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  1. Sounds like a complicated sitcom. Must be hard for the Neanderthals to keep up with.
  2. Quite some time back I started intermittent fasting. I've been doing 16:8 ie no food for 16 hours and eating within an 8 hour window. It's a lot easier than it sounds and I've lost approx 3 stone doing it (also gone vegan which no doubt has an effect as well) I've recently adopted just eating 2 meals a day Mon to Fri (again easier than it sounds) and what has suprised me most is just how alert I feel now and how much better I feel overall. Healthy body, healthy mind? I eat more and drink (mostly cider) at weekend so it's not that restrictive. If anyone is struggling to lose weight like I was then perhaps intermittent fasting might help you?
  3. Jeez.... how many of these groups are there now? Are the BNP still a thing or are these it's replacement?
  4. I'd forgotten this lot even existed until I saw the pic of Morrissey wearing their badge the other day.
  5. Whilst a nation's 'success' is measured by economic growth, productivity levels and the encouragement of unthinking consumerism there will be no halt to this madness. Madness is what it is. What other word best describes how we treat this planet? Our home. Degrowth is what is needed but it won't happen. I have zero hopes that any real change will happen. The people at the top of XR are already developing business links. Another disappointment. Another greenwash. When a system relies on infinite growth with finite resources there is only one way it ends.
  6. Thompson or Farage it doesn't matter. Quick.... look over there!
  7. The damage is already done. What we need to do is learn from it and stop doing more damage. We could always stop buying plastic sleeved tat from China for example. But don't worry... businesses are already taking control of the narrative and we will soon be saved by the new 'Green Capitalism. It's the same as the old Capitalism but now wears a thin green veil of respectability. Most people are too selfish to actually change anyway and whilst there is money to be made.....
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