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  1. Believe it's partly because of World Cup but also due to lack of teams in Elite 1 to avoid clubs playing one another possibly 4 times a season.
  2. Been informed Elite 1 season will start January 2018. What is the position with lower level clubs or are all seasons starting January 2018 ? Planning visit to Avignon in November 2017 and wanted to take in game or 2.
  3. No, there were two, one from each team and neither said 40 minutes had been reached. Second half took 55 minutes to complete.
  4. SOA Bisons link Only suggestion for Villeneuve is this
  5. Find MK sometimes an irritation and at others an amusement but on this occasion have nothing but respect for his gesture.
  6. Are you suggesting they had no pride in the shirt ?
  7. Honda SS50 then Suzuki 125, then after 20 year gap, Honda 125 (for test) followed by 2 BMW K75s, ex Cheshire Police K1100 LTSE and currently got K1100 LT. Plus a good few outings on JAWA 500 with one gear and no brakes !
  8. Imagine if this was RL and how the media would react ?
  9. L1 side I'm involved with say it's flights out Thursday, return Monday overnight. So Sunday and most of Monday at leisure. Still, to give fuel for more bitching, been told outbound flight is from Manchester and return to Gatwick ! (Barrow apparently have opted to fly from Glasgow instead.)
  10. Also shows a lack of initiative if a club is unable to look on the internet, see a restaurant and do a deal. Sure if they're taking 25 people there for 3 lunches/dinners there's a decent deal to be had ? A local carvery charges £4.29 with a reduction for groups over a certain size (numerically, NOT girth !), sure there's something similar in Toronto. Went on several away trips with a L1 club last season and whilst club paid for coach travel, players bought their own breakfast and on couple of occasions, dinner.
  12. Two year ban apparently.,2290682.php
  13. If you can't see the inconsistency then why should I point it out.
  14. Great play made at the time about his 'duty of care' and whilst tackle was clumsy, was not deliberate attempt to injure. "The Compliance Manager submits that the MRP do not submit the player had any intention to injure his opponent. - See more at: " Fine example of views changing from season to season. Consistency ? Nah