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  1. I'd rather most politicians didn't turn out at all. What they wear is irrelevant. What they did/do is what is important and they tend to be the ones who send people to their death in many of the wars that are fought. I'm no fan of Corbyn but the rabid attacks on him are quite ridiculous at times.
  2. Sadly it seems that for some 'remembrance' is becoming little more than a point scoring/photo opportunity. Those people should be ashamed of themselves but the reality is that next year they will be trying to 'out do' this year. It's embarrassing and a stain on the memory of those who died.
  3. Vambo


    First time I've heard of people knocking on doors selling poppies. Is this a common thing? Literally can't turn around this time of year without having the chance to buy a poppy.
  4. Yeah they've been doing shows here and there. Hoping to catch them myself at some point. They're off to Japan for a short tour in november as well. If you haven't heard the album they have put it up in full on their official youtube channel complete with lyrics. I think the album is great although it is different from their previous output. Lyrically it's still very much antisect.
  5. Antisect - The Rising of The Lights
  6. Conflict - There's No Power Without Control
  7. Flux of Pink Indians - Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible