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  1. What a ###### embarrassing thread. No wonder so many members don't actually post.
  2. Good on ya. Way I see it is that people are free to be who they want to be and to do whatever makes them happy so long as the liberties of others aren't infringed.
  3. Daniel Gildenlow
  4. I'm not asking for more legislation. The current legislation doesn't work and I very much doubt that adding any more would make a blind bit of difference. What I'm saying is that I think bringing FGM (and other issues) into the public eye is important and I personally don't care who the messenger is or what their motives for doing so are.
  5. Legislation against FGM doesn't appear to have had any success so far.
  6. In all honesty I agree with some of what they're saying. FGM and election posting fraud aren't 'UKIP' Issues and shouldn't be dismissed as such.
  7. I echo the advise regards water quality. Find the ph of your tap water and adjust according to the needs of your chosen fish. I personally like two filters on a tank but if you're going for one then make sure it is a capable one that can handle a growing community. Always research your fish to make sure they are compatible ie ph, temperature range and habits. Be very careful when introducing new fish and make sure you get fish from healthy stocks. Regular water changes are vital. There is a lot more that you will learn as you go along. Enjoy your aquarium :-)
  8. Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element PT 1 For those with progressive metal leaning this album stands head and shoulders above them all.
  9. There were some great OGWT performances from SAHB. Thankfully they can be seen on youtube and weren't lost.
  10. Giants :-)
  11. An excellent piece on the subject. It's ok to be opposed to the burkini and also opposed to the banning of it. A stance I take.
  12. I've had good and bad experiences with the police. The good experience made up for the bad... the copper involved was a star and actually made life better for me and my family. Not going to go into details on here but it involved neighbours and I wasn't sure how much more I could take before I was going to totally lose it and put the feckers in hospital or worse. The copper made a big difference to us
  13. And there is my dilema. I know some people simply aren't going to listen to reason but still I cannot support a ban. I am not just an athiest. .. I am anti religious. I am very aware of the damage that religious indoctrination inflicts upon people and societies but within religion there are those who are aware that religion does need to adapt and they are the ones we should be reaching out to and giving our encouragement and support.
  14. Whilst it saddens me to see women dressed that way I'm afraid that I could never support a ban on what people can or cannot wear. I do believe however that as a society we shouldn't just shrug our shoulders and say well it's their culture and we must respect it. I do think it should be challenged but by discussion rather than a ban. Plenty of people have been beaten up and even killed for the way they dress in this country and I believe it's important that we also challenge the attitude that just because someone looks different then you somehow have the right to mock or worse even use physical violence against them. Dictating what people can't wear isn't any different than dictating what people can wear and whilst I fully acknowledge than many women are pressured or even forced to wear those garments... I'm not convinced that a ban is the solution.