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  1. These were only ever downloaded to tablet from online site. Have learned lesson for future.
  2. Thanks. Will try copying to SD card first. Know bluetooth works so that'll be second.
  3. Screen dying on current tablet and repair costs far more than a new one. Wondering if there's any way of transferring the music downloads I have on current one to any new one ? Current version has SD/TF and micro USB slots. About 80 tracks so downloading again possible but time consuming plus site used originally no longer legal in UK ! Any advice gratefully received unless it's that one involving the telescope, peanut butter and sideways !
  4. It was not a stadium suited for RL. Stands too far away from the pitch and given capacity of ground and crowds attending, more atmosphere on Pluto. Even if facility was given for free, would need large sum spending on it to make if fit for purpose. Not insurmountable problems but can think of far better uses for cash. Fulham/Crusaders moved there on the back of rising crowds at Chiswick (average attendance had risen to over 1100) but dwindled to 250 (offical figure, realistically . . . ) at times at CP. Maybe, just maybe if it was owned by RFL/London and confirmed as a long term base then people would go there but would take a lot to tempt me back there. Might be new personnel involved but given previous history there with the office, hope council do not have long memories.
  5. Did you actually go there when 'Crusaders' played there after they left Chiswick ? Would any RL club be welcomed back if some of the stories about debts are true ?
  6. They were offered a groundshare prior to 3G pitch installation starting but were not interested.
  7. Draft fixtures were sent to clubs on 8th.
  8. Billionaire ? In what currency ? Vietnam ? Belarus ? Indonesia ?
  9. Surely a Danny Brough for England rugby union thread would be more appropriate ? Fools the lot of them, won't be forgotten and hope never forgiven.
  10. Apparently 15th November but as we're talking about RFL . . . . .
  11. Doesn't square with this item from RFL
  12. When was that message sent to the clubs ? I was told in September RFL was issuing League 1 fixtures 1st November. Odd how 2 L1 clubs were under this impression ? Wonder where they got their info from ?
  13. Not according to the clubs I video for. Fixtures were due to be released today. Or are the messages from the clubs incorrect ?
  14. Except doesn't the other code refer to him as 'Darkie' ? No discrimination there ! Poor James Peters. England international[edit] On 17 March 1906, Peters won his début cap for England against Scotland. However, The Yorkshire Post pointed out, "his selection is by no means popular on racial grounds". On his performance The Sportsman commented that the "dusky Plymouth man did many good things, especially in passing." He was to play a further game, against France, in which he scored a try. In October through to December 1906 Peters became embroiled in controversy regarding the touring South African Springboks, as some members objected to him playing against them for Devon due to his colour, and he was not picked for the International game against South Africa, with a number of newspapers citing racial grounds.[1] He went on to be capped for England three more times in 1907 and 1908."
  15. Unfortunately now unlikely to be in France in November (was going to Primeur launch) but would happily have headed to Carpentras or Montpellier etc. Now waiting for UK fixtures before seeing if can have quick jaunt Jan/Feb.