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  1. The on report from Skolars/York should be interesting.
  2. And I thought this was fiction !
  3. BJW

    Well done Avignon!!

    Venez les Bisons
  4. BJW

    Elite 1 Play Offs

    Quelle surprise !
  5. BJW

    Elite 1 Play Offs

    May pick up trial game alongside France v whoever then. Though knowing my luck they'll play NZ in Paris on 17th !
  6. BJW

    Elite 1 Play Offs

    Do you know of locations for the Autumn internationals ? Planning trip to Avignon third Thursday in November then to go to game(s) at weekend.
  7. BJW

    Vin de Dragons

    Surely as he's from Provence it'd be a Cote de Rhone ? Not a player but their CEO's (Chrisophe) father used to run a cooperatif near Avignon and he certainly knows his wine and may still be involved with the wine trade. SOA XIII have had their own wine in the past when Christophe was involved there.
  8. Unless one club drops out, should be two clubs come in for balance otherwise league has uneven number of clubs. However this is RL and when it comes to common sense . . . .
  9. Missed ? Sounded like she wasn't even aiming for them !
  10. BJW

    Rugby and Motorbikes

    Depending on dates (committed to videoing 2 L1 clubs this season), I'd be interested in vets game.
  11. BJW

    Elite 1 Round 18

    Remember they played game against Australian tourists in Le Pontet on 1994 tour to try and rekindle interest ! Hopefully mayor has changed since their previous time in RL !
  12. Not impressed by BBC website where photo used to illustrate link to live commentary of the game was Minichello in a Hull shirt. Now that was lazy journalism ! Email to BBC asking if they'd use a picture of a Man Utd player in that teams shirt to highlight a link to commentary on a Man City game has yet to receive a meaningful reply (got reply acknowledging receipt of email).
  13. Visited about 30 years ago then last December and was a totally new road network. Apparently all with EU money. Speaking to some natives it was hell for about a year and whilst it makes it quicker for tourists, ruins the experience for me as views were spectacular as you descended mountain roads but appreciate they earn large amounts from tourism so if it makes it more attractive for them then .......... Though as for the statue of Ronaldo at the airport ;-)
  14. Was that before the mass road building and tunneling ? Went in December and whilst nice, the new roads took away from the attraction of driving along the coast or over the mountains. Also, beware Satnav direections. Halfway through tunnel told me to turn left ! Thought we were on the road running above the tunnel, atop the mountain ! Sorrento is nice but if you want to be away from the crowds, look a bit further south past Salerno (only advised if you speak decent Italian). Inherited a flat near Punta Licosa but March there isn't too warm and can be wet.
  15. Just received a text from 'METROBANK' advising me of an unusual login attempt on my account. This text advised me to logon via to avoid my account being suspended. Two issues here; (From Metro Bank website) 'The genuine metrobank url in UK is but it would be very easy for a victim to be fooled by this URL in the emails and think this was a genuine email from metrobank' and I don't have a Metro Bank account. Warn anybody you know with an account at Metro Bank to check sender before opening ANY attachments, let alone try to login.