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  1. No bothering with any polls?
  2. And again much like last week it doesn't say/ask/demand a black or diverse judge.
  3. Please copy and paste the bit i'm missing and what I obviously do not understand.
  4. Copy the paragraph and show the link. Should be easy.
  5. Yet none of your links has ever shown that.
  6. You say they want a diverse judge. They say a diverse panel.
  7. Must be a strain having to defend tweets and lies on a daily/weekly basis. He was also hung out to dry more than once, defending a particular stance or statement only for it to be changed within hours. They banned cameras from some briefings to try and stop/dissuade the news channels broadcasting them live (TV news wants pictures rather than just audio).
  8. You seem to be unable to see a difference between the word 'judge' and 'panel'. They want the panel to be more diverse, not the judge.
  9. So Sean Spicer goes, surprised it took so long really.
  10. $12 a year... hahaha Where his new plan of burning obamacare to the ground will leave 30 million people without healthcare. 30 million.
  11. He is certainly very politically naive and doesn't seem to of grasped what is ok for a businessman doesn't cut it anymore. By that I mean relying on Putins interpreter and no state dept person taking notes or advising.
  12. I use oneDrive for documents. Laptop, desktop + Cloud copy. Laptop and desktop backup to a Time Machine. In theory I should be OK with that. Videos and photos go on 2 drives (one at home, one in my bag) + occasional backup to a drive kept at work. The 'bag' drive is the one playing up and the work drive isn't up to date (my bad). Generally I like at least 2 copies in 2 locations, so in theory fire, theft and failure proof. In theory.
  13. The backup is at home. Makes me consider using a cloud based service.
  14. My external hard drive has failed. I'm not happy. I might have to do work during this nightshift.
  15. Still don't get how they can do it. They made you redundant?