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  1. Oddly enough on BBC site headline is 'Rugby star'. Must have got confused as this is usually used when it's somebody from ra ra misbehaving. Odd they missed chance to stress he played League !
  2. Whilst he didn't rate the coach he is certainly complimentary about others at the club. Well worth reading the interview.
  3. Roughly 120KM Perpignan to Limoux using motorway IIRC ? Agree on the Quillan route, that's probably a 2 hour trip (minimum) and not fun in bad weather. Nice scenic trip for tourists though. Not sure where he lives in Perpignan in relation to Palau, yes 10 mins if south of Perpignan but for all I know he lives in St Esteve
  4. All he says in that interview is that "Puis avec les aller-retours entre Perpignan et Limoux c’était un peu compliqué à force." translating as "Then with the trips between Perpignan and Limoux it was a bit complicated" Perpignan to Limoux, 60-70 minutes by road ? Perpignan to Palau 25-30 ? He certainly doesn't hold back on his opinion of Oliver Janzac though !
  5. Ten- years or so ago mate worked for a company that received match videos of soccer games from around the world so clubs could go to sponsors to show the amount of coverage they'd received on TV in, say, Malaysia/India/ Brazil. He had to sit there with stopwatch timing how long sponsors logo was on view for. Must be far easier these days with digital technology, for somebody like the RFL to go to potential sponsors and say your logo would have been on view on BBC/SKY/Premier/Bein etc for x minutes.
  6. I believe the same applies to France, hence why clubs play their away games in a one off shirt or with a one off sponsor.
  7. Fair enough, just never saw any open gates for admission at any of the several games I went to. Will have a word with somebody who was on the coaching staff as to this ! Maybe turnstiles were in operation to check attendance figures ?
  8. It certainly wasn't free for away fans. Bought our tickets for the first game via Sheffield after talking to one of their directors at an event. He had no idea there were free tickets. Despite going to several games over the 2 seasons, never offered a free ticket for any of them. Toulouse on the other hand for LER games . . . . Did the locals merely pass through the turnstiles without being asked for a ticket ? If not, how did they enter ?
  9. If entrance was free for PSG games, why did I have to pay for every match I went to ? Every match I went to the turnstiles were in operation. Surely free admission would have meant the gates were open ? Free tickets were given away, especially to Canal Plus subscribers, BUT CP paid PSG an amount for them ! Sponsors gave away tickets but in return were paying towards PSG.
  10. Honestly doubt PSG would let us through the door, let alone consider the proposal after how it was run last time !
  11. Ligue Ile de France LIGUE ILE DE FRANCE RUGBY à XIII 30, rue de de l’Echiquier 75010 PARIS TEL:06 03 30 43 09 Présidente : Carole BRAVO MAIL: Local league. Paris Chatillon play in national competition (Federale est).
  12. Remember being at his press conference at Beziers before the France/Australia test in 1994 announcing this.
  13. Albi, Avignon & Villenueve

    All 3 areas could support a team, just a matter of attracting bums on seats. Backer(s) also needed, be it local/regional council, company(ies) or individual. Many of the other code clubs in France are playthings of rich men who regard it as cheaper than soccer. (Toulon a perfect example of this.) All 3 relatively easy to reach from UK with either rail or air links and have been to all 3 and seen them have 'home' games at more than one ground. (Villeneuve played their Pathe TV games at Agen as floodlights not good enough at Villeneuve.)
  14. Albi, Avignon & Villenueve

    Villeneuve population about 23000, Albi 46000 and Avignon 91000. From the three Avignon seems best prospect based on ground, player production and ability to attract crowds. Presume Albi would take games to larger Sports Park stadium and Villeneuve would use Agen however. Lack of referees not confined to France but always a worry. Having seen some 'feisty' L2 clashes can understand the lack of attraction in taking up the whistle.
  15. These were only ever downloaded to tablet from online site. Have learned lesson for future.