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  1. There were some great OGWT performances from SAHB. Thankfully they can be seen on youtube and weren't lost.
  2. Giants :-)
  3. An excellent piece on the subject. It's ok to be opposed to the burkini and also opposed to the banning of it. A stance I take.
  4. I've had good and bad experiences with the police. The good experience made up for the bad... the copper involved was a star and actually made life better for me and my family. Not going to go into details on here but it involved neighbours and I wasn't sure how much more I could take before I was going to totally lose it and put the feckers in hospital or worse. The copper made a big difference to us
  5. And there is my dilema. I know some people simply aren't going to listen to reason but still I cannot support a ban. I am not just an athiest. .. I am anti religious. I am very aware of the damage that religious indoctrination inflicts upon people and societies but within religion there are those who are aware that religion does need to adapt and they are the ones we should be reaching out to and giving our encouragement and support.
  6. Whilst it saddens me to see women dressed that way I'm afraid that I could never support a ban on what people can or cannot wear. I do believe however that as a society we shouldn't just shrug our shoulders and say well it's their culture and we must respect it. I do think it should be challenged but by discussion rather than a ban. Plenty of people have been beaten up and even killed for the way they dress in this country and I believe it's important that we also challenge the attitude that just because someone looks different then you somehow have the right to mock or worse even use physical violence against them. Dictating what people can't wear isn't any different than dictating what people can wear and whilst I fully acknowledge than many women are pressured or even forced to wear those garments... I'm not convinced that a ban is the solution.
  7. You are doing the right thing. I was in a dark place a few years back and found myself not exactly covering myself in glory on forums. I took a break, got my head sorted and now I like to think I make a more positive input to the forums I frequent (although to be honest I rarely post on here).
  8. The Warriors I have genuinely seen this film well into the 100's of times. Can recite it word for word as well much to the wifes annoyance. It's also on Netflix so if you haven't previously seen it then give it a watch.
  9. Just a news reader doing her job it seems to me. I'd be more concerned if they had replaced her rather than letting her get on with her job.
  10. I remember many years ago reading in some psychic mag/book that claimed it was something to do with Astral Projection.
  11. I would in all honesty most likely spoil my voting paper. I genuinely feel that none of the current political parties represent me at this moment in time so a snap GE would be wasted on me.
  12. For me the referendum is quite simply about whether to Leave or Remain. I personally couldn't give a flying about the 'personalities' involved on either side. I'm voting to Leave. I'm not voting for Farage, Johnson and Gove. I'm also not voting against Cameron, Osborne and Corbyn. I'm simply voting to Leave. The accusations and inferences that as a Brexiter I must therefore also be a racist, dumb moron (insert other insult of choice here) is very offensive. I simply do not want to a part of the USE. Why do some people seem to find it so hard to believe that I would use my democratic right to vote against what they think?
  13. Both campaigns are embarrassing themselves. I'm voting to leave but that's a decision I've reached by myself. I don't actually believe much of what either campaign are saying but the negativity of both sides will become bitterness which will linger long after the referendum. Leave or Remain I don't expect supporters of either side to be anything other than unbearable after the votes are counted.
  14. I was planning to vote leave before all the posturing began and I'm still planning to vote leave. Nothing has been said to change my mind. Things will start to get very bitter and deeply divisive as we get closer to the referendum and those divisions won't heal quickly after the votes are counted regardless of which side wins.