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  1. Somebody on RLFans says it will be Geoff Toovey. How about we just wait and see? too many people want to give the impression that they know something nobody else does.
  2. A winding up order is not the same as a winding up petition. But please don't ask me to go into detail about the differences.
  3. JohnM's position can be summed up in very few words. Everybody is wrong if they express a different opinion to the one he himself holds. And they should refrain from expressing those opinions in the future.
  4. Sad to hear of Terry's death, he and Terry Clawson were a superb second row for us in the late sixties. Both Fev lads IIRC.
  5. Saw them at St. Georges Hall eighteen years ago. Pure, unpretentious, joyful rock'n'roll. Often derided but they gave pleasure to millions for over half a century, and not too many can claim that. R.I.P Rick. You will be missed.
  6. Everything you need to know about cheap flights.
  7. Over the years I worked with a few guys with an MBA. It actually stands for Mediocre But Arrogant.
  8. His agent must be a genius. Body of biscuit and heart like a pea. Three years since he did anything in Super League, this is a major gamble by the Giants. Hope it works out for them.
  9. Express Newspapers get more like the Daily Sport every week. Worryingly, there are people who believe such nonsense.
  10. Not quitting as an MEP though. Whyever not?
  11. I'm with the OP on this issue. First one to come anywhere near me gets my boot in the nuts. No questions asked.
  12. So, one of the sport's true legends comes out of retirement to put his body on the line in an injury crisis, and this is all you can say?
  13. Incredible drama, congratulations to Salford. This P & R concept is great, isn't it? So far it's deprived the sport of two of its biggest derby matches, Leeds v Bradford and FC v Rovers. Still, what does it matter when we can look forward to mega crowds for Salford v Toronto and Wakey v Toulouse? You can't make an omelette etc....
  14. You're probably right John. The RFU wasn't founded until 1871, the FA in 1863, and football in its various forms was evolving and the laws largely uncodified. Clubs would have added AFC or RFC to their titles later on in order to specify the code they played.
  15. At least this time it's less likely that they'll try to move it to London.