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  1. Trump has a lot of time for our leader...
  2. Such a minor difference I'm not sure why people are bothered about it? Its almost like they are using such small differences to talk down the opportunity to pay more for various things.
  3. Trump thinks it is unfair that lots of Mercedes Benz cars are sold in the USA and the Germans don't buy Chevrolets in return. I'll just leave that one there.
  4. Sky News NewsdeskVerified account‏@SkyNewsBreak Russian government spokesman says Russia agrees with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump that NATO is obsolete
  5. Cynics would say it was 'briefed' to the papers so the pound tanked before the speech not during it. Throw in something not quite as 'bad' into the speech and she might even get a recovery during it.
  6. I haven't really read much about that case, but would it more of an insurance led legal action?
  7. But what colour John? WHAT COLOUR!!!!!!
  8. First post on an RL forum and its in this thread. :-)
  10. By unleashing the trolls, fake news, bots against her. Loan Le Pen money, she recognises Crimea as russian. Yup nothing to see there.
  11. Loaning the lovely Le Pen a few million. Assisting Merkals online popularity.
  12. Russia are helpfully assisting the Germans and the French in their elections too. Such generosity from the misunderstood Putin.
  13. I think the difference was that evidence was presented to the NFL and they ignored it and tried to suppress it. The RFL/NRL have taken steps which should help mitigate things, though the desire to get a player back on who says he is OK will be hard to overcome.
  14. Would be nice if the Russians took on ISIS. Why would you remove the sanctions? Have Russia left the Ukraine yet? Even Trump now admits the Russians did the hacking.