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  1. BJW

    France team 2019

    Heard whisper they may be playing Jamaica but nothing official yet.
  2. BJW

    Cost then and now :(

    £5000 in 1932 equates to £342,839.51 in 2018. If you want to check.
  3. BJW


    AFAIK still playing in local Paris league. Charenton probably most senior club in Paris now.
  4. BJW


    Let's just hope this isn't another Marseilles !
  5. BJW

    Roosters in France

    Cost of buying, say, SOA and ASC would be small change to Roosters and as for recruitment potential it'd give them . . . . Plus, if they took over some French clubs, give them potential to be blooding players well away from Oz media plus as French still play Winter season, to see if they're ready for Australian Winter season.
  6. BJW


    Lovely place to visit and Red Devils have nice ground. Wondering why this new entity couldn't work with existing club ? Politics ? Past experiences ? Or just hoping a new name/club could attract more attention in the city ? What will this new team have as their theme tune ? Bizarre to be at Red Devils game and them playing 'Highway to Hell' when they scored. At 50 something I was probably youngest paying speccie in the ground !
  7. Subtle as a brick round the back of the head !
  8. Yes. Always find it funny the way her 'plain clothes' protection stands out like a sore thumb !
  9. Is that the Sunday Times of February 3rd ? Isn't in my copy (obtained in a branch of Waitrose frequented by Theresa May near Henley/Maidenhead).
  10. BJW

    Weather Affected Games

    Was due to be done by Meteogroup from Spring 2017 but due to delays they didn't start tilll 2018. Most of the presenters went from being Met Office employees to directly employed by BBC (though some were never Met Office employees to start with).
  11. BJW

    Weather Affected Games

    Due to cutbacks the seaweed had been replaced by a rock as it lasted longer. BTW, BBC weather forecasts are NOT done by the Met. Office. If it's the Paul Hudson I knew at Bracknell, he's been a BBC employee since 2007 so don't know who he gets his info from.
  12. BJW

    Weather Affected Games

    No wonder you're so desperate for it to be postponed ! Both sides missing players but seems only one side getting their excuses in first ! When I worked at the Met. Office, one of the forecast services we investigated was advising clubs when they needed to turn on their undersoil heating. Only 2 RL clubs had it at that point (1993), Leeds and Sheffield. IIRC Leeds got damaged but not sure if it's been reinstalled after Headingley revamp ? Sheffield at different ground. Does the KC/Warrington/St Helens/Huddersfield/DW have it ? (All new grounds since I was in Met Office Commercial Services department.)
  13. First game he played was against Navy in Portsmouth in pre season warm up. After all his hype about English forwards, was not like watching Superman play, more Clark Kent !
  14. BJW

    Broncos v Skolars

    Couldn't name them as was videoing the game so I see match on camera screen as opposed to 'full size' but impressed by their (IIRC) 4 try scoring back plus couple of the forwards and scrum half and stand off.
  15. BJW

    Broncos v Skolars

    Essentially game was just a serious training session as Skolars first league game five weeks away. Good run out for both sides and showed couple of areas in need of attention for Skolars and neither team held back with a few hard tackles from both sides. Broncos looked to have couple of good prospects on their showing.