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  1. London did collapse they went bust and Hughes decided to give it another go and then they collapsed financially again but restructured. You have to be joking if you think the expansion clubs ticked all the boxes. The second version of Celtic Crusaders ticked hardly any boxes. You can be as pedantic as you wish but it won't change the fact that SL clubs decide what happens as regards SL. They have votes on these things, and if they vote something in or out the RFL have to accept that. They voted the new structure in, and voted the salary cap change in. they voted Les Catalans in, they voted London in, they may vote Toulouse and toronto in. But they do not do what the RFL tell them to do.
  2. Many thanks for a civilised post. As powerless as we both are what I don't get is why you seem to think I don't enjoy what we have? As for "positive" and "negative" these are strange concepts. If being positive is constantly predicting if the RFL do this or that Rugby League will take off big time, or that Toronto will lead to a mass RL movement in North America, or Castleford's decent form on the pitch is somehow a brilliant business model, then I don't class that as positivity, it's pure fantasy. Also as for "Dwelling on the negative" what's negative about pointing out that there are no magic solutions to the games ills and that, we do rather well to actually survive as a well respected major sport in this country. To stand still when stronger rivals would knock us down, is a massive achievement for us something so many are truly negative about. Where we differ IMHO is this idea that we argue because we are in two camps. The positive's and the negatives. I think we tend to fall into the wishful thinkers and the realists when we argue, but make no mistake we all love the game on here.
  3. Yippers There is no guarantee of a license, it depends on the terms. If an established junior development system was a major requirement they would currently fail to get that license. In addition Catalans were let into SL as guests, so Toronto can be refused entry as guests. Lenegan spoke about what SL required of Toulouse before SL would accept them Ian Lenegan and the SL clubs did not let Toulouse or Toronto into League 1 the RFL did. There are two governing bodies here and the RFL can let who they like into the Championships but not into Superleague. By all means we can look at the investment levels and recruitment and results and we can forecast the club pretty much knocking on SL's door fairly soon, but even if promotion is won there is no automatic guarantee they will get that entry to SL. The problem here is the gross assumption that they will fly into SL and be a great asset to that league. The history of SL is of a League that is pretty conservative, they would not merge clubs, they were not keen on rescuing London after they collapsed, it took a lot of persuasion from the RFL to get expansion projects in and London failed a second time and Wales failed. In recent years the SL/RFL power struggle has seen the SL clubs take the upper hand so there is no guarantee. I await some sort of signals when the RL press start to talk to SL chairmen asking them if they are excited about Toronto's rise.
  4. No it's a consortium's of course so your right Perez probably has to check what he proposes to spend and on what.
  5. I used to discus these things with Cas Vegas an ardent fan who once said that he knew a lot of Cas fans but oddly none who lived in Cas. Another Cas fan explained that nearby Pontefract is keen on RL and roughly splits between being Cas Fans and Fev fans. My missus works with a couple of Cas fans who live in northwest leeds, and an old work mate was a Kippax lad but a Cas fan. My dentist is a West Cumbria lad who moved to Leeds who watches the Bulls.
  6. Do you ever read posts more carefully and consider what they are saying? Do you ever step back from what others are shouting out and make up your own mind on the facts? i.e "what it is"? Because half this board fantasises about what RL could be. Every time a new amateur club starts outside the north they are projected as the next new SL club, every time an International gets a good crowd outside the M62 it's hailed as the good people of the UK seeing the light. In articles like this one a heavily subsidised Cas who have managed to get lapsed fans back thanks to a good coach (which is really "what it is") is hailed as a terrific business success. This isn't being "positive" it's fantasy RL. Now I LOVE the game and love talking about it and watching it at all levels. What I don't love is those who clearly are not happy that the game which could have sunk to nothing in the 1970's, and could have been swamped by RU post 1996 has survived brilliantly. They want more and will fantasise to get it. Some of us don't fantasise about what RL could be, we don't hail Toronto as already being a spectacular success, we don't project a new Welsh SL club on the way because Wales is re-starting an amateur league, we don't see the Coventry 4 nations attendance as the UK turning to Rugby league. We do enjoy it for what it is Dav, and we reserve the right not to fantasise about what it could be all the time.
  7. We also still have the rules that SL/Lenegan may impose on them (that he imposed on Toulouse) as well as the RFL's possible rule changes. Toronto are rich enough and Perez enthusiastic enough to just plough on forward and see where it all goes and try to cross all these bridges when they come to them.
  8. No I think it's called "Playing Rugby League". People are allowed to do that you know? Or do you know? Before 1996 people were pressurised NOT to do that so today they are more freely allowed to choose to play Rugby League and many Rugby people will have a go at playing both. The removal of this sporting apartheid allows Wales to freely play the game not that they haven't at times manfully resisted the apartheid. What people "Playing Rugby League" doesn't mean is that as they play it in any certain area more will get interested, the game will start to take off so much so that investors will come on board and the failed professional projects of Pre-WWI, Pontyprydd, Cardiff City and Celtic Crusaders will become a thing of the past and West Wales will join the Superleague. "Organic growth" is a principle of business where you expand a commercial business through more staff and customers that then grows it further, and further again. If you care to look (for once, please look it all up) playing RL is NOT a business, being subsidised to play in CC1 like Scorpions isn't a business either. It's just sport and your being really naive and unfair to want to project such as Rhonda Outlaws ("Training numbers for Rhondda Outlaws have been low, I thinking about 6/7 bodies") into a future Superleague club. The first Challenge for you is to find me somewhere where real "Organic Growth" (not subsidy) has actually worked in terms of expanding the footprint of professional Rugby league. The second challenge for you is to get real and stop fantasising because I think it is really unfair every time some people try to get RL going that people like you then pile the burden of going professional on them. For a simple example look up Hemel Hempstead's story.
  9. The review led by Draper was supposed to be conducted and recommendations made fairly early, possible before the time when clubs start to negotiate contracts. This may or may not become an issue for Toronto. However other issues could click in like straight P & R. All the point was saying was rules may change. Toronto said they were looking at about five years anyway, but we shall see.
  10. I certainly never said or indicated you were "fickle", but your idea of the club being on a downhill run for decades doesn't match my experience at all and what would many on here give for Fartown's seventeen year run in Superlegue plus Wembley and league Leaders. That's something plus is something other SL clubs have not managed leaving Huddersfield Giants probably one of the top ten clubs in the modern game. I remember Fartowns decline from Division 1 in 1978 to second bottom of the whole pile ten years later on paltry crowds averaging 500. The curve after that was very much upward with Fartown on a winning curve and returning to 3,000 crowds just before Davey took over. Greater decline and sadness can be found in many many other places than Leeds Road Huddersfield.
  11. Lordy GS what a short memory. League leaders not so long ago.......
  12. Given the rush to review the structures that "Increased cap" may also be under review. It may remain to be seen how any Championship Club with ambition has to work it's way to Superleague next year 2018. The big spending clubs could get clipped wings. We shall see.
  13. Well in 2009 they played a whole European Cup two groups of three winners met in the final. Results included...... Italy 0 Scotland 104 before 2,139 fans and Ireland 82 Serbia 0 before 250 fans.......The Final was Wales 28 Scotland 16 before 1,608. 2010 Wales, France, Scotland and Ireland played in the European cup. Close games, big crowds in France, couple of thousand in Wales, in the hundreds in Scotland and Ireland. 10,500 at the final in France. That was not repeated a year later. Instead Wales played ireland to warm up for their 4 nations debut, and France gave England a warm up before 17,000. The Knights played and got 2000 against. France in Leigh. 2011 was a mish mash. Knights played in ireland and scotland before low crowds and got high scores in these games plus a return against Ireland - average 60 points a game. So for me on recent form a six team comp = Italy with massive problems, and England Knights strolling it. Good crowds in France poor elsewhere.......
  14. I'd agree with the opening analysis, but more so some club officials agree with that. The Swinton shock is on the back of the Oldham shock last year at HKR. I thought your opinion on P&R was out of left field until I realised that as it stands now Superleague Survival is more imperative then ever and clubs will take chances to rest players during the cup rounds. I would not agree cup shocks will enable Championship Clubs to fancy their chances in the play offs. The play offs will be when SL clubs will certainly not be resting anyone or resting on their laurels. The championship clubs that can fancy their chances will be the ones running fully professionally.
  15. Enjoyable and interesting post. That there aren't the players to buy and that Fartown aren't an attraction to those available, and the downgrading of the Bulls academy means the move to boost Fartown's academy looks to be a great move. Hopefully the first team won't ruin that through relegation.