 50 and still gaming around 10 - 15 hours a week I would estimate. I mostly game single player these days and I'm currently replaying my way through all the Uncharted games amd having a blast.
  11. Video Games

    True. Also worth mentioning that it's the online side of the game that is really raking in the dollars and not just actual sales of the game itself. Games like Call of Duty are also phenomenal revenue earners and they are an annual release. Star Wars games of course are also big revenue earners (although EA's greed is in danger of self harming them). I just think that GTA 5's success is possibly a sign of things to come.
  12. Video Games

    I was thinking more along the lines of 'Hollywood Blockbusters' not being top of the pile. I do take your points though.