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  1. Surely they just need a few basics ? La marche du wigan Mangeur de tartes Nous n'avons pas perdu, nous avons juste manqué de temps C'était une mauvaise journée au bureau Je pense que l'arbitre a eu de meilleurs jeux Once some kind person has translated those into Wiganese, they'll have mastered the basics
  2. Though had you seen the cringeworthy appearance by Emlyn Hughes for GB v France match you may well reconsider !
  3. Seem to remember that by second game it had changed to teams emerged then Stevo announced their names but as I saw that game in bar in Paris may well be wrong.
  4. Yes and it seemed to take forever as each player came out as their name was announced. Oddly enough this innovation had been dispensed with by the second game !
  5. Or just go back to the Bears or is that now property of Coventry ?
  6. As a long term cyclist as well as a motorist (both car and motorbike) I have zero sympathy for any cyclist without lights that gets knocked off. If they are stupid enough to go out in the dark without lights then they should waive all rights and accept liability rather than the car driver being held responsible. Before anybody says, NO I am not suggesting open season on bike riders, just let anybody stupid enough to go out without lights that not only are they breaking the law, they have no leg to stand on if they get knocked off !
  7. Apologies if it's been mentioned previously but Hell comes to Frogtown with 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper is one I always find hilarious. An affectionate spoof of the supporting B feature is a film called Cry Wolf which I remember as the support for Airplane.
  8. Always thought Bradford missed a trick with 'The Steaming Pigs' moniker. Seem to remember somewhere in my collection a Northern shirt with that on the logo. Sure they could have come up with a suitable mascot or two to enhance the theme. Plus as for originallity it is hard to match.
  9. Pre UTC St Esteve were the Mavericks (got the wristwatch they did with instead of 12 being main mark, it was at 13 or 1 for those who can't cope with metric !)
  10. Are Lyon still run by the same family ? Seem to remember them always been spoken of as a 'sleeping giant' but stymied as club seemed to be run as a fiefdom rather than having any interest in growth. Didn't Montpellier have problems with the local council re funding ? Are Marseille still running at open age ? Great potential there but having heard stories about person who ran them when they were in Elite 1 last time, hope he's not still involved. Bordeaux is another large place with potential and was once a hotbed of the game.
  11. On holiday there in December and be nice if I could get to a game. Link from RLEF site isn't working and Rabathos website seems a little ancient. Any website addresses etc would be appreciated. Will contact RLEF next week to see if they have any up to date info.
  13. Tried it from tablet and working fine.
  14. Just tried it again and same result though am trying to view it on laptop running xp so will have a look at PC that's on windows 10.
  15. So let's suppose they were tested on 5th October, results back 7th ? Players then informed on 7th or 8th ? Players then have right to have B samples tested at laboratory of their choice on 9th if possible ? Saw forum posting had gone so think it was somebody being 'mischievous' !