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  1. Interesting to see how Wigan go after that very hot 80 mins in Perpignan. Winder used his subs well but it has to have taken a lot out of the squad. Good to see Currie back. Hope Manfredi is not to far away from a return.
  2. Wigan's defence looked much better v Widnes than for a long time. Many senior players now returning has made that difference but the attack is still some way off. Get that right and they will take some stopping. Tautai back this week will make a difference. FPN & Sutton starting props with Tautai and Clubb off the bench will mean a much bigger Wigan pack than for a long time. Also suggested Joel Tomkins will return next week for the Wire game. Manfredi only a week or so away from returning. Wigan by 16.
  3. Thought Wigan are supposed to be interested in him.
  4. Certainly a must win game for Wigan which I do think they will get the 2 points. No Rangi Chaser so that will help Wigan's cause.
  5. Excellent News for the International Game. Time then to ditch the Magic (Tragic) Weekend of the extra and unwanted 23rd Fixture. Bennett will then have all players available to him.
  6. Wigan always target the Good Friday game and the rest of Easter fixtures too. That doesn't mean they took it easy in their previous game, because they didn't.
  7. Williams is finding it difficult with those usually around him missing. Cas the better team but no great shakes. Should Wigan get back to form with their left side of Farrell, Gildart and Burgess all playing well then the tries will come and so will the wins. Early this season those three were unstoppable. No reason they can't find that form again,
  8. Paul Prescott
  9. It's pretty much agreed here that Ferres will face disciplinary action. Interesting to see if Ablett and others will.
  10. Saints academy went unbeaten last season, won their GF and are Champions at that level. Some of those lads have to be worth a run out at first team level. Wane had 6 U19s in his game 19 last week. Who'd heard of Tom Smith, Forsyth or Marshall at the start of the season? I hadn't and I'm a Wigan fan. I did know Forsyth had returned from Bath but had never seen him play. So why doesn't Cunningham try his lads when there's injuries? Have one of them on the bench. He tried a lad at scrum half, blamed him for a lost game and he's not been seen since, That's not good enough from a Saints coach. KC has Long and Tommy Martyn around so there's so excuse for a lack of style. Salford's backs were very good when Long was their coach some years back. Cunningham needs to be told by those senior to him.
  11. Widnes might survive as HKR may get promoted after a good middle eight performance. That would leave Widnes playing the next best team and winning.
  12. The Wigan pack overwhelmed both Leigh and Wire forwards but certainly didn't do the same to Hudds. That may be the reason for Williams' contrasting form. Gildart isn't named but could play.
  13. Both are awful. Shouldn't be anywhere near SKY TV presentation. Not remotely good enough for local radio never mind National TV. Phil Clarke should move from presentation to match summeriser and Rod Studd take Clarke's place. A summeriser is better being a player of respected experience who is literate and articulate, Phil Clarke is that. A presenter should IMO have journalist's experience. knowledge of the sport as well as being quick thinking, intelligent and articulate. Hence Rod Studd.
  14. Can't wait either! As a Wigan fan I'm optimistic for this season. Good signings made with Burgess and Escare the two of them bringing real pace into the back line. The forwards look good with very good props and an excellent back row. Will be interesting to see how Tommy Leuluai goes in place of Matty Smith. Only cloud on the pre season is the uncertainty over Micky McIlorum and whether he'll be fit for the early part of the season. Long term injuries to Manfredi and Sam Tomkins are covered by Tierney and the signing of Escare. Hopefully a chance of reaching a final with maybe a trophy to show for it.
  15. With Sam Tomkins missing the first numbers of matches it is an excellent opportunity for Escare to enhance his reputation. We all know of his attacking threat and pace. His defence has looked very suspect at times but he's at the right club with the right coach to rectify that. Wigan have a really pacey back line with Escare, Tierney, Manfredi, Gildart and Burgess. Gelling isn't that fast but he's no slouch either. Some clubs will have more experienced backs but I can't think of any that have the pace that Wigan's backs have. Looking forward to some entertaining rugby next season and exciting tries as well.