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  1. Not really. The purpose was merely to prevent an embarrassing fixture cock-up, which has been achieved. Once the season is over the RFL's stooges can walk away and leave the club to quietly die.
  2. I occasionally amuse myself by trying to think of ways the RFL could screw the sport up more than it already has. I look forward eagerly to another restructure doing exactly that.
  3. Please, please no more of this. Lock it now John.
  4. This, a thousand times. After four decades in HR, recruiting thousands of staff and applying for hundreds of jobs, I can safely say that recruitment consultancy is 1) money for old rope and 2) an almost complete waste of time in terms of effective recruitment, especially in these days of the internet.
  5. He can't be worse than Robin Whitfield. It simply isn't possible.
  6. One of the few compensations of being the age I am is the fact that, Clive Churchill apart, I had the pleasure of seeing all those great players perform. The first time I went to a match at Odsal, Trevor Foster was playing. Was Murphy the greatest SH ever? Well, he definitely has a strong claim. Some of the players he selects might have struggled in the modern game, which has changed so much, but Murphy had the lot, and would have been absolutely top notch in any era. I don't think there's been a better British scrum half, Johns and Thurston would be up there with Murphy. My only reservation about Murphy is that, as a sportsman, his attitude left an awful lot to be desired.
  7. God, that's embarrassing. That guy holds one of the four great offices of state. Just how much lower can politics sink in this country?
  8. This duel registration - swords or pistols?
  9. Still not bad for a retired player.
  10. We did something similar about fifteen years ago, except we caught the ferry from Fleetwood to Larne. I'm not sure whether that service still exists. Spending a couple of days in Belfast was a real eye opener. Unless you've been there I don't think you can have any real idea of how irreconcilably divided the province is. Life, society and politics are completely different to the British mainland, Glasgow is the only place that comes close.
  11. Still there except it's now a tiny inscription on the name sign itself. Drove past today, should have taken a photo.
  12. Shut due to flood damage last time we went.
  13. Top player and top guy. Whatever he does next, I wish him every success. He missed the 2005 Grand Final when Bradford signed Adrian Morley for the playoffs. That left a bad taste with me. Andy deserved better.
  14. It's been pretty clear to me for quite a while that a scenario such as that outlined above by Adeybull was always the RFL's plan. There is simply no other explanation why they should have foisted on the club two penniless absentee owners in preference to one who might actually have been able to invest. Once the 2017 fixtures have been concluded, which was always the RFL's main problem, I expect Bradford Bulls to fold finally and forever. This will leave Fat Nige and his cohorts free to negotiate whatever nefarious deal they can conclude with the council, without the complication of a sitting tenant. What's not to like? And people ask me why I stopped spending my money on rugby league. Wish I'd stopped ten years earlier.
  15. Another sad loss.