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  1. Bradford were pitiful first half but won the second 40-0. Don't think the Rhinos will be losing any sleep.
  2. I went for Liversedge, Broughton Rangers and Manningham. Bit surprised Manningham wasn't pointless, but I expect some random Bradford City supporter knew they started out as Manningham and were founder mmembers.
  3. A cup competition sponsored by the BPA Supporters Club is more likely to have been a local amateur soccer comp. Then again, I'm guessing as I've honestly never heard of it. You might try dropping an email to the Telegraph and Argus. There ought to be some record of it in their archives.
  4. Leadsom really has excrement for brains. Sadly, in that cabinet, she's by no means alone.
  5. An actuary is an accountant who had to give up accountancy because he couldn't cope with all the excitement. I was told this by an actuary.
  6. Bradford won their first twenty SL games in 1997, clinching the title before losing the last two. Not sure if anybody has got nearer than that to an unbeaten league season.
  7. 'Wings - the band the Beatles could have been.' Sheer genius from Alan Partridge.
  8. Not to mention VRs David Campbell (1999) and Gerry Kershaw (2002) robbing Bradford of two Super League titles. Wonder how many times that's happened to Fev.
  9. Lee Smith has called it a day: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/sportbulls/17390260.former-bradford-bulls-captain-smith-to-become-agent/?ref=mr&lp=19
  10. I think Pointless is a useful indicator of general public knowledge of/interest in the subject. It may be discouraging to learn that only four of GB's 2017 World Cup squad were known to the 100 people polled, but Union fares little better. A year or two ago a similar question about the 2003 England World Cup winning team showed that only three members scored points, Jonny Wilkinson, Martin Johnson and Jason Robinson. All other squad members were pointless.
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