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  1. One less repulsive scumbag in the House of Commons, although I'm sure the Tories will find an equally hideous replacement.
  2. Years ago the spinners would usually roll a team over on the last day. Are the pitches lasting too well, or have we simply got no decent spinners?
  3. It did. Warwickshire's batting has been catastrophic so far this season.
  4. It's clear that the traditional approach to the drugs problem has failed, and always will. One wonders whether we will ever get a government with the courage and foresight to try something different:
  5. It's not called Mount Pleasant for nothing, although the word 'Pleasant' is an example of Yorkshire humour.
  6. Peter Cook.
  7. Arguably the most influential rock musician of all. RIP.
  8. You're completely right, OF, and Cunningham is completely wrong. Anybody surprised?
  9. The Tories have always controlled the 'news' agenda via their friendly propagandists in the press, particularly the Mail, Sun and Express. Anything you read there will either be a lie or a distortion in favour of the political right. We have seen an example today, where the Mail appears to have cooked up a story about Tony Blair pitching for a role with the Trump administration. Almost certainly a lie, but the Mail knows that a lie is half way round the world before the truth gets its boots on. The purpose is probably to discredit Blair following his intervention in the Brexit debate last week. Treat the national press with great caution.
  10. I'm the perfect age to be a Beatles fan (Love Me Do charted the week after my thirteenth birthday) but always felt they were just a good pop group, nothing more. Loads of catchy songs but none of any great depth until the drugs kicked in. I never bought a Beatles album until Sgt. Pepper came out on CD. Without Epstein's brilliant management, Martin's studio genius and a fair bit of good fortune, I don't think they would have had the success they did. Don't really have a favourite, unless it's While My Guitar Gently Weeps, entirely down to Clapton's work.
  11. Isn't she personally responsible for the compensation? She made the offending remarks at a UKIP conference but it looked like she was expressing her own (completely insane) opinion.
  12. California Here I Come - Freddie Cannon California Man - The Move, Cheap Trick California Nights - Lesley Gore California Earthquake - Mamas and Papas California Soul - Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Marlena Shaw California's Bleeding - Amen California Rain - Delaney Bramlett California - Joni Mitchell, The Babys, Manfred Mann's Earthband And doubtless numerous others.
  13. A politician with principles. A dying breed.
  14. Somebody on RLFans says it will be Geoff Toovey. How about we just wait and see? too many people want to give the impression that they know something nobody else does.
  15. A winding up order is not the same as a winding up petition. But please don't ask me to go into detail about the differences.