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  1. Widnes could take this one. Widne although not been winning are not playing that badly. Huddersfield are playing badly.
  2. Wigan will be too good for Salford. Wigan by 30.
  3. Waney has said the Wigan doctor's early view on Burgess's injury is that it could be a cruciate gone. That's three players in the last three visits to Widnes who've suffered leg/knee injuries on that pitch. They need to do something and quick. Wigan got away with that. First half Widnes dropped the ball over the line and Lauluai obstructed a player following a kick to prevent a try and was binned for 10. Second half, once Wigan got on a roll Widnes never looked capable of stopping them. 18-4 is a long way to come back from though. Wigan can't keep doing this come back routine. One game, one day it won't work.
  4. Wigan scored 3 tries in the 8 minutes after O'Loughlin returned. Escare's try best of the lot from either team.
  5. Father Ted

    Sam Tomkins to Catalans?

    So where will Tomkins play? Full back replacing Mead? Half back? At least he knows that he'll be playing for a coach who hasn't a clue what he's doing.
  6. Father Ted

    Sam Tomkins to Catalans?

    Did Catalans have this problem when Trent Robinson was coach?
  7. Didn't Thornley cop a knock and end up limping around? It was mentioned in commentary. The responsibilty for Gigot and Thornley staying out there was McNamara's. He messed up yet again and allowed Wigan a staggering come back. Repeat of 2007 at Odsal.
  8. After Huddersfield's showing against HKR you do wonder what kind of a response this game will bring. Wigan were fortunate with their win v Wakefield and will be looking to improve as will the Giants. Wigan at home should win by around 16 points.
  9. Did anyone think they would do well with McNamara as coach? Their overall performance and prosperity depends on how quickly they can bring in a quality experienced coach with an NRL proven track record. They will not improve until they replace the current coach with a quality man who can change their tactics and bring a better typeopf recruit into the club.
  10. Father Ted

    How much trouble are Catalans in?

    Having a decent coach would help too. Since McNamara took over they've only won two games, both against Leigh. Unless they can win a game soon then McNamara will get sacked.
  11. Father Ted

    Eddie Hemmings

    Rod Studd the best option with Wells as summeriser. Carney to Anchor with Clark to assist. When he retires bring Michael Shenton in as summeriser, he's excellent
  12. Father Ted

    Hardaker could return to Tigers after ban

    He's 26 and it could well be a two year ban. If he stays out of trouble for those two years then he will probably be back in SL. He has to stay out of trouble though!
  13. Father Ted

    Sargison back to SL

    If Gelling goes then Sarge will replace him.
  14. Feel sorry for the Catalans but they are the masters of their own misfortune. Appointing McNamara was always going to end in tears. They will have their work cut out at Leigh.
  15. Seems that, OF, my predictions came through. How Wigan react after that shambles last week will be interesting. Wakey will be full of it following their stadium news.