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  1. Pets corner

    Lily on her first day at home. So timid. Now she owns the place.
  2. The TV Thread

    Altered Carbon feels like I'm watching a cut scene in a game.
  3. Pets corner

  4. The TV Thread

    Watched "The Invisible Guardian" on Netflix. Great film about a woman detective who goes back to her home town to track down a serial killer and as to face her own personal demons from her past. Beautifully shot film. Subtitled. Also would recommend 'The Frozen Dead' on Netflix. A short series (5 episodes) that starts with the decapitation of a horse and leads a detective back to confront his past as the realisation that an imprisoned serial killer (that he put behind bars) is somehow involved in a new set of murders. Set in magnificent scenery. Subtitled.
  5. The Culture Wars

    I see kim kardashian is being called out for 'cultural appropriation' over her braids lol.
  6. Not too long ago the Panorama programme White Fright: Britain Divided was brought up in a discussion. Tonight Panorama return to Blackburn to see if things have improved. Should be interesting. I personally feel the town is still very segregated and if anything more so. Guess I'll find out what Panorama have to say about it. 8:30 tonight.
  7. The Culture Wars

    Will be honest though... I only watched it for Aniston and Cox.
  8. The Culture Wars

    It was fictional not a documentary or a reality show. Today it would be cast differently so isn't that a win?
  9. How many more chances?

    I wasn't being serious. Just a throw away comment. I'm not actually sure where I stand on the death penalty debate. I'd prefer prisoners earned their keep though.
  10. The Culture Wars

    Well you sure found a long winded way of saying it.
  11. The Culture Wars

    I did say it was an example of when things are taken too far
  12. The Culture Wars

    Yeah a naff example but an example nonetheless. Witnessed a guy with dreads being hassled over it because he was white. It is where we are heading though.
  13. The Culture Wars

    Indeed it is. Problems only start when people take it too far. Here's an example - White Guy with Dreadlocks and Marley t'shirt. Reggae fan or cultural appropriation?