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  1. Not impressed by BBC website where photo used to illustrate link to live commentary of the game was Minichello in a Hull shirt. Now that was lazy journalism ! Email to BBC asking if they'd use a picture of a Man Utd player in that teams shirt to highlight a link to commentary on a Man City game has yet to receive a meaningful reply (got reply acknowledging receipt of email).
  2. Visited about 30 years ago then last December and was a totally new road network. Apparently all with EU money. Speaking to some natives it was hell for about a year and whilst it makes it quicker for tourists, ruins the experience for me as views were spectacular as you descended mountain roads but appreciate they earn large amounts from tourism so if it makes it more attractive for them then .......... Though as for the statue of Ronaldo at the airport ;-)
  3. Was that before the mass road building and tunneling ? Went in December and whilst nice, the new roads took away from the attraction of driving along the coast or over the mountains. Also, beware Satnav direections. Halfway through tunnel told me to turn left ! Thought we were on the road running above the tunnel, atop the mountain ! Sorrento is nice but if you want to be away from the crowds, look a bit further south past Salerno (only advised if you speak decent Italian). Inherited a flat near Punta Licosa but March there isn't too warm and can be wet.
  4. Just received a text from 'METROBANK' advising me of an unusual login attempt on my account. This text advised me to logon via to avoid my account being suspended. Two issues here; (From Metro Bank website) 'The genuine metrobank url in UK is but it would be very easy for a victim to be fooled by this URL in the emails and think this was a genuine email from metrobank' and I don't have a Metro Bank account. Warn anybody you know with an account at Metro Bank to check sender before opening ANY attachments, let alone try to login.
  5. Belle Vue - Rangers break 63 year wait.

    Not meant in a malicious way. Nothing to see here, move along folks
  6. Belle Vue - Rangers break 63 year wait.

    My point is the original posting makes it sound like both games were played at the same venue. Technically it's the National Speedway Stadium and not Belle Vue Stadium.
  7. Belle Vue - Rangers break 63 year wait.

    Hate to quibble but surely that venue on the video is Kirkmanshulme Lane and not Hyde Road ? Slight difference.
  8. Help Reading Raiders RL

    It's Reading RAIDERS but thanks for the post Every little helps their survival.
  9. This year Wigan brought 13 first team squad members and of those 7 have played in SL. Hardly an under19 side.
  10. Oddly enough on BBC site headline is 'Rugby star'. Must have got confused as this is usually used when it's somebody from ra ra misbehaving. Odd they missed chance to stress he played League !
  11. Whilst he didn't rate the coach he is certainly complimentary about others at the club. Well worth reading the interview.
  12. Roughly 120KM Perpignan to Limoux using motorway IIRC ? Agree on the Quillan route, that's probably a 2 hour trip (minimum) and not fun in bad weather. Nice scenic trip for tourists though. Not sure where he lives in Perpignan in relation to Palau, yes 10 mins if south of Perpignan but for all I know he lives in St Esteve
  13. All he says in that interview is that "Puis avec les aller-retours entre Perpignan et Limoux c’était un peu compliqué à force." translating as "Then with the trips between Perpignan and Limoux it was a bit complicated" Perpignan to Limoux, 60-70 minutes by road ? Perpignan to Palau 25-30 ? He certainly doesn't hold back on his opinion of Oliver Janzac though !
  14. Ten- years or so ago mate worked for a company that received match videos of soccer games from around the world so clubs could go to sponsors to show the amount of coverage they'd received on TV in, say, Malaysia/India/ Brazil. He had to sit there with stopwatch timing how long sponsors logo was on view for. Must be far easier these days with digital technology, for somebody like the RFL to go to potential sponsors and say your logo would have been on view on BBC/SKY/Premier/Bein etc for x minutes.