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  1. Not too long ago the Panorama programme White Fright: Britain Divided was brought up in a discussion. Tonight Panorama return to Blackburn to see if things have improved. Should be interesting. I personally feel the town is still very segregated and if anything more so. Guess I'll find out what Panorama have to say about it. 8:30 tonight.
  2. The Culture Wars

    Will be honest though... I only watched it for Aniston and Cox.
  3. The Culture Wars

    It was fictional not a documentary or a reality show. Today it would be cast differently so isn't that a win?
  4. How many more chances?

    I wasn't being serious. Just a throw away comment. I'm not actually sure where I stand on the death penalty debate. I'd prefer prisoners earned their keep though.
  5. The Culture Wars

    Well you sure found a long winded way of saying it.
  6. The Culture Wars

    I did say it was an example of when things are taken too far
  7. The Culture Wars

    Yeah a naff example but an example nonetheless. Witnessed a guy with dreads being hassled over it because he was white. It is where we are heading though.
  8. The Culture Wars

    Indeed it is. Problems only start when people take it too far. Here's an example - White Guy with Dreadlocks and Marley t'shirt. Reggae fan or cultural appropriation?
  9. The Culture Wars

    I bet they're fun at parties.
  10. How many more chances?

    End of a rope?
  11. Youtube is Magic My brother showed me this clip when our mother was hospitalised prior to her death. When things were dark for me this clip actually turned out to be something for me to cling to. Still love it.
  12. 2017 and 2018

    2017 was just fine for me. More of the same in 2018 please.
  13. Religion divides us. It's a neat label to put on groups of people. An identity that to me seems very much at odds with the 'modern' world. Our history shapes us. Our history dictates our culture. We move on. Religion in my opinion is holding us back. I understand that many people are comforted by their faith. Indeed I also have faith but I choose to put mine in science, logic and reason. I wouldn't in any way wish to dictate to people what they can and cannot do but why should religion have special status? Bishops in the HOL. Tax exemptions. Illegal faith schools in particular are a real problem for many reasons. The children coming through these facilities are in no way capable of being members of society outside of their culture. Fortunately these schools are now on the radar after having a blind eye turned away from them for many years.
  14. I hated Sunday pub hours. Thank God they're more relaxed these days Often go into town for brekkie at the local Weatherspoons on a sunday morning. I'm guessing I'm of a similar mindset to Phil. I'd love to see a complete separation of Church and State. I'd go further as well. Start taxing Religion and get rid of all religious exemptions including ritual slaughter. Get rid of all taxpayer funded faith schools and bring the hammer down on all the illegal faith schools that are known to exist. Give children their childhood back and allow them to make an informed choice at a later age. But.... I don't see that happening so I just go with the flow. No point getting worked up over it. I'm a member of the NSS and hopefully the money they raise helps to fight the excess of religion when needed. At the end of the day though we are supposed to live in a secular society so at least lets all try to get along no matter what we do or don't believe in.