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  1. Tell me why?
  2. Thats how my bank holidays work.
  3. As it is, he said there would be a defence spending review (quite normal) which is being spun as 'Corbyn promises to decimate the armed forces'.
  4. It was looking good for about 7 seconds.... lucky no audio!
  5. True, we ask politicians to be honest, straight forward and not to sugar coat things. Yet 'we' routinely hang such politicians out to dry.
  6. Toss up who's interview was worse, Corbyn with Marr or McLoughlin with Neil. Corbyn's will get the headlines as he's the leader, but McLoughlin (Tory party chairman) shows how bad both parties seem to be. (Yes Corbyn and his front bench are pretty bad, but the tories are flattered by this. Compared to most other parliaments this must rank as poor from both sides.)
  7. I think we know why. As an aside, most Halal meat in the UK is stunned before slaughter (80% ish iirc) whereas 100% of kosher is not stunned.
  8. Cool, I'll get 45 days too. And I'm not a public sector worker. Your not resorting to the politics of envy again are you?
  9. Tories are to cap energy bills apparently. I remember the tory press were 100% behind this idea when Ed suggested it...
  10. I (sadly) agree, with a 25 point lead I don't blame her. Why expose yourself to a bigotgate or debate meltdown? By sadly I mean it will make parts of this election quite boring.
  11. See if you can spot me?
  12. I've only seen May at a golf club in Bolton and GSK in Maidenhead. No questions from the press, crowd was staff and party members. Maybe she will do a John Major and meet the great unwashed.
  13. She needs the extra MP's for the 'normal' legislation. The wing of the party that JohnM wouldn't vote for currently know they have the trump cards. She has to compromise everything on brexit to do any of her 'normal' stuff.
  14. Bedford won 42-20. Great to have Luton back.